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Kayle Build Guide by Ubnoxius

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ubnoxius

Kayle: New Broken Wings

Ubnoxius Last updated on February 1, 2014
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Standard set of runes for any ability power scaling mid laner, a good mix of ability power and defense to block auto's and most AD damage
You can choose to replace the AP glyphs with MR ones if against a tough matchup.


This mastery page is one that is auto attack based, meaning that in Kayle's case that she will be using her auto attacks to do damage, so Fury , Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving along with Arcane Blade synergies very well with her kit.

Before I say anything, I would like to bring up that this guide format is my own. No, it is not an "exact copy of GMD's format", I would call it "heavily emphasized". GMD gave me no help in creating this format, I simply looked at his guide side-by-side to mine until it was almost perfectly the same, anyways. This Kayle guide is formatted and written by Ubnoxius; a Platinum rated mid laner on the NA server as of Season 3. I have been playing mid-lane ever since I started playing league of legends, which has been for about 1-2 years now. I am very experienced and I know a good handful about the game. I am certain that this is the best way to play Kayle to her full potential and I hope that you enjoy.

Keep in mind that I have only played 4 games of Kayle which I have won all of them (they were all ranked games as well) and I already know this champion like the back of my hand! She is a very simple champion that can destroy enemy teams when played right.

Kayle is a medium range fighter whom I prefer to play in the middle lane. She can also be played in the top lane or the jungle as well. Kayle utilizes her unique kit of being a melee champion but building herself around Righteous Fury which increases her attack range by 400 units for 10 seconds and deals extra magic damage upon each auto attack, along with using Reckoning to keep her enemies in place, allowing them little opportunity to escape as the slow lasts for 3 full seconds.

Kayle is extremely powerful mid-game and dragon fights. Her ultimate, Intervention can change the outcome of an unfavorable teamfight immediately, allowing her to block all damage to one damage for 3 seconds. Kayle is also an exceptional lane bully, as Reckoning holds down the enemy so that she can use the extra damaged auto attacks from Righteous Fury. Also, being able to heal and speed up yourself or an ally champion is a great engage tool, for ganking or for escaping. As you may have gathered, Kayle is a very slippery champion. Kayle is extremely potent against high burst champions like Zed or Fizz, as her ultimate, Intervention, will be able to block all of the damage that an assassin will deal immediately, making the enemy assassin essentially useless in fights.

The three main aspects of this build are 1Cooldown Reduction: Since Righteous Fury has a 16 second cooldown, and you are only able to use it for 10 seconds, you are trying to make your build revolve around getting Righteous Fury to around a 12 second cooldown. 2 Attack Speed: Remember that Kayle's kit revolves around Righteous Fury and the faster you can put out auto attacks, the more damage you will be doing, especially with the fact the Righteous Fury deals extra magic damage per auto attack. 3Ability Power: As on any ability power scaling champion, you are going to want as much AP as possible. Obtaining all 3 of these aspects is very simple to do with buying Nashor's Tooth, as it gives all 3. Easily said that this is the best item for Kayle.

+ Blocks all Damage
+ Crazy Slow
+ High Burst
+ Lane Bully
+ AOE Damage
+ Good Wave Clear
+ Low Mana Costs

Kayle's Strengths
Kayle's strengths consist of her amazingly high mid-game burst. If you just farm out the first 15-20 minutes of the game, gaining kills when you jungler comes to gank, you will be a huge monster for mid-game. Bullying your opponent early is crucial as Kayle. You want to gain a lead to where your enemy is afraid to farm because of your damage. Since Righteous Fury has AOE you can easily clear the back line of minions by auto attack each of the 3, once. Righteous Fury has an extremely low mana cost at 45 mana, starting with Doran's Ring you will essential never run out of mana if you're only using Righteous Fury over the early laning phase.

Kayle's Weaknesses
There is really not too much to say here. If you don't position yourself carefully and you get caught out, you can just Intervention yourself and Divine Blessing yourself and Flash if you need to, to get out of sticky situations. Kayle is a very hard champion to counter, especially mid-lane Kayle. The only really weakness of Kayle is her pre level 6 fragility, so be sure that you ward, as once you get level 6 you can worry less about it, but, warding is still very important nonetheless.
- Fragile Pre 6
- Weak without
- Semi Item-Dependant

Holy Fervor
(Passive): This passive is why we build attack speed on Kayle, it reduces the enemy champion's armor and magic resist buy 3% for 5 seconds upon each auto attack, stacking up to 5 times, with a max total of 15% armor/magic resist reduction after 5 auto attacks. This makes you consistantly do more damage the longer that you are in a fight with someone meaning you will almost always win/out trade them.

(Active): This is Kayle's slowing ability, it's what makes her stick to her opponents. After you obtain Nashor's Tooth, Sorcerer's Shoes and Lich Bane the game is essentially over, as you will be killing enemies in 3 seconds or less. This ability has a 100% AP ratio and we will be maxing it immediately! So if you get to the point of the game to get Rabadon's Deathcap you will be able to 1v1 any champion on the enemy team.

Divine Blessing
(Active): You will be leveling this ability last, as it is only a heal and your damage is going to be more effective than your defense. It's a very good engage/disengage ability. You can save you are your teammates life with it, it's usefull for taking the wraiths/wolves as well.

Righteous Fury
(Active): This ability is Kayle's secondary ability. It allows you to clear waves easily and is very useful in teamfights especially ones in the jungle, as it does AOE damage in a small area around your target. This ability can go through Wind Wall because it is not a projectile so it makes Kayle a very effective counter to Yasuo.

(Active):This is possible one of the strongest ultimate abilities in the game, it allows you to tower dive super easily, and you can instantly turn teamfights in your team's favor buy saving the life of your ADC or letting your tank absorb every bit of damage that the enemy target's him with.

Ok, right now we are going to be discussing the damage ratios in weather it is better to max Reckoning or Righteous Fury on Kayle, dependant upon 3 possible auto attacks to be reasonable with Righteous Fury.

Warning: Giant wall of math incoming!

People who hate math can skip this part if you wish

Level 1 Kayle with 40 AP and 53 AD - Enemy champion with 0 Armor and 0 Magic resist (for the sake of testing numbers).
Rank 1 Reckoning will deal: 60 Magic damage + (1.0 x 40AP) and (1.0 x 53AD)
= 100 Magic damage and 53 Attack damage for a total of 153 combined damage.
Rank 1 Righteous Fury will deal: 20 Magic damage + (0.4 x 40AP) and (0.2 x 53AD)
= 36 extra Magic damage and 10.6 extra Attack damage per auto attack for a total of 99.6 combined damage including the damage from one auto attack which is 53 in this case.

Righteous Fury will take 1.54 (2) auto attacks to measure up to 1 Reckoning at Rank 1.

Level 3 Kayle with 40 AP and 58.6 AD - Enemy champion with 0 Armor and 0 Magic resist.
Rank 2 Reckoning will deal: 110 Magic damage + (1.0 x 40AP) and (1.0 x 58.6AD)
= 150 Magic damage and 58.6 Attack damage for a total of 208.6 combined damage.
Rank 2 Righteous Fury will deal: 30 Magic damage + (0.4 x 40AP) and (0.3 x 58.6)
= 46 extra Magic damage and 17.58 extra Attack damage per auto attack for a total of 122.18 combined damage including the damage from one auto attack which is 58.6 in this case.

Righteous Fury will take 1.86 (2) auto attacks to measure up to 1 Reckoning at Rank 2.

Level 4 Kayle with 40 AP and 61.4 AD - Enemy champion with 0 Armor and 0 Magic resist.
Rank 3 Reckoning will deal: 160 Magic damage + (1.0 x 40AP) and (1.0 x 61.4AD)
= 200 Magic damage and 61.4 Attack damage for a total of 261.4 combined damage.
Rank 3 Righteous Fury will deal: 40 Magic damage + (0.4 x 40AP) and (0.3 x 61.4AD)
= 56 extra Magic damage and 18.42 extra Attack damage per auto attack for a total of 135.82 combined damage including the damage from one auto attack which is 61.4 in this case.

Righteous Fury will take 1.92 (2) auto attacks to measure up to 1 Reckoning at Rank 3.

Level 7 Kayle with 40 AP and 69.8 AD - Enemy champion with 0 Armor and 0 Magic resist.
Rank 4 Reckoning will deal: 210 Magic damage + (1.0 x 40AP) and (1.0 x 69.8AD)
= 250 Magic damage and 69.8 Attack damage for a total of 319.8 combined damage.
Rank 4 Righteous Fury will deal: 50 Magic damage + (0.4 x 40AP) and (0.35 x 69.8AD)
= 66 extra Magic damage and 24.43 extra Attack damage per auto attack for a total of 160.23 combined damage including the damage from one auto attack which is 69.8 in this case.

Righteous Fury will take 1.99 (2) auto attacks to measure up to 1 Reckoning at Rank 4.

Level 9 Kayle with 40 AP and 75.4 AD - Enemy champion with 0 Armor and 0 Magic resist.
Rank 5 Reckoning will deal: 260 Magic damage + (1.0 x 40AP) and (1.0 x 75.4AD)
= 300 Magic damage and 75.4 Attack damage for a total of 375.4 combined damage.
Rank 5 Righteous Fury will deal: 60 Magic damage + (0.4 x 40AP) and (0.4 x 75.4AD)
= 76 extra Magic damage and 30.16 extra Attack damage per auto attack for a total of 181.56 combined damage including the damage from one auto attack which is 75.4 in this case.

Righteous Fury will take 2.07 (3) auto attacks to measure up to 1 Reckoning at Rank 5.

Level 7 Kayle with 100 AP and 69.8 AD - Enemy champion with 0 Armor and 0 Magic resist.
Rank 4 Reckoning will deal: 210 Magic damage + (1.0 x 100AP) and (1.0 x 69.8AD)
= 310 Magic damage and 69.8 Attack damage for a total of 379.8 combined damage.
Rank 4 Righteous Fury will deal: 50 Magic damage + (0.4 x 100AP) and (0.35 x 69.8AD)
= 90 extra Magic damage and 24.43 extra Attack damage per auto attack for a total of 114.43 combined damage including the damage from one auto attack which is 69.8 in this case.

Righteous Fury will take 3.32 (4) auto attacks to measure up to 1 Reckoning at Rank 4.

And this ^ is the state at which Reckoning is better than Righteous Fury. Assuming one has 100 Ability power by Level 7. (possibly with their Runes equaling about 25 extra AP, 1 Doran's Ring, and Nashor's Tooth)
You will have to take into account how much the 35-55% slow is worth on Reckoning, I wouldn't know how to calculate that, but it would increase the value of maxing Reckoning by an OK amount. More or less, your better option is to max Reckoning due to the fact that you will be getting more from it than from maxing Righteous Fury. And also due to the fact that Righteous Fury's base stats are enough to fight with effectively. I would suggest that you max Righteous Fury when you are against a champion that gets hurt by pushing the lane and has a hard time farming under their tower effectively ( Fizz, Nidalee, LeBlanc)




















The reason I have decided to max Reckoning over Righteous Fury is simply because ranking up Reckoning gives you more power than the next ranks from Righteous Fury. It also gives you more bullying power as it provides so much more burst and you can follow it up with a few auto attacks with its extra slowing power. I then start to level Righteous Fury which will put more damage on your auto attacks. And lastly we take our points into Divine Blessing as it is the weakest of Kayle's kit, but still, every ability synergises with each other in Kayle's kit. Not sure how to describe it, but Kayle's skillset makes so much sense.

Thanks to Lawlmenade and Vynertje for showing me the light

Starting Items
I have started with Doran's Ring and 2 Health Potions 100% of the games that I have played as Kayle so far. I haven't been up against a bad matchup yet and I have never need to start Crystalline Flask but I know that it is a good start against an unfavorable matchup. Doran's Ring allows you to stay at full mana if you only use Righteous Fury in lane, and last hit all 6 minions in the wave by the and of Righteous Fury.

Core Items
These four items are Kayle's core build. It provides a great deal of ability power, enough attack speed, and an amount of cooldown reduction that will allow Kayle to use Righteous Fury consistently with only a 2 second off time. Once you get Lich Bane the game should be over, like how it's been in all of my games as Kayle so far, and Rabadon's Deathcap is the item you go for if you are doing good. Take an early Void Staff to substitute your Rabadon's Deathcap if your enemies start to stack magic resist.

Defensive Items
You can choose Banshee's Veil if there is a champion with a devastating stun such as Annie or someone with a lot of poke such as Nidalee. Take Zhonya's Hourglass as your last item if you really need it, which I usually never do, due to the fact that Intervention already gives you 3 seconds of invulnerability. Take Guardian Angel if the game is lasting longer than 40-50 minutes and your teamfights are very even. Pick up Randuin's Omen as your last item if their is an enemy Tryndamere (or other AA based champions) that is out of control.

Other Offensive Choices
Deathfire Grasp is a fun item to get right after Lich Bane as you will be able to 2 shot the squishy champions on the enemy team such as the ADC/SUP/MID. And when I say 2 shot, I mean 2 shot. You can already almost 3-4 shot anyone with Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane alone so with Deathfire Grasp you are just maximizing your already ubnoxius power. Void Staff will maximize your damage if your enemies decide to build magic resist, and it also gives you a good amount of AP for such a low cost item, and is a very good choice on any AP carry.

Kayle's laning phase has to be one of the strongest laning phases in the game, hands down. She is a strong lane bully with her Reckoning / Righteous Fury combo, and she has a small, but good, amount of sustain with her Divine Blessing. As Kayle your job is to make your opponents feel very fragile in lane. Note, that while your harass is strong you shouldn't waste your mana too often or else the enemy jungler might come and it will be hard to escape without Divine Blessing's speed boost and Reckoning's slow.

Once you put about 3 points into Righteous Fury you can kill the enemy caster minions with 3 auto attacks, by auto attacking each one of them once. One of Kayle's strongest attributes is her abilities to push. When you see the enemy jungle in another lane or by a ward that you have placed (somewhere not near your lane) then go ahead and start pushing and harassing your opponent, making it possibly harder for your enemy to farm by shoving them underneath their tower. Reckoning has a medium cast time (meaning the time it takes to come out of Kayle's sword to when it hits the enemy and applies the slow) so even when your enemy is under their tower, you can harass them with Reckoning and not take a tower shot in return, and you can even throw in an auto attack if you are skilled enough at timing the tower shots to where it glitches and doesn't shoot you.

Diving as Kayle is extremely easy as well. Using Intervention in lane can reward you very much. If you enemy is under their tower and low enough health to where you know you can burst them down, then run underneath that tower, slow them down with Reckoning, then use Intervention right before the first tower shot, and start bashing away at their face. Once they are dead and Intervention times out, use Divine Blessing to escape from any other tower shots.

When team-fighting, Kayle's job is to deal out consistent damage to high priority targets. If you can, you want to have your team fights in the jungle, as Kayle can utilize her Righteous Fury's AOE, hitting more enemies at once is always your best option to win a teamfight.

Your second job in teamfights, as Kayle is to use Intervention on the most deserving teammate in your group. If your ADC has gotten caught out, then obviously you will use Intervention on him to possibly save him or turn a fight. Another option is to use Intervention on your tank so that he absorbs all of the damage that the enemy will be dealing. They will be frightened by any sudden engage and immediately attack their first possible target

Kayle synergies with champions that can either CC lock multiple targets at once (preferable in a circle) such as Zyra or Sejuani so that Kayle will be able to use the AOE from Righteous Fury to deal damage to multiple targets. She also synergises very well with Morgana as she can use her Black Shield along with Intervention on the smae target to form that target into an invulnerable Olaf XD.
Kayle also synergises incredibly well with champions with a constant slow such as Olaf and Nasus so she can easily land her auto attacks without having to chase for a long period of time.

Surprisingly enough, there aren't too many champions that can truly counter Kayle, but the few of them are Aatrox: As he can simply jump onto Kayle to close his gap to auto attack her, he can slow her down and his attack speed will usually always out scale Kayle's damage along with his passive which is a very annoying ability to deal with in 1v1's as it could determine who wins the fight. Pantheon: He can jump onto you and stun you for him to deal the rest of his combo, he can do that a couple of times and simply go in for a kill, his passive can block an auto attack of damage which could also determine who wins a fight and he can poke you with his spear. Annie: She can be a pain, but all you have to do is fight her when her stun charge is at 1 or 0 so that she can't stop your damage, and try to flash out of Summon: Tibbers at all cost especially if Annie has Deathfire Grasp as she will easily be able to burst you before you can activate Intervention to save yourself.

The items that counter Kayle consist of Hexdrinker which can mitigate Kayle's burst with it's passive, quick silver sash which will be able to defend you from some of Kayle's burst and will allow you to escape from the deadly slow that is the Reckoning. Another option is to buy tenacity items such as Mercury's Treads or Spirit of the Ancient Golem (not really sure why you would by ancient golem in mid lane, but from a jungler's perspective you will want to buy it if the enemy team has a Kayle)

Well this concludes my guide to Kayle, I hope you learned a great deal of my 'little' knowledge that I have of her :P. Please give this guide a +1 rating if you did learn from it and make sure to point out any mistakes that I have made or points that must be brought to discussion and I will put it in a new section at the bottom of the guide. I also created this guide just before the time that the guide creating contest closes! Pray for the win!

This guide format is emphasized by GrandmasterD's format, I made it completely myself from scratch simply by looking at one of his guides side by side and trying to be as precise as I possibly could. I have gotten his confirmation for publishment and I salute him for being an awesome person.

Lots of love and have fun,

1.21.2014 // Published Guide
1.21.2014 // Fixed a problem with the divider images
1.21.2014 // Added Flag Counter for the lolz
1.22.2014 // Added these beautiful image chapter banners to replace the text ones & made the ToC a different color
1.23.2014 // Added a reason to max Reckoning first and a reason to max Righteous Fury first
1.23.2014 // Added a math section on weather to max Q or E first
1.24.1024 // Made Reckoning your ability to max
2.01.2014 // Changed color scheme, added banners to replace the typing banners, changed dividers