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Kayle Build Guide by Derisat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derisat

Kayle:On Hit Build 100% E Uptime

Derisat Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Guide History

~Re-updated as of 9/18/2011 New gear altogether and a skill order. gear choice change from berserk greaves and madreds to Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Witsend attributed to "LotusBlossom". Also switching the placement of E and W in skillorder to "MBirk" . The lane dominance change dramaticaly.

~Re-updated as of 9/18/2011 New gear order and strategy to go with it thnx to ingame contributions from other on hit Kayle Players- Credited to " TheDark5 " Also added an advanced guide section thnx to "TheDark5"'s input that negates the need for early Nashors Tooth completion.
~MASSIVE TYPO ERROR FIX, in skills i replaced our E ability with W when talking. this was fixes, what a screw up considering E is our main skill midgame >.<

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Heya, "a warm ham pita" here, ok now that the guide is getting revamped it's turned into a community contribution of input and no longer a riotdev carbon copy. So thank you to all who contributed your input and testing. Please leave comments and votes. If you vote down please let me know why. Enjoy the guide :-)

OLD INTRO Heya all, this is my first guide, and mainly a visual reference tool. I give credit to the build to Riot devs, it's a carbon copy of the champion video from the offical LoL website after the midyear 2011 patch Kayle revamp. I always use mobafire for my builds and was dissapointed to not see this up here for easy access. I'll link the video from the official LoL site for those who need examples.

This is an on hit Kayle build utilizing ATTACK SPEED primarily and COOLDOWN REDUCTION secondary. Enjoy and please give feedback on the build or the writing style of my guide, enjoy :-)

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Reavmped with ICONS YAY
Runes used are as follow

9 X Greater Mark of Attack Speed
- It's an ON HIT build, because Kayle deals both physichal and magic damage, Penetration marks aren't fully effective. Using mid-game and late game is the key to farming, dropping turrets, and chasing. With the use of Kayle's passive + use of and the CDR you can keep up 100% of the time.

9 X Greater Seal of Replenishment
- Kayle's revamp allows more mana effeciency for spells and dmg output. MP5/lvl allows longer laning since her early-mid gear is cheaper you can take that extra minute for the gold needed. Just sit under the turret and push with at only 45 mana :-)

9 X Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
- Flat cooldown reduction. I take it over cdr/lvl becasue when + Runes and Masteries is enough CDR to keep up constantly.

3 X Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed
- Attack Speed Quint's, like beating a dead horse, but if it makes you kill faster all the better :-) Auto attacks combined with = WIN

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Video has a small picture that gets pixelated when blown up so the list above is carefully crafted in a larger clearer format.


Offensive Tree
CDR+AP+ you use it all. Make better, stronger, faster. It slows enemies, on top of your Q aka . Great combo to slow for ganks and chases. Drop it on a or a tanking drops their damage output, makes them get hurt more, and slows these fast champs down.

Defense Tree

Support Tree
Ahh yes cdr there's so much awesome in this tree I can't explain it all, but even straight dps and tanks delve into it. makes your come up faster. The 21 support tree adds CDR and lots of perks. is a filler, evn maxed out is a complete waste, adds maybe 1-2 mp5/health regen at lvl 18 with all points. doesn't work as said, and still isn't fixed despite the patch notes saying other wise. DONT EVER PUT THESE in your build. They suck nuts, don't work, are competely worthless until further noted.

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1st is HP, MP5 AP nice solid start.

2nd is Movement + CDR.

3rd is First On Hit item Works with your passive and adds AP, ATTACK SPEED, and stacks a debuff to the enemies magic resistance. YAY

4th is ATTACK SPEED, CDR to let you keep E up 100% of the time with an early bluegolem buff and focus on more attack speed gear. By now you should be lvl 9-11 perfect timing.

5th is ATTACK SPEED and a step into Madred's Razor's. Beating that attack speed stat like it's a red headed step child aren't we.

6th is Attack speed MR, +AP dmg on hit and a stacking buff of MR to you. Madreds used to be here but after the cost + math didnt pan out. Wit's End is cheaper, does more damage, adds survivability and allows you to build hextech gunblade (item 9) much faster

7th is Now you have amazing farming and jungling potential.
More cdr, attack speed and all the things you love on an on hit kayle.

8th is a transition item to number 9 item the 9th I originaly had the here but realized your auto attack was your dmg now and the cutlass had a better on hit use. DMG LIFESTEAL and a nice clicky ability .If you have enough to get the Gunblade and skip this then do it. Most games end before the gunblade.

9th is Life Steal, Spell vamp. Dmg and an awesome clicky ability. Put this in the upper left slot and press 1 to activate!

10th is some choose , but honsetly +Health+dmg and 100% slow on hit they cant outrun your murderness! your auttoattacks win this. Sell your dorans ring to make room.


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Skill Sequence

Alright maxing order is:
1st~Q~ Reckoning
Early game champion killer, good scaling damage, slows enemies, makes them take more damage rom your attacks. Cap it first, cast it on champs when chasing, keep it on them when it's up to kill them faster
2nd~E~ Righteous Fury
1 Point here at lvl 2, Your 2nd skill to max, mid-game/late-game bread and butter, makes all that attack speed and CDR a lethal tool when you auto-attack. Also has AoE splash damage.
3rd~W~ Divine Blessing
1 point here at lvl 4 and leave it to be capped last. mainly used to top off or run away. Small burst of speed and a micro heal to you or an ally.
ULTIMATE~R~ Intervention
Take your skill point when available. This doesn't stop ganks or CC's. Use it to intercept massive bursts of damage on you or allies, good for your tank or engaging team champ, or to turret dive. Combined with and it can let you escape a 4 man gank sometimes.

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Advanced Tatics...More Like Common Sense

replaced allowing for enough CDR to not need a blue golem buff before .
The Blue buffs should be given to the AP carry or someone with huge mana issues. Thus adding more team synergy to the build. Use your W on your carry to give them health and more movement for running away or into battle. If your carry can turret dive but get hit alot use your ULT R on them so they can safely dive last hit and run away. Feeding your carry is important. You arent a carry, i know you think you are but you arent. Feed your talon, trist, noct, akali etc.. Team win is greater then solo glory even if you win. Doing this makes faster wins less deaths, and a more fleshed out friends list.
BTW AP Carries do more damage early game and less late game, AD carries are the opposite. If it comes to feeding a carry the AD carry gets priority ( that doesnt include KS'ing AP Yi's, they aren't AD and can KS enough on their own, dont encourage them )

*REVISED BY THE ABOVE* TheDark5 helped me refine my item order and gave pointers on how to avoid the need an early to opt for more damage and get 100% E~ Righteous Fury up still. Ehem Blue Golem buff, use yours, take theirs w/e its a fast fight with little risk, I tried TheDark5's suggestion at 15% health and lvl 11 and smoked him. After getting the the Blue Golem buff keeps your E up 100% needless thats fine with us and mana regen. Honestly the mana regen and dmg was so good this early in my test games I never B'd we pushed mid and smoked the team for a WIN by minute 20.

OK so i realized if your lane with a complete ***hat and have to turret hug...alot. Pick up E at 2 and W at 3 and Q at 4 and 5. It depends on your lane partner and your enemies skill level. Holding your turret and getting gold before your turret kills the minions is easy at 45 mana with an early E. Overly agressive enemies like and , find it hard to push your turret when you do this.

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Summoner Spells

FLASH - *sings80's choir FLASH FLAAAAAaaaAASH* It's a nice escape, great to jump minions to chase runners. It over rules since your W adds a burst haste. Gordon can't touch this, it'll save everyone of us, even you.

EXHAUST - Beats out ignite, slows runners and nerfs dmg of champs you already can slow with Q/, it even allows you to 1 vs 1 a Tanking Warwick because it drops his dmg, while allowing you to shred his resistances to your attacks.

I'll do a comparison on the rest during the next re-write if requested.

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Special Thanks to:
I want to give credit to the contributors of this guide for their input and help in refinening the guide. RiotDevs for their On-Hit idea via ChampionSpotlight New Kayle.
TheDark5 for their input and testing in item build order and tactics.
LotusBlossom for the gear switchout for speed and flow
MBirk for their time into E vs Q damage, we may disagree on skill order but an E 2 lvls earlier changed the speed at which lane dominates much faster.

Peace, a warm ham pita, ... it smells fishy