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Kayle Build Guide by NasEjos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NasEjos

Kayle - The DPS-Goddess

NasEjos Last updated on May 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my Kayle Build. This build is the Kayle the way I play her, thus a kinda supportive-dmg Kayle. She can plow through minion waves fast and also handle tanks fairly well, besider her just incredible Ultimate Intervention.
I hope you enjoy reading the guide and give it a try. Just remember that (in my opinion) guides are just "guides" and there is not a perfect way to play a champion, so everything here is just my suggestion.

Also should this build not be used in Ranked Games as i have not tried it there, but it should work pretty well.

...First guide btw, I hope its not too bad :-)

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The Runes I use are pretty standart runes for any AP Mid champion, since I also use them there, but work almost perfect on Kayle. Kayle does do AD damage, but her main damage source is AP-based, besides her W [Divine Blessing] also scaling on AP.

Magic Penetration Marks: Easy, just improves your DMG, especially early-game when usually noone builds M-Res.

Mana Regeneration per Level Seals: Help you stay in lane much better, combined with your Doran's Ring you can harrass with your E, heal with your W or slow with your Q and won't have to go back for Mana unless you really spam your skills.

AP per Level Glyphs: Damage increase, just useful, nothing much to say about that

Flat AP-Quints: Provides good early-game Damage, especially with your Doran's

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In Masteries, I take all 30 points in Offense, since Kayle can really utilize all possibilities there. One could switch the one point in Weapon Expertise (10% Armor-Pen) to Summoner's Insight in the Utility Tree.

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The Itmes I use with Kayle are supposed to make you able to kill many enemy champions, farm well (mid-endgame) and be of use for your team. Many supporters have to stack gold-items and will not change a battle if they are fed, but a Kayle can do so. So while supporting early-game, mid- to late-game you won't have to just stay back and "suppport", since you can AoE-Dps the enemy team.

First I start off with a Doran's Ring, as already said since it just gives Kayle everything needed for early-game ( sustainability through mana-reg, health and damage).
Since you won't get many last hits in the beginning, it might take a while to get Berserker's Greaves, but you should be able to get 1-2 assists / kills before lvl 6, which is usually enough for Berserker's Greaves.

Next Item on the list would be Nashor's Tooth. This item fits perfectly well to Kayle's style, since most of her damage is autohit-based. Furthermore, the Manaregeneration in combination with the cooldown-reduction enable you to use your E a lot more often.
Nashor's Tooth should be built by first building Stinger and then the Fiendish Codex.

The next item already depends on your enemies. I usually take Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This gives you a little bit of survivability and, now here it comes, empowers your E Righteous Fury to AoE-Slow. Also increases the slow of your Q Reckoning.

Now you have to decide:
Either you are pretty fed, then you can rush Hextech Gunblade, but always remember to build Hextech Revolver first, since still most of your damage will be coming from AP.
If the enemies are pretty tanky and/or have much HP, you should grab a Madred's Bloodrazor. AD, AS and damage based on their HP, all of that works really good. (( not sure whether the 4% Magic Damage is also increased by Reckoning's side effect. Should increase damage though, since it says it also applies to Items and Summoner Spells ))

If you are fed to the death, just grab both of those items :-)

The last slot (if you did not buy both Hextech Gunblade and Madred's Bloodrazor ) just depends on what you like. A supportive Item? AS? DMG? You decide :-)

(If you wanna troll them, go for Frozen Mallet, double-slow with your E, triple-slow with your Q & E)

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Situational Items

Besides the Items I recommendet above, there are many adaptations you can make to fit your play style. I don't have special favourites, many items work good on her. I usally consider it this way:
You got a good Tank in the team --> AS
You got good DMG in your team --> Aegis of the Legion or other items that help them survive
Enemy team has strong AP-champ and your AP-mid lacks a little of Mpen? --> Abbysal Scepter!

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Skill Sequence

With Kayle your main source of damage is Righteous Fury. Max this one always first.
In general: R>E>Q>W
Reckoning just needs one point early for the slow if a jungler wants to come gank for example. the W is mostly used to just constantly help my AD-Carry stay in lane or grabbing kills with the speed-boost.

If you are harrassed a lot, skill your Divine Blessing before skilling Reckoning

In Fights, start with a Q to increase your damage and stop them from running away. Instantly activate your E to make sure to land a few auto hits. If they turn on you, just keep Q and E on cooldown, use W when needet for either heal or running ( away or chasing them). Save your Ultimate for the last bit of the fight. That will keep them from running away since they might consider the fight won. Just be sure to watch out for abilities like Olaf's Reckless Swing, which could finish you off just a little too fast.

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Ignite as Summoner Spells.
Flash is just a must in my opinion, gets you kills, escapes and all kinds of nice advantages.
Ignite is mostly used by me for that extra-bit of damage that gets you / your teammate the kill, especially early-game.

Besides that, as I asid earlier, Kayle the way I play her is just a supporter early-game (passing on last hits) and DPS mid-late game.

Exhaust could also be viable, I never used that one on Kayle though.

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Farming with Kayle is fairly easy after you got your Nashor's Tooth. Just run up to a creep-wave, activate E and watch them die. Remember to always target the minion in the middle of the groups of 3, so you hit all of them.

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Solo Top

I recently started playing Kayle Solo Top. This works perfectly well, just remember to buy wards and try not to spam your E and Q, since you want to stay in the lane as long as possible without having to return. With the Doran's Ring and the Mana Regeneration runes, it should be fairly easy to manage your mana.
The Solo Top build is the second build, which is actually much better than the other build anyways. You can literally shred your enemies and since your ult has a low cooldown, you have at least 3 seconds of high-dps that are secured.
Try it out anf have fun!

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Well, that's all for the moment, I hope you give it a try and have fun with it.
I will check this guide again over tomorrow, since I'm pretty tired, still everything should be kinda correct :-)

As with all guides, please vote after you tested this guide, and leave comments below. If you have any suggestions, just say them I'll check them out.