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Kayle Build Guide by Kendaichi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kendaichi

Kayle- The Last One Standing

Kendaichi Last updated on April 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is the first guide I have written and today, in this guide, we will talk more about Kayle.
Kayle is considered to be a weak champion that offers no real purposes, too weak to be an AD carry and scaling and cool downs unsuitable as a support.
In this guide, I will focus on making Kayle a suitable champion that will be able to hold her own against many AD carries at bot while being viable during team fights, laning phase, and well into late game.
The Kayle I'm building isn't necessarily a strong AD Carry but focuses more on disrupting enemy movement in team fights, protecting your carries, while doing a considerable amount of damage. You might now match their DPs, but your presence will keep your carries alive and guarantee your survivalbility. You will deal enough damage to make the opponent want to focus you while you have the health and armor to survive... while they waste their time and abilities trying to kill you.

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Items-Cheat Sheet

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> X3 > > > >

Situational Items

I normally get these items in case the opponent's mid is farmed or fed. It provides better survivalbility and help you stay alive throughout the team fights.

I would only get this item when you are either extremely farmed or really late into the game. You should be able to survive team fights without it.

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Decent damage, ability to change from melee to ranged
Good at clearing waves
Ultimate keeps teammates alive
Heal + Speed boost
Better survivalbility than AD Carries

Not as much damage as other AD Carries
No escape mechanism-Relay on your slow and MS boost, tower, and support to stay alive at bot
Long cool downs on heal without CDR
Mana issues in beginning without manamune

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Summoner Spells

Great skill to have overall, can get you out of ganks and great escape mechanism

I find this extremely helpful with the movement speed Qints. Provides great chase and escapebility compared with you slow and movement speed boost.

This really isn't that good of a summoner spell to choose. You have great sustain in lane and seldom have to go back.

Divine Intervention- Enough said

With your chasing abilities, ignite doesn't do that much. You can turret dive, MS boost, flash, ghost. Not much need for this

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Increases the movement speed of ghost.
Since Kayle is a hybrid, this adds damage to her Q
Attack speed is important
Armor penetration always important
Extra life steal
Extra Damage
Extra AP
Extra CDR
Magic Pen.
Extra AP
Extra MR
Extra Armor

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Greater Quint of Swiftness
I chose runes of swiftness because Kayle's AP scaling on her Righteous Fury isn't worth the AP. With extra MS, Kayle can chase down her enemies and provides a better chance to escape.

Kayle clears waves and deal splash damage from her Righteous Fury. Her Reckoning is also a homing magic spell. The magic penetration will help Kayle do extra damage.

These armor seals will alleviate the damage from the other AD Carry and potential junglers. Gives Kayle the extra boost in survivalbility.

During team fights, these glyphs will give MR and further increase durability.

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This passive isn't as bad as people say it is. A 3% shred in armor and magic resist that stacks up to 5 times will give you an edge versus opposite ad carries. For example, Graves, his passive provides magic and armor doing combat. There is nothing else other AD carries can do. But not Kayle.

Her Q is a decent skill Kayle has. It is homing, a slow, and scales well with Kayle's role as a hybrid. 1.0 scaling on bonus attack damage and bonus ap! It provides a 35% slow at ALL levels and amplifies the damage YOU do to the enemy. At level 5, it grants a 10% increase in damage.

Mediocre heal and a rather short movement speed boost at a high mana cost. Low AP scaling. You will probably be using this to save someone running or getting ignited in hopes you give them the extra health to escape death. You will be using this to get around and should max this last.

The bread and butter for Kayle. This changes Kayle to become a ranged champion! You will be spamming this spell almost every 15 seconds, but it deals splash damage and decent extra magic damage.

The most powerful ability Kayle have in her arsenal. Kayle, or a friendly target, will be invulnerable to damage from all sources, including true damage and ignite. While it only lasts for 2-3 seconds, it can be enough to save the person the opponent is targeting. Best case scenario, the enemy all uses their abilities and even ultimates when they see the carry they are focusing isn't dying. Reasonably short cool down.

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These items should help you deal damage while keeping you in lane. Combined with the MS Quints, you should be moving at the speed of a champion with tier 2 boots.

This is the item that will solve all your mana problems. During the early game, you have to spam your E, spam your W, and spam your Q in order to harass, heal, and clear waves. At lvl 18, 1000 mana gained, it will provide 66.5 worth of damage, better than the BF Sword.

This is how you will stay alive while disrupting enemy movement. The extra 700 health will make you shun the other ad carries with ease. The best part is, it will provide a 40% slow, because Kayle's Righteous Fury is still considered a "Melee" attack. :3

Lifesteal, spell vamp, adds 110 damage to your Q. Active. While this isn't a must-have, if you have enough gold, buy it. The life steal and spell vamp will restore your health when you use Intervention on yourself.

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~A Note~

Thank you for reading my guide on Kayle and I hope she becomes more viable and become the new Meta. More people should be playing her, one of the original champions made, designed, and changed. Please leave your feedback and I will read it and change anything necessary.
While you can argue that this isn't a good guide, the purpose isn't to be a superb AD Carry. The purpose it to keep dealing constant damage, a mediocre heal and speed boost, and keeping your carries alive with your ultimate. Target the enemy carry with your Q and ignore everything else, ulting yourself when you have to, and keeping a constant eye for your teammates.

Once again, thank you.

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