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Kayle Build Guide by King Perry

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Perry

Kayle (You can't counter Kayle!) updated patch 3.02

King Perry Last updated on February 15, 2013
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AP Kayle MID

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 6


Utility: 3

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Edits after patch release.

Section goes over any changes to items or abilities associated with this build.

*Patch release: 3.02 (Feb. 13, 2013)*

Liandry's Torment
-Ability power reduced to 50 from 60
-Damage per second increased to 2% from 1.66%
-Damage-over-time and multi-target spells no longer have reduced effect
-Fixed damage effect not being properly reapplied on targets that already have it

Rabadon's Deathcap
-Combine cost increased to 840 gold from 740 (total cost increased to 3300 gold from 3200)
-Ability power bonus increased to 30% from 25%

Deathfire Grasp
-Combine cost reduced to 680 gold from 880 (total cost reduced to 3100 from 3300)
-Cooldown reduction reduced to 10% from 15%

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Welcome to my Kayle guide. Kayle in my opinion is one of the best champions to learn to play if you are anything from a new player to a seasoned vet. The simple fact is this, Kayle can play anywhere. She can be put in the jungle and use her Righteous Fury to clear camps very quickly. She can be played AP top or mid and use her Reckoning ---> Righteous Fury combo to out trade almost any champion in game. And she is an amazing support with abilities like Reckoning (slow), Divine Blessing (speed buff + heal), Righteous Fury (strong AoE poke), and Intervention an Ulti making whoever has it up unable to take damage from any source over a 2 to 3 sec. period depending on rank level. My opinion is this champion is a great weapon for and summoner to have in there arsenal.


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-Very easy to play (not need to learn skill shots)
-Amazing cast range for her Divine Blessing and Intervention making healing and keeping carries alive very easy to do from distance.
-can move from a melee farmer to ranged with the press of a button.
-great wave clear giving opportunities to roam or help counter jungle.
-A very OP ulti Intervention if positioned and used correctly.
-very slippery

-Item dependent (needs significant farm to build up her kit)
-Very easy to play overaggressive (they will camp your lane)
-Great wave clear (this is bad for people who do not know how to push a lane and play properly after they have pushed.)

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Here I will focus on a few different situational builds you can move through while playing Kayle. Please understand that each build is not set in stone. This is in fact a guide and because of this feel free to do some experimenting yourself.

General Build:
This build is a basic start off resource (please note some game-play situations may cause you to replace certain items with something you might need to get through the game).


Start off items: Build Goal: Sustain/Escapability
Boots of Speed, 3x Health Potion

First Back: Build Goal: Attack Speed/Vision
Stinger, sight ward

Late Early Game: Build Goal: Starting Item + finished boots
Nashor's Tooth, Sorcerer's Shoes

MID GAME: BUILD GOAL: Liandry's Torment

First Back (Mid Game): Build Goal: AP/vision
Haunting Guise, sight ward

Second Back (Mid Game): Build Goal: AP/Magic Pen
Liandry's Torment

Late Mid Game: Build Goal: Health
Giant's Belt

Now from here you move on to late game which means that the build ideology can branch into many different directions from here. In a perfect game from here I would go Rylai's Crystal Scepter ---> Rabadon's Deathcap ---> Deathfire Grasp. But here are a few additional items you can choose from and why they work great on Kayle.

Honestly I would very rarely take this item but do not buy it late game this an early to mid game item you can use to boost your attack speed and AP increasing Damage output.

Athene's Unholy Grail
This is a great item if you find yourself getting nuked hard mid by a AP caster mage such as Ryze. The magic resist plus the AP and passive mana recharge upon kill and assist is very useful.

A lot of people would not expect this to be in here but here is why it is a plausible item. When activated you can sit under a tower for 2.5 secs and take no damage. Infact anyone from your team under that tower takes 0 damage, combine this with your Ulti to give you or a carry almost 5 sec's under a tower damage free. it is great for tower diving and a good def item to have playing top against a heavy bruiser.

Iceborn Gauntlet
Great Defensive item with armor, mana, and AP not bad on a tanky AP top build. :)

Warmog's Armor
What build would be complete without a Warmog's shout out. This has by far become the most used item in builds as of season 3. The health and health regen you get make it very easy to survive through team fights.

Will of the Ancients
Great if you are playing solo top in a double AP build team comp.

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Why nashor's/Liandry's?

Lets go over the basic two items of the build and why you want them. lets take a look at the stats first.

Nashor's Tooth
-50% attack speed
-65 AP
-20% CD reduction

This is important cause when you Reckoning someone you need to spam as many auto attacks with Righteous Fury active on to them as possible. Righteous Fury scales AP only so the AP and attack speed increase your damage output, and the CD causes you to have it active more often.

Liandry's Torment
-60 AP
-300 Health
-15 Magic Pen

Not so great when looked at at first but lets check the passive. dealing spell damage burns enemies for 5% of there health...... not bad. :) IF THEIR MOVEMENT IS IMPAIRED THEY TAKE DOUBLE DAMAGE FROM THIS EFFECT!!!!!!

you heard me right you Reckoning them and activate Righteous Fury not only are you doing increased damage form the abilities themselves but you are also dealing 10% of there health for every Righteous Fury auto attack you deal. You can utterly destroy a carry with this combo. And even tanks are not safe because even with magic resist and armor they still get the health burn from Liandry's Torment.

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In this section we will go over the abilities with an in depth look at how they need to be used. We will also go over a few situations when certain combos are most useful.

Lets look at the Abilities first:
Reckoning *scales with AD/AP*
This is your slow and the skill that initiates your combo. A few things to know about this ability.
1. This is the ability you use to initiate your burst combo because of a few important factors regarding it and its combination with Righteous Fury
2. It slows the enemy hit making chasing a lot easier.
3. All damage you deal to this target while it is slowed is increased by 6/10% depending on ability level.

Divine Blessing *scales with AP*
This is your heal and speed boost ability. Mostly maxed first if you are playing a support role. but if you are in solo lane it is taken once at lvl 4 for the speed buff only making it easier to get away from ganks and get back to lane after you have backed to buy.
1. This ability not only heals but also give a speed buff causing anyone healed by it to move faster to chaser or get away form a hairy situation.
2. use this ability on your tank or initiator to keep them alive a bit longer during a team fight, best used after your tank has been burst with initial engage to heal him back up to stay in the fight or to chase down a scattering team.

Righteous Fury *scales with AP*
This is the skill you max first and is what makes kayle such a tough champ to trade with.
1. If being zoned in a 2v1 lane feel free to activate this ability to farm from distance, remember you become a ranged champ when this is activated and you do AoE damage to surrounding enemies.
2. If activated right after you Reckoning someone you will not only get the attack damage increase and AoE but a further increase because of Reckoning damage increase on a slowed target.
3. During team fights keep this ability up whever you can you need that AoE to do damage to surrounding champs.
4. with the AoE of this ability you are able to clear jungle camps and waves very effectively. Feel free to spam this to push a wave to let your roam or back. :)

Intervention *scales per ability point*
By far a very OP ability if used right, here are a few things to remember.
1. If you are going to use it to tower dive remember these 3 things. (a. make sure enemy is around 1/3 health. b. summoner spells like flash and heal should be on cd. c. ask for help and make sure the enemy jungle is not ready for a counter gank.
2. when diving in activate this when tower shot is in mid flight towards you to get the longest immunity as possible.
3. Never use on a tank or bruiser during team fights, save it for the carries so they will not die. It is better a fed Rammus dies then a fed Ezreal. Your tanks/bruisers will be fine with a Divine Blessing heal when you can offer it.

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I put both of these in one section since they do not need so much of an in depth explanation. :)

Masteries focus on CD reduction, attack speed, AP, and health and mana regen. I go 21/6/3 but that is my personal preference this type of thing is entirely up to you.

THIS IS MY PERSONAL AND USED MASTERIES PAGE AND IT WORKS FOR ME. You can also take one point out of Durability and place it into Arcane Knowledge if you really feel you need the magic penetration. While I would rather have the sustain you may feel a bit different about this. :)

Runes: I go Health Marks, Def Seals (Magic Resist/Armor) depending on my role, AP quints and Glyphs.

But like I said the rune build and mastery build is entirely dependent upon your role and what your team needs.

Replace Magic resist Seals with Armor seals if you are solo top. Also I get health marks instead of Magic pen for the early game sustain and early game health increase leaving most of my items late game to boost my stats. Feel free to replace these runes with magic pen runes if you feel the need.

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Summoner Spells

I always go Flash, Ghost but this is just my personal choice to make myself much harder to gank and kill in lane. but other alternatives are.

Cleanse (good to have when playing against a champion like Ryze or Lux and there binding abilities.)
Clarity (mana issues)
Teleport (get around map and back to lane faster)

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Early Game

Start off buying your Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion and head into jungle to help your jungle clear quicker. level Righteous Fury and remember to ask you jungler if they need help taking the camp all the way down without smite or if he wants a short leash. Remember your Righteous Fury deal AoE damage so watch killing mini monsters in camps while helping your jungler. once you jungle is happy head to lane. Spend the first 3 levels last hitting minions and if the enemy in your lane chooses to try and zone and harass you heavy, farm from distance by activating your Righteous Fury. Once you hit lvl 3 and have 2 points in Righteous Fury and 1 point in Reckoning you can look to trade damage against your lane. also ask your jungle if you can have your teams wraith camp sometimes they will let you boost your farm by giving the wraiths to you while they are looking for a gank. At this point in the game you are looking to get your farm up, assist jungle in counter jungle, and roam when you push your lane. Once you have around 1400 gold back and buy a Stinger and a sight ward. keep farming and harassing in your lane and get that gold to buy your Nashor's Tooth.

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Mid Game

By now you have been out zoning and farming your lane.... you have finished your Nashor's Tooth and Sorcerer's Shoes and one if not a few tower both top and bot have gone down. When a tower goes down under most cases mid game has begun. This is because the lane that dropped there tower will roam into another lane quite often to focus other towers. but in Mid your tower should still be relatively healthy since it statistically is the last to go down, this is not always the case but more often then not it is. Remember they may try to push mid now but do not worry just keep farming your top and bot lanes along with your jungle should be roaming more and will help you if you need it. At this point in the game buy sight ward every time you back. you should have been doing this early game also but mid and late game is when you need the most ward coverage possible. You support should be doing most the warding if they are a good support but it is always good to help with vision where you can. Once you have enough gold buy Liandry's Torment and a Giant's Belt. And prepare yourself for Late game team fights.

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Late Game

Be a good Kayle, heal your tanks and bruisers with Divine Blessing and use your Intervention on you or your adc if they are getting bursted down. Remember your priority in team fights is to deal damage first do not take a support role, flash into that back line Reckoning the **** out of there ADC, then burst them down with Righteous Fury and laugh while their health melts into nothing. Remember never focus their tank or bruiser always finish off there ADC or AP champ first. once you have done that return to the outskirts of the fight Reckoning and Righteous Fury from distance while Divine Blessing and Intervention when needed. when pushing a tower without a creep wave feel free to Intervention your tank while he tanks it to cause him to take less damage. NOTE: do not do this if there is the chance a team fight will be happening soon. Having Intervention in a team fight is priority number 1. And finally always remember to take objectives after a won team fight. If you win a team fight do not just back take a Dragon or a Baron. or push a lane. Remember you want to try and take objectives whenever you can.

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Team Work/Strats

First off always remember as Kayle solo mid specifically gives you huge opportunities to push your lane and roam with you jungle early. Using your Righteous Fury lvl 3 on to push your lane so you can go help jungle gank is a very smart strategy if you are in direct contact with your jungle is even better considering you can follow up your junglers engage by hitting the targeted champ with a Reckoning significantly slowing them to make escape alot more complicated.

When in team fights go in after engage and try and get into the back line. Remember to always focus ADC first and move on from there. The combo of Reckoning ---> Righteous Fury with your nuke items Nashor's Tooth + Liandry's Torment cause you to slice through a back lane fairly quickly. Do not forget to help your support keep your team healed while using your Intervention on yourself or your ADC to keep you both alive. *Always remember to use your Intervention when it is actually needed it is never smart to throw out an early Intervention.

Early lane harass pressure is huge on Kayle. Take advantage of playing a slow starting mage mid by keeping your Righteous Fury active to farm and when the enemy comes in to last hit Reckoning them and harass out the Righteous Fury to push them out of lane. You can out trade almost any champ. You Righteous Fury gives you a huge early game damage output increase, use this to your advantage to harass the enemy champ in your lane.

Do not fear the lane swap when playing Kayle. maybe put a few extra points into your heal and use your Righteous Fury to farm under tower. Tower farming is very easy when playing Kayle and it is easy to farm and clear the wave off the tower even at an early lvl. After lvl 6 they will not dive you 3v1 they know your ulti will stop the initial burst of damage and then they have to take agro under tower while you spam your abilities on them to keep them under tower.

early roam on Kayle ganking lanes and counter jungling is very strong. At lvl 6 you can clear a camp very quickly. run into the enemy jungle and place some aggressive sight ward's around there jungle so you can run in and steal camps when the jungler has backed or is ganking. If you take Ghost and Flash you can get in and out of a back line very easily.

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Your ability combo and play style.

the basic combo in a 1v1 situation is the following:
Reckoning ---> Righteous Fury using your Divine Blessing and Intervention to survive the 1v1 fight.

in team fights:
use your Flash to get into there back line after engage. Reckoning their carry and bursting them down activating your Righteous Fury. Use your Divine Blessing to keep your tank healed and Intervention your carry to keep them alive through the fight.

when in lane early and wanting to gank a lane.
use your Righteous Fury to clear the lane. Activate Divine Blessing to ge to another lane quicker. Reckoning the target follow up with the lane members and Righteous Fury them down.

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Important things to always remember in any match.

-always tell a lane you are pushing to gank or tell your team you are backing to buy. Usually your jungle will want to farm your lane while you are gone. It is smart to let them do this to keep your tower healthy.
-never tower dive if the enemy has summoner spells up or is over half health. if either of these is not the case you better have back up.
-Never overextend or get caught out of position.

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please leave a comment if you have any ideas about how the build and guide could be improved. Also any comments regarding playing the build in game and your opinion regarding this are always welcome. please if you down vote this guide please leave a little constructive criticism as to why you felt the need to down vote the guide.

Kayle is a blast to play with.... and I really hope you will buy her and give her a shot.