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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Xeikh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xeikh

Kha'zix - "Jumping over the enemy to kill!"

Xeikh Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, I'm Xeikh and i want to share my way to build Kha'Zix.

Since he's a melee assassin, you just appear, grab the kill and go away... It needs a heavy build with good damage, movement and some tanky stuff for the teamfights on late game.

Hope you guys like it :)

By the way, excuse me if my english is not very well, i hope you guys understand it :p

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Evolving.... What?

Ok, let's do it.

What to evolve and why?

My first evolution is Taste Their Fear. It increases the damage and range, it's very useful, you can't continue without it!

My secondary evolution depends of the game, if you want to slow your enemy or the jungler that ganks you so much, evolve Void Spike, it may help you a lot to farm too, since it does a nice damage and damage area, think about your team too, if theres not CC or just poor CC, you gonna help em a lot with that big slow. If there's enough CC and you think you don't need it, then evolve Leap, it helps your run away or leap over them and kill! the range increases enough and you can jump ever the nexus! -Ohh yeah, no one else can ;D-

Third evolution: Well, it's easy, if you want those sexy spikes you can evolve Void Spike or just Void Assault for a extra use, it helps you much because each activation gets your passive and slow them, but if is not your style, nevermind about Void Assault and think about what should be first, Void Spike or Leap ...? Not hard.

Hope you guys got my point! :D

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Runes: Why those runes?

Well, this my personal choice for the next reasons:


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

I'm taking the Greater Mark of Desolation for armor penetration because Kha'Zix should solo top and the enemy lane champion gonna get armor for you, so... Let's get ride of it!

The Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are basic defensive runes, you're an assassin on early game, but you gonna need defenses at late game on the teamfights or ganks, anyways, nothing better than a strong assassin, hard to kill!

For last: Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. It's a little obvious, since you're an assassin, they gonna run! So, we can't let them go away!!!
...Or just in the case that you got pretty ganked... R > E > RUUUUN!

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Items: What the...?

Here i'm gonna be fast, i'm not good writing a lot, so please forgive me x_x Just going to the point.

Core: Boots of Speed and Health Potion for the first 5-10 minutes.

First recall: The Brutalizer for few damage and MORE armor penetration! (ArP) ...And yeah, some cooldown ;D

Boots: Mercury's Treads In case there is much cc or heavy casters, or just the Ninja Tabi for those AD :D

Late build:

Frozen Mallet I'm getting this because it slow your enemy and you don't miss your Q since it have a nice cooldown and damages as hell! either it gives nice HP and 20 attack damage.

The Bloodthrister Ok, let's add some serious damage and life steal incase of a little long fight and attacking minions if you have 10 hp after a fight and healing before their hits kill you. (That killed me so many times, annoying!)

Trinity Force Not much to say about, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, 150% Damage after spell, Crit. Chance, Health, Mana, etc etc. Just awesome! (But expensive *cof* *cof*)

Youmuu's Ghostblade Well, i love this item for each of my AD carry and this assassin, it gives you nice stats as armor penetration, crit chance, cooldown reduction and even a little ghost in-use, just awesome!

Guardian Angel Well, we are gonna need this on late game, since you have nice defenses but not enough, we can't let em kill you that easy, let's make it funny!

-- If you need the Guardian Angel early, just get it instead of the Youmuu's Ghostblade, you can get it later. --

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Summoner Spells!

Gonna be so FAST!

Exhaust: You don't need flash, you jump, get invisible and get nice attack speed, etc etc. This what you need, get em exhausted and kill without mercy!

Ignite: Well, you never know when you gonna need some extra damage over second, sometimes some people like to use heal, or just to counter an enemy with nice health regen/life steal... Or a Tryndamere 1-2 seconds after his ult... Lots of uses, just get it x_x

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This my second guide, hope you guys like it.

I accept every sugestion, if this goes good i'll add other kind of builds, thanks for reading and have fun!

Please comment and vote! (Only first 20 votes needs comment.)
Yours, Xeikh