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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Vengeancefreak

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vengeancefreak

Kha'Zix the Jungler in the Void

Vengeancefreak Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Introduction I.

Hello everyone :)

I am here to indroduce Kha'Zix as he came out just yesterday. I played him a bit and decided to do an early guide for you guys. I find this champion very similiar to Shaco and the build seems to be pretty much the same. This guide will show you how i think he should be played and why. So far I won't add any super cool pictures because I just want to show you the main things you want to know. Once I get to know this champion even better I will add more things! Enjoy :)

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Runes II.

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

- Greater Mark of Desolation 5x: This will help your early game jungling, early game ganking and late game burst so basically it is good for everything and i really recommend arpen on Kha'Zix.
- Greater Mark of Attack Speed 4x: It seems that Kha'Zix benefits a lot from attack speed for faster jungle and ganks as getting off 2 extra hits during a gank is really worth it especially if you use your ultimate, which procs your passive.
- Greater Seal of Armor 9x: Early game survivability and jungle sustain as at level 1 and 2 his jungle isnt very fast. Also for turret diving.
- Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist 9x: Just for late game survivability and allowing him to stay in the battlefield for a few extra moments.
- Greater Quintessence of Desolation 3x: For arpen and as i said jungling, ganking and late game burst.
These runes I really find the best on Kha'Zix and they are very similiar to most of the burst junglers like Nocturne or Shaco.

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Masteries III.

Offensive Tree

- Summoner's Wrath 1/1: For you Exhaust to increase the targets damage taken and giving a higher chance for a kill.
- Brute Force 3/3: I don't think that Butcher is worth it because Kha'Zix has good clear time at level 3 and benefits more from ad against players.
- Alacrity 4/4: Super useful because of you passive Unseen Threat and faster jungle time. I guess for ganks too.
- Weapon Expertise 1/1: Really useful for faster jungle time and ganks but also late game burst and penetrating armor.
- Deadliness 4/4: Really good because Kha'Zix has high burst late game too and benefits from some extra burst.
- Lethality 1/1: For late game burst crits even though it isn't that useful stil worth taking it.
- Vampirism 3/3: For early game sustain and 15% lifesteal + Wriggle's Lantern is total jungle domination.
- Sunder 3/3: Arpen as I already explained (arpen=armor penetration)
- Executioner 1/1: Pulling of ganks when they are low health they take more damage and same thing late game. Also for faster jungling.

Utility Tree

- Good Hands 3/3: Since Kha'Zixisn't mana hungry late game i don't think that Expanded Mind could do any good so it is better when you die to quickly respawn and get farm or hold lanes.
- Improved Recall 1/1: Since you dont need late game mana at least recall fast and get back into game quicker.
- Swiftness 4/4: Will help during ganks and getting back into your jungle faster.
- Runic Affinity 1/1: This is a must for Kha'Zix because he is extremely red buff depedent and needs it all the time, blue buff depedent early game super important.

Why I don't for the defensive tree:
I think that Kha'Zix can escape pretty easily with his Leap and Void Assault and benefits more from movespeed and buff durations.

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Jungle Route IV.

Your jungle route is pretty much as any jungler. Early game Kha'Zix is really depedent on blue buff so you start on that and head for red. At level 3 level up Leap and go gank.
1. Blue buff
2. Wolves
3. Wraiths
4. Red buff
5. Gank

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V. Evolving

1. Evolve your Leap
2. Evolve your Taste Their Fear
3. Evolve your Void Spike