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Tryndamere Build Guide by TheDarkGod666

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheDarkGod666

Killing people in 2 seconds: The Tryndamere Guide

TheDarkGod666 Last updated on September 16, 2012
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. Hi all this is my first guide and i'm going to show you how to use my favourite champion, Tryndamere the Barbarian King. His main role is as a Melee DPS Carry, and this guide caters for this to make the most of his Skills and Items. This is not by all means a do as I say guide, and I do not claim to be the best Tryndamere player around, this guide is just to guide those that need it.

To prove you can kill people in two seconds click here it is a link to Leaguecraft's character builder, it shows that without buffs/skills or the passive bonuses from the items that tryn can kill someone with 2100hp in two seconds

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Pros / Cons

Extremely High Damage Output
Amazing End Game
Great laning capabilities ( Bloodlust )
Great escape mechanism ( Spinning Slash )
Great Pursuing mechanisms ( Spinning Slash / Mocking Shout )
Temporary Invincibility ( Undying Rage )
Very Fun to Use

Considered OP
Item Dependant
Horrible at start of game
Can be squishy depending on enemies
A good stun can render his ultimate fairly useless

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Skill Usage and Tactics

The main idea of bloodlust is to acquire rage passively to maximise damage output, then use the active to consume the rage for health

In a lane with no champions present, defeat a whole wave of minions then use your active, however if you have full health, save the rage for a potential conflict with an enemy

In a conflict with an enemy, DO NOT use this active as it will minimise your damage out put and potentially lose you the fight. Only use the active if you are about to die and need the health boost

If you have been carried correctly this will be unnessesary as the guide states you will kill your enemies in two seconds

This skill can be used to find stealthed/hiding enemies, the skill icon will be dulled unless an enemy is within its range, using it will not reveal the enemy, but it is useful to know if someone is near

This skills use is situational, if you feel as if you have been carried well save it untill the enemy begins to run away, so you can slow them and finish them off, if you feel as if the enemy might have a chance of beating you, use it mid combat as it reduces attack speed.

If used correctly it can also be used to escape (do not try until you are confident with tryn), you can duke the enemy with Spinning Slash or a regular movement, and stand behind them, when you use the skill then they will have decreased movement, then you run away with ease.

This skill is great, it can be used to damage an enemy, clear groups of minions, pursue an enemy and escape from them.

This can be used to traverse over terrain, so feel free to give it a go, consider it just like the summoner spell Flash but with an extremely reduced cooldown.Good for escaping pursuers or following those that used a smart Flash over terrain

A good combo with Mocking Shout is to use this to close the gap between an enemy just enough so that Mocking Shout is in range, you and your team mates can catch weakened enemies now that were far away.

An inportant thing to know about his ultimate IT DOES NOT GRANT INVINCIBILITY, like Kayle's ultimate, it makes you unable to die however, though you can still take damage from enemies. This means that the longer you delay using this the longer the effect will benefit you, this does not mean wait for the enemy to get you to about 10 health then use it, I reccomend the use of it when you think you will die in 1-2 seconds

It can be used to escape or to sneak in 5 seconds of extra damage in a fight (which is often a fight decider with tryndamere)

If you are escaping with it, use the normal escaping procedures with your other abilities, if you decide to finish a fight with it, use Bloodlust immediately afterwards becuase when using your ult you will automatically regain 50/75/100 rage (depending on level), this will give you enough health to recall safely or to continue laning and healing with Bloodlust and The Bloodthirster.

Note,this skill will not work against the nexus turret at the enemies fountain

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I'm fairly lazy when it comes to building Tryndamere, as the guide does not tailor to any specific group of enemy, the items chosen were to maximise damage output(with the exeption of Guardian Angel) and thats about it, if you are facing an enemy that you need to have a different build against, use general logic (e.g. if the enemy has lots of ap, get Mercury's Treads instead of Berserker's Greaves). The items I have chosen are listed below with the reason for choosing each

This is quite simply the best pair of boots for tryndamere, as it gives him the extra mobility and a bit of extra attack speed, if you finish the build ditch these for another Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer depending on your desire

This is perfect for tryndamere as it gives him a 250% crit damage, and since his rage system increases his crit chance, the two go together very well

To basically speed up the process of killing people, its that simple

I use this so that tryndamer gets that extra attack damage, but also gives him a bit of sustain, since you will be relying on auto attacks for damage output, this will allow him to regain a substantial amount of health in the middle of battle

This will help you get around those enemies that have bought armour in their build, it will allow you to take down these enemies easier

Whats more annoying than being invincible for 5 seconds?, the ability to get back up after that and continue murdering people, this is not only fun for you but it allows your killstreak to rise greatly when you dive into a group of enemies, like my entire build, this is only a guide, if you wish to add an extra Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer instead of this, be my guest.

Controversial Items I didn't Choose

While this will boost your damage output a fair amount, my tryndamere is built so he can sustain himself after a fight (those annoying mages always deal a bit of damage because of snares), if you really want this id reccommend losing the Guardian Angel as it is only for utility

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Summoner Spells

My Choices

Allows you to continue attacking a fleeing enemy
Good for getting to a fight faster
Allows you to escape if Spinning Slash is on cooldown

Great for pushing turrets
Good to increase damage output in a fight where enemy has dedicated themselves

Other Summoner Spells

Spinning Slash does this but with a smaller cooldown

I can see the benefits of using this, but ive never really tried it

You dont need to jungle, and when you do, you dont need smite due to his high damage output

If you are pursuing the enemy correctly this will be unnessesary

Bloodlust covers this

If you are using Undying Rage correctly, this will be unnessesary

NO, NONONONONONONO. Get this and I will go over the internet find you and slap you :) no pressure

Not really a sight person myself, it'd be more usefull personally to buy a couple of sight ward or Vision Ward 's

If you are laning and healing well, you wont have to get places fast

Your dps ampily covers that of the minion when pushing

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Ill add to this section as soon as I can video a playthrough of myself using this guide and the games results from using it.
Feel free to send me your results from using this guide

If you have any comments regarding this guide or just want to know more about my playstyle don't hesistate to message me :)

btw im also working on making the guide more "visually appealing" as it is a work in progress

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Change log and Achievements

16th September 2012: Published Guide
16th September 2012: 100 views, massive achievement I know, but still a milestone
16th September 2012: Added leaguecraft builder link
17th September 2012: General Changes
17th September 2012: 1000 views, getting better :)