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League of Legends Build Guide Author the chaos bringer 00

Killstealing-What is it?

the chaos bringer 00 Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Hey guys i am the-one and only-chaos bringer 00 and this is a guide that i have created with a rather funny subject - Killstealing. However this is not a humorous guide and what i want to achieve with this guide is to define Ks'ing as far as i can. What i want to achieve is to create a guide with which can learn about this ambiguous subject. Finally in this guide i will try to explain things by giving you hypothetical scenarios and personal experiences. Ok, so ladies and gentlemen fasten your seat belts for take off errr... i mean... ARRRGGGHHH!!! WHATEVER!!! Just read the guide xD.

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Defining Ks'ing-When it is/When it is not

Ks'ing is a very common in-game action where a player kills a champion that a teamate of his was trying to kill. It is very funny for the one that takes the kill and very annoying for the one that loses it. My personal opinion is that ks'ing is not a bad thing and it depends on the guys who are ks'ing. Moreover, it is imperative i mention that when you or anyone else is ks'ing doesn't mean that he is a noob. I have seen countless times other players swearing someone for ks'ing. One thing that such players should have in mind is that the ks'er is usually a skilled player who knows how to synchronize his autoattacks and abilities by successfully predicting future situations. Ks is when you finish-off an opponent that a teamate of yours had tried to kill on his OWN. When you both trap an enemy none is the killstealer none is the ks'ed.

Ypothetical scenarios (section 1:when it is NOT ks)

Scenario 1:

Champs playing in this scenario and abilities used:

Vayne tries to harass the enemy Jarvan IV. However Jarvan IV does his Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike combo and knocks Vayne up. Then Jarvan IV does his Golden Aegis to slow Vayne from her Tumble and he does, one of my favorite damage-doing ults, Cataclysm to finish her off. Vayne survives and she Condemn's Jarvan IV to the arena walls created by Cataclysm. Jarvan IV is stunned for a while but he owns Vayne for sure. On the last momment Vayne's friend Tryndamere saves her by killing Jarvan IV with a superbly excecuted, critically striking Spinning Slash. Vayne was left with hp<100. This means that she would be killed from a simple Dragon Strike so she has no right to yell at Tryndamere for a ks.

2) Lee Sin tries to kill Olaf but the viking is way too fed. So, [Lee Sin]] now runs for his life using Ghost. Fortunately he survives while his ally, Jax, does Leap strkie on Olaf to hold him back. Lee Sin is encouraged by the fact that he was saved, and returns in a right position near to his enemy and Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike and thus kills Olaf. Jax wasn't ks'ed because Lee Sin was the one who tried first to kill Olaf

3)In team-fights, especially in those in 5vs5 maps, where usually all players paticipate, there are no ks'es because its hard to know who is hitting who except if you have 4 eyes and you observe everything that is happening on the pc screen.

4)Personal experience: First minute in 3vs3. It was raining err... wait it wasn't (DAMN i really need to stop reading novels).We were waiting in the jungle for the unlucky enemy who would come to take over in the upper-lane. I was playing as Lee Sin. The unlucky enemy was Master Yi. I doubled q'ed him. That is to say i started the attack on his ***. Then i used Ignite on him and i left. My two teamates stayed to finish him off. However my ignite finished him off. My other two teamates said "ks you son of a *****". I said "go to hell both of ya". End of story. RESULT: I didn't ks because i started the attack on him and thus i drew first blood HUEHUEHUE!!!

Ypothetical scenarios (section2:when it is ks)

1)Finally!! You are the team's carry (ex. Twitch) and you now have the chance to kick the butt of the enemy Jax who is really starting to piss everyone off. You disappear with your Ambush and you get close to him. You appear, he is intimidated for a while. You attack him 6 times with normal attacks to make your passive stack as much as possible and you expunge. You do your Spray and Pray. He now gets really low but you do so too. Finally you ignite him while he has 100 hp left and Flash away. Suddenly you see a red light above Jax head and KAAAABOOOMM he dies from that weird spell. You wonder what's going on because you didn't get the kill and you see in the left part of the screen that one of your teammates is Karthus. You were ks'ed. I am sorry for your loss.


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Ks'ing masters and roles

Every player can ks if he knows how to but there are some champions that ecel at make their summoners true ks'ers. The top 10 elite of these champions in my opinion is listed below:

1) Ahri
2) Lee Sin
3) Akali
4) Pantheon
5) Katarina
6) Twisted Fate
7) Xin Zhao
8) Karthus
9) Teemo
10) Vayne

Now i am going to explain who has the right to ks from his teamates regarding their in-game roles.

1)The Carry:
He has the right to ks more than anyone else. He/She is the carry which means that he has to bring his team to the viktory. Carry champions are weak in early game and in order to become strong they need kills. A typical example of a weak Carry champion in early game is Tryndamere

2)The Jungler:
Anyone that ks's constantly when playing as Jungler should be ashamed of him-self. A Jungler's purpose is too clear all the monsters, to help the Carry get some buffs and finally to gank in lanes where the opponent dominates and thus break the opponent's sustainability and help his/her teammates get some kills. For instance, Warwick, in 5vs5 Summoner's Rift, if playing as a Jungler, he shouldn't get NORMALLY more than 10 3-5 ks.

3)The Tank:
A Tank that steals kills CONSTANTLY is either an excessively skilled player either a complete ***HOLE and i am not kidding. A Tank's destiny is to save his teamates from enemies whith his disruptive moves and not to killsteal. Finally if a Tank steals kills from his team's Carry, the Carry has the right to rage quit and send the world to hell. For example, Alistar is a very common-seen Tank and tell me as far as you know: is Alistar a champion whose purpose is to kill, let alone ks'ing.

4)The Support:
A Support character should give health and other stats to it's allies or use Fortify to protect a turret and not get any kills at all. Also it is seldom that anyone sees a Support ks'ing because of the rather weak damaging moves it has. A true story depicting this situation is when a Soraka tried to kill me when i had 300 hp playing as one of my favorite champs, Tryndamare. She would have done if she had an ally by her side but in the end i hit her 3 times with my auto-attacks and "Ladies and gentlemen Soraka has rage quit!!!"

5)The Assassin:
Though not an exact game role, an assassin is an excessive role when we are talking about ks'ing. Assassin: champions have insane early/mid game activities and kill a lot of opponents at early-game especially by ks'ing. Please do not swear any Assassin: that get your kills (except if you are the carry) because it is what they do for an in-game living. Also every Assassin: should get some early/mid game kills, otherwise they will be excessively weak in late game ( Pantheon ). Take for example a fact from my experience: when i play as Lee Sin i can kill until MID GAME anyone with having only 500 hp left.

Kills Priority:
The Carry>The Assassin>The Jungler
>The Tank>The Support

Ks'ing Priority:
The Assassin>The Carry>The Jungler
=The Tank>The Support

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Well i hope that you enjoyed the guide and that you learned something from it. Please if you have any possible questions or ideas pm me or post them in your comments. I would also like to BEG you not to downvote the guide because you think that the matter it discusses is ridiculous. In such case please just see another guide. For those of you that disagree with my guide please discuss with me your view in order to improve this guide.
The most remarkable questions will be added to a FAQ's chapter i am preparing and of course there will be a credits' chapter where those of you that have helped me improve he guide will be added. I thank all of you that have devoted some time to read this guide. Bye-Bye and remember ks only when you have the right to and play in peace (as much as you can... emmm... i mean...ARRRGGGHHH!!! WHATEVER!!! Just comment and vote!!!)


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