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Kindred Build Guide by coolshortguy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author coolshortguy

Kindred's Dreadful Carry build.

coolshortguy Last updated on October 21, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm here to show you one of the many ways to be awesome with Kindred. Of all the awesome things you can do with this champion, this is my favorite.

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Creeping / Jungling

For jungling you're gonna want to be careful early as you are extremely squishy and don't do all that much damage so it's easy for early game junglers to come invade you early. So make sure to ward early and keep an eye out for Lee Sin coming to kill you at your red.

As far as staying high health goes that all has to do with kiting the monsters. I recommend running around in a pendulum swing motion to keep the monster away from you while not having it go so far away from it's starting zone that it resets back to full health. If you do this make sure to keep in mind trying to be closest to your next objective when you last hit the camp so you can get to your next camp or lane faster.

Make sure to use your abilities to get the fastest clear time you can. As soon as you walk to where your W will be in range go start it and then you can q every two seconds for the duration of your w. Once you have E you can do that as well.

Try not to gank pre six too often as it can often set you further behind if you get beat up and don't get a kill out of it, but if you do think you will get a kill in a lane don't forget to mark them with your passive at least 8 seconds before you gank.

Once your six try and stay relatively mindful of where the enemy jungler is and how pushed your lanes are. Don't just look at lanes to see if they look good for you to gank them but also look for how good they look for the enemy to gank them. This will open you up to counter gank and possible pick up a double kill. Ganking will be much safer since you can ult yourself or an ally when they get low, giving you 4 seconds to whittle the enemy team down.

Also remember to kill the rift scuttlers for devourer stacks and to get some vision when you're ganking bot and top. Not to mention by the time you get to the crab you will be able to heal from your w passive again.

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The item build I laid out for you has incredible potential for an extreme amount of damage while leaving you very squishy, so it is essential that you stick with your team in order to avoid getting picked off. Even with your ult you only have 4 seconds to turn around a fight, which if you are in a 1v5, is very unlikely to be possible.

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Team Work

With this build, like I said earlier, you are extremely squishy, so it is important to only pick Kindred if you have a tanky frontline that can peal for you or at least soak up the damage of the enemy team while allowing you to get yours off.

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Kindred is a mobile jungling adc with a stackable blade of the ruined king passive. This build centers around that passive and capitalizes on the shear amount of late game scaling that is possible with this champion. Therefore it is of the most importance that you go for safe invades to get passive stacks when you can until you've reached 6 stacks (at 6 stacks jungle monsters stop being able to give you any more passive stacks). At that point your passive alone will give you 7.5% of their physical health in physical dmg every auto, which makes you by no means weak. So take that opportunity to secure your lead by picking off every easy kill you can. And remember the later the game goes the closer to God you become.

Good luck and have fun out there. Play safe and smart and you'll outscale everyone.