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Thresh Build Guide by SawyerNelson

Support King of Support - Thresh Support Guide

Support King of Support - Thresh Support Guide

Updated on April 23, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SawyerNelson Build Guide By SawyerNelson 13 0 27,304 Views 5 Comments
13 0 27,304 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SawyerNelson Thresh Build Guide By SawyerNelson Updated on April 23, 2019
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Bone Plating

Perfect Timing
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

King of Support - Thresh Support Guide

By SawyerNelson

Sawyer Nelson

This guide was written by Sawyer Nelson on October/30th/2018 for free, with the purpose of educating those interested. If you want to show your appreciation you can do so by Donating via [PayPal] or following Sawyer's Social Media:
  • Twitch - (Gameplay, Personality, Commentary, and Coaching League of Legends Live stream)
  • Twitter - A trash can for my stupid thoughts
  • Youtube
  • Instagram - Clips of my gameplay, maybe a picture of me once a year
Thresh since his creation has been the mainstay of the Support role. Thresh can do a little of everything that a support wants to do (Engage, Control, Peel) compared to most support champions kits that all in one of these aspects. Making him the most well rounded Support.


+ Ability to Punish enemies with Hook
+ Great matchup into almost all Bot Lane Matchups
+ Very versatile
+ Rewarding to play and scales with skill


- Missing or miss-using abilities is highly punishable
- Not very tanky if to far forward
- Needs follow up to his CC
- Difficult to play and learn

Thresh has the ability to engage, control, and disengage fights. Since Thresh has the ability to do everything how you do / can play out fights becomes much more complex making Thresh harder to play when you are first learning him, but when mastered Thresh is one of the most potent Support champions in the game.

This Rune setup helps Thresh with his neutral play, protecting his allies, and makes Thresh tankier. Guardian keystone allows Thresh to block a good amount of damage for his carry that they would otherwise just tank, and will make or break fights.

Resolve Inspiration
Guardian on Thresh gives a lot to his ADC, Guardian can block a lot of damage throughout the laning phase, especially against poke lanes. It can come in clutch when saving allies with Dark Passage. It the movement speed gained can also help during approaches against the enemy.

It may seem odd to run Guardian instead of Aftershock but Thresh is not a full on engage champion, and can actually make use of Guardian during all stages of the game compared to other supports. Aftershock can help you win trades in lane, but that's not as important as the peel offered at all stages in the game by Guardian. Thresh also has the unique ability to have HP and AP scaling for Guardian
Bone Plating simply blocks damage for free, it's one of the simplest and best runes in the game. Bone Plating helps at all stages of the game, negages poke during the laning phase, helps you survive in fights, and lets you soak more damage in a late game team fight, and it happens automatically, super good Rune.
+50HP Level 1, is the entire purpose of this rune. Basically every single Solo queue match will be determined off an early fight and having this extra HP can make all the difference. The bonus AD Thresh gets from Chrysalis isn't that impactful but it works.
Unflinching assist Thresh from being negated during all in's. After using a Summoner Spell it reduces incoming CC and slows, and also gains value when your Summoner Spells are down, other runes in this row in Revitalize and Overgrowth do work on Thresh but Unflinching is more immediately useful at all stages in the game.
Perfect Timing active at 10 minutes in the game, lets you have a 1 time status in which you can't be targeted, but also can't move or cast abilities. This one time status gives Thresh play making potential that you otherwise wouldn't have. After using Stopwatch you can sell Broken Stopwatch since you won't be building it into anything.

You have to get used to using Stopwatch. Some good times to use Stopwatch is when diving the enemy to avoid tower damage, to dodge a key skill shot, or to stall during a fight.
Cosmic Insight gives you 5% CDR on Abilities, Summoner Spells, Items, and Max CDR. This rune is generally useful, and Thresh has long cooldowns so he makes good use of it.

In combination with Cooldown Reduction from Nomad's Medallion, Zeke's Convergence, and Knight's Vow you will be sitting on 25% to 35% Cooldown Reduction at most stages of the game.
Summoner Spells


Ignite is great for Thresh it adds a LOT of damage to Thresh's already pretty high amount of burst when he hooks a target and enables you to get kills and snowball games.


Flash is standard on most champions, Thresh is no exception. So much of Thresh's play making potential comes from the threat of Flash.


Passive: Damnation
Thresh can harvest the souls of enemies that die near him, permanently granting him Armor and Ability Power.

You have to pick up these souls, don't go out of your way to get risky souls they aren't that important to risk for.
Death Sentence

Thresh throws a hook at an enemy, locking down the first target hit, reactivating this ability after the hook lands will send Thresh to the target hit.

This is Thresh's main ability, you have to get good at hitting it or else you won't get much value out of Thresh compared to other champions. You can make it easier to land hooks by using Flay to slow enemies and get them close to you then cast Death Sentence.
Dark Passage
Thresh throws out a lantern that shields nearby allied Champions from damage. Allies can click the lantern to dash to Thresh.

Use this ability to save allies that are mispositioned, or use it to bring one of your allies into the enemy. A common play is to Lanturn your jungler from the fog of war, Flash Flay the enemy bot lane for an easy 2v3.

When you cast Dark Passage it will proc Guardian if it is up, allowing you to block a lot of damage for your ally that is most likely in trouble. Dark Passage can be used just for the shield early game, but the longer the game goes on, the stronger Dark Passage's repositioning ability is rather than it's shield, if you can reposition your carry away from the enemy it's super strong.
Passive: Thresh's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage which builds up while not attacking.

Active: Enemies are pushed in a targeted direction then slowed, all targets hit are damaged.

Flay is a tricky ability, if you want to pull an enemy into you, you have to cast Flay behind you which can be odd if you aren't used to it.

Flay can be used as a offensive or defensive ability.
The Box
Thresh creates a box around him, all enemies that hit the edges of The Box take magic damage and are slowed.

This ability has a brief cast time, but it's pretty hard to actually land it. The Box can be cast during Flay or Death Sentence, so when you land abilities cast The Box to land the damage.

Thresh's abilities can be used offensively or defensively. During fights you should consider if it would be better to spend your abilities offensively or defensively. It's most common to see Thresh players have no regard for this fact, and throw their hook wildly, it misses, then the enemies can move onto the ADC for free.

It does take a good amount of practice to be able to use Thresh's abilities, every ability is pretty unique and can are skill shots, not targeted abilities. So the better you get at casting them the better use you can get out of the abilities.

Basic combo:

It's a lot easier to hit Thresh's hook if you Flay first then cast Death Sentence. The enemy will be slowed and brought closer to Thresh, making them a lot easier to hit with Death Sentence. It's very easy to do, at is a lot better play than throwing super long range hooks expecting the enemy to not move or react at all.

You can all of Thresh's abilities during the animation of Death Sentence, allowing you to cast The Box immediately after landing a hook, so that you can get max damage.

Dark Passage is pretty straight forward when used defensively, to use lanturn offensively, you can give it to your jungler to instantly bring them into your lane to gank, or to your ADC when you are engaging in lane.
Starting Items

Starting Item for any champion is what you are going to be laning with, so those items need to help that champion early in the game , and hopefully be useful later in the match as well.

Starting items for Thresh never changes, you will play out the early levels 1-4 every single game with Ancient Coin, 2 Health Potions, and a Stealth Ward.

Ancient Coin is the best option of the 3 Support items for Thresh. It allows you to get gold easily, quickly, and consistently. The mana regen from Mana coins does help though since you would run out of mana other wise throwing hooks in lane. Later upgrades into Nomad's Medallion all stats offered help Thresh a lot for an item so cheap.

Relic Shield can be used on Thresh but it's very hard to pull of and the pay off vs skill required to use isn't worth, until you're in the LCS don't worry about it Ancient Coin is a great item.

Early Build Path

> >


> >

If you are playing for Bot Lane and your ADC than Nomad's Medallion, Refillable Potion, and Control Wards are the best purchases. Even if you purchase Mobility Boots first roaming away from the Bot Lane early is very pricy. If you see a good roam take it, but return to the Bot Lane as quickly as possible so your ADC can CS safety.

If you recalled around level 4-5, and have enough gold for Nomad's Medallion + Refillable Potion, than you should consider the purchase. Refillable Potion gives you a lot of sustain in lane, and throughout the Early to Mid game, and can be sold later in the game.


After completing Mobility Boots you should look to complete Remnant of the Ascended it gives Thresh health, and an extra ward for vision control, which is the entirety of Mid Game play. Thresh doesn't have to rush other completed items either.

Gives lots of Armor and Magic resist, and adds extra damage to your binded ally (most likely your ADC) when you engage, and a small slow to all enemies around you after you ULT. Zeke's Convergencehas a good amount of utility, and is very cheap. For Thresh this item is mostly for the defensive stats as it's hard to make offensive use of it's passive.

Best 3rd item, during the Mid-Late game is the time you will likely be able to purchase Knight's Vow is the time in which the extra Armor it offers you and your binded ally will be most important, the healing / damage absorption it offers is whatever, it's mostly a good purchase for Thresh because it's cheap and gives Armor + Cooldown Reduction during the Mid - Late Game. If the enemy team comp isn't heavily AD consider skip building Knight's Vow for Redemption or Locket of the Iron Solari.

Gives lot of Magic Resist and some armor, and active gives team a shield based on the casters bonus health & allies level. You want to purchase Locket of the Iron Solari later in the game because it gains more value later in the game. Thresh doesn't benefit from early Magic Resist as much as he does early Armor in most matchups, and the shield from Locket is more impactful and bigger late game.

As a last item you have the choice of Redemption or Gargoyle Stoneplate. Redemption will likely be the choice, as the potential 5 man heal is really, really strong and easier to pull off. Gargoyle Stoneplate does help Thresh tank enemies and give him a bigger Locket of the Iron Solari shield, but Redemption again is easier and more practical.

Stats and Bonuses offered are almost worthless for Thresh, but the active lets you cleanse your ally of CC, would only recommend it if the enemy has lots of layering unavoidable CC such as Malzahar + Skarner + Annie. 2200g is a lot for basically a lot of mana regen and CC cleanse.

Quicksilver Sash lets you instantly get rid of CC, it's very rare that you need to get this on Thresh, even against champions such as Malzahar, Thresh most likely doesn't need the personal cleanse since he is such a backline champion. But if the enemy has literally tons of CC you can pickup Quicksilver Sash.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is actually a great last item for Thresh. When completed the active not only makes you tankier, but when around 3 enemies and used it gives you tons of bonus health, making Locket of the Iron Solari's shield almost double, along with making you bigger and tankier. I didn't list it as the last item to build in this guide, because I figure worse players that simply look at the guide for the build will be able to use Redemption easier than Gargoyle Stoneplate.

It's very rare, but if you are against 4+ AP enemy champions, you can buy Adaptive Helm. It's expensive compared to a normal support item, you would build it 3rd item so after Eye of Ascension & Zeke's Convergence. It offers the most defense against AP champions and gives some cooldown reduction.

Early Game

The Laning Phase for Thresh changes a lot depending on the matchup.

Against Enchanter Supports Lulu, Nami, Janna, etc. They have the advantage in early levels, if you take any poke levels 1 - 2 you will be at a huge disadvantage for the entirety of the lane. Unless they make huge errors just conceed the first 2 waves, the longer the game goes the better your CC is against them.

Thresh has a lot better level 1 than most Tank Supports Alistar, Leona, Braum, etc. You can get a single Flay + Auto attack without any retaliation. So long that you get level 2 at the same time you should have the HP advantage and if they engage you can Flay them, then hook. It's better to stay behind your ADC with lanturn for when a Tank Support looks to engage. If you get engaged on your ADC can't save you, but you can save your ADC.

Against Mage Supports Zyra, Brand, Vel'Koz, etc all have opportunities to poke Thresh throughout the laning phase, mage supports can also punish Thresh when he moves to far forward. Thresh's advantage against these type of champions is his immediate engage with a Flash + Flay + Death Sentence

So in general level 1 Thresh has the good option to Flay + 1 auto attack on the enemy ADC for a quick and effective trade. Only other options is to push the minion wave or to play passive.

The highest value level 1 is getting 2 Flay + auto attack trades without taking any damage.

Thresh has a very strong level 2 especially if you hit it before the enemy bot lane. If you walk forward and Flay + Death Sentence it can be a very easy early kill that can quickly open up a game.

Thresh has a power spike level 2, 4, and level 6. Look to fight during these levels so long that the lane is in a good state. The longer you stay in lane the faster you will level up, so any time you move away from lane or roam you are sacrificing EXP.

Any time you move forward in the lane the enemy will likely back off in fear of your hook, you can get a lot of value without much risk by throwing neutral hooks, meaning not moving too far forward and standing your ground.

Keep track of your Guardian cooldown you can actively use it to block damage from the enemy by standing next to your ADC. It's important to have it's cooldown in mind when going for all in or planning compounding trades. You can also put 2 points in Dark Passage before level 6, you will lose out on 40 damage on Death Sentence but block 40 more damage during the laning phase.

Farming with Ancient Coin

The only way you get gold on Thresh Support is through getting Kills, Assist, and Ancient Coin. When you are near a minion wave, and a minion dies that you didn't last hit, it has a chance to drop a coin that you can pick up. It's pretty basic all you have to do in walk up to the coin to get the gold, but if you aren't near the minion wave because you are roaming / not in lane you will be missing out on this gold. There are certain stages in the game in which it's best to simply stay on the minion wave with your ADC to get the Coins that will be dropped.

During the laning phase if a Coin is dropped and the minion wave is pushing into you, you should probably not go for that Coin since you would be walking into 2 champions and a minion wave for +25 ~ +45 Gold. You have to analyse the risk of picking up the Coins, which if there are any at all you probably shouldn't. Thresh does have the advantage of offering threat any time he moves forward, so if the dropped Coin is simply in the middle of the minion wave than you can likely walk forward to get it.

It's fine to play the early game slow on Thresh you don't have to be hard winning every lane, especially when you are just learning Thresh. Look to punish your enemies mistakes rather than forcing onto them, it's much easier for an enemy to move to far forward and present you with the opportunity to Flay them, than it is for you to move forward past the enemy minion wave, and actually land a hook on the enemy that is already moving away from you.

So play it slow until level 3-4 if you make a mistake levels 1 - 4 and die, it will break the game open completely, and you will be playing on the back foot for the entirety of the match.

ADC's ability to follow up.

Different ADCs will be able to follow up on Thresh's abilities to different degrees, understanding which champions are good and not good at different stages of the lane with Thresh will come with time or study.

What's more important for you to practice is not only watching the enemy bot laners and trying to punish their mispositioning with an engage, but also watch your Ally ADC to see if they will be near you to follow up on your hook / flay. It's very, very easy to get completely tunneled on the enemy's movement when trying to land a hook, take a second to look at the minimap or lower on your screen to see where you ADC is, that information will help you a lot.

With any CC champion, if you CC'd a target and got not follow up, you didn't CC them. If you got a 5 man Malphite ULT and your entire team was in another lane, what happens? Nobody dies and they all turn on you and you die.

The power of CC in League of Legends is that it enables your ally champions that otherwise don't have good options of dealing their damage to be given brief timing windows to deal their damage without any counter play from the enemy.

So simply put, don't Flay + Death Sentence when your ADC in a million miles away from you in lane or you will be wasting your time.

Mid Game

Mid game is when multiple towers go down on the map, or champions start moving around the map. Thresh is very strong at moving around the map, he offers safety for his allies and threat of Death Sentence against the enemies. Depending on the game state you should think about if it's best for you to play aggressively say moving into the enemy jungle then lanturning in your ally when you find someone, or defensively, looking to lanturn your ally away from danger while farming a lane, or neutrally, setting up for a pick on a Control Ward with your jungler / ally. Unlike most supports Thresh is good at doing all of these.

Mobility Boots allow Thresh to move around the map quicker, it's not so much for ganking or roaming, but to move to and from areas setting up vision or moving with an ally for a play.

When you are moving around the fog of war play mindfully, think about who can be where you are going, understand the risk, and don't take the risk when it is too high. Would you walk in the enemy jungle when you have no wards in the river, the entire enemy team is missing and your allies won't be behind you? Of course not.


Roaming on any support is pretty simple, it's when you take a timing window in which your ADC is safe to have an impact somewhere else on the map. Thresh's roams are effective simply because he offers a lot of CC and damage and can save his allies if the fight is going poorly. Any time you roam from your ADC you are potentially costing them CS or their life.

So when should you roam is very, very easy don't over think it, and don't over do it.
  • When the Bot Lane wave is pushed into the enemy tower
  • When you have recalled and can move to any lane
  • When your ADC is dead / recalling and you would be alone bot lane
  • When the enemy laners are pushed up

These are all good times to roam, how effective that particular roam will be is affect by literally everything on the map, the minion wave positions in Bot lane & the lane you are ganking, the likelyhood of the gank, the HP, Mana, level values of your ally laner compared to the enemy laner. Moving with your Jungler also helps pull off a gank. Some ADC champions such as Ezreal have abilities to farm the minion wave from long range safely, others such as Kai'Sa will be zoned completely if you leave.

When you do get a roam off, look to either recall and reset bot, or to immediately walk back to the bot lane. Do NOT overstay doing pointless things like hitting a tower as Thresh or hitting objectives as Thresh your auto attacks do like 50 damage, VS giving your ADC around 20CS.

When you leave lane you will also be missing gold, and experience from the minion wave. Basically the longer you stay in Bot Lane / with your ADC the more levels and gold you will have.

All of these things should be running through your head when calculating a roam, if you are uncomfortable with roaming just look up pro Thresh replay on youtube [1][2][3], and you will likely see what a good roam looks like or atleast get an idea for it.


Defensive warding is warding on your side of the map
Neutral Warding is in the river / lane bushes.
Offensive warding is warding into the enemies side of the map (past the river).

When you should or shouldn't ward depends on your allies location and the enemies location / potential location. Look at the map and think.

Control Ward, Control wards are to deny the enemy vision, not to give yourself extra vision. Especially on a champion such as Thresh you can abuse the fog of war to surprise the enemies and engage on them unexpectedly.

Throughout the Mid - Late game there will be moments of no action in which it is optimal for you to drop 3 wards around an objective, then recall to refresh the ward count on your Remnant of the Ascended and return to your team.

Late Game

If you have any other engage on your team such as Gragas, Lissandra, Kled, etc. Let them do the engaging, you don't have to go out of your way to make the montage Flash + hook play Late Game to start a fight. More often than not it's your job to stay on your ADC / carry to protect them as a fight starts.

Be mindful of how strong you and your allies are, you can or can't take fights depending on items. You don't have to start a fight every time you see the enemy, your allies may need time to farm, but when your team has the advantage you should be in position to force the fights. Once you get a good feel for this you will understand how polzerizing it can feel to play Support depending on the game state, you are doing a lot or nothing at all, waiting for your allies to scale and for the enemy to push in.

When engaging you really have to make sure that your entire team is on the same page, and the only way to do this is through pinging, and pinging a lot. Pings are loud, quick, and everyone understand them. You can't be pushing down Mid Lane then take 5-10 seconds to type out " Hey guys i'm going to go in here pls follow up". By that time the wave has hit the tower and you are way to far away. Instead be in position to punish the enemy, and ping on the way or for assistance as many times as you can as you are engaging.

Don't be ARAMing the entire late game either, if you aren't warding or playing around the fog of war you are just showing yourself to the enemy and hoping they walk into you. It's a lot more valuable to make the enemy miss position when trying to ward the area you would be in, than it is to move at them down the mid lane because they showed up on your screen.

So don't over think your job late game, put wards down, punish enemies when you can, and really try to play the map.
If you have any other question about Thresh leave a comment on the guide or message me on any of my Socials. Thresh is the king of support, he can do it all but you have to be mechanically and mental proficient on him to pull it off!

Sawyer Nelson

This guide was written by Sawyer Nelson on October/30th/2018 for free, with the purpose of educating those interested. If you want to show your appreciation you can do so by Donating via [PayPal] or following Sawyer's Social Media:
  • Twitch - (Gameplay, Personality, Commentary, and Coaching League of Legends Live stream)
  • Twitter - A trash can for my stupid thoughts
  • Youtube
  • Instagram - Clips of my gameplay, maybe a picture of me once a year
The Hook
Thresh's main ability is his hook Death Sentence. So it's very important that you get good at landing it. Easier said than done right?

It's very simple to hit a Hook on Thresh, simply throw a hook that can not miss.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SawyerNelson
SawyerNelson Thresh Guide
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King of Support - Thresh Support Guide

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