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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Severance2k9

Kog' Maw; No health bar too big!

Severance2k9 Last updated on January 29, 2011
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I'm going to start by saying Kog is NOT a tank. I have seen way way too many people trying to play him as such this week. That's just stupid. Second, You'll find my guide may look similiar to Zuulkra's and well, that's because their guide was the first I read, as well as the first and only I remotely followed. For the most part, I agree with it. I've made several changes, however. I'm fairly new to LoL so bear with me and feel free to criticize as you see fit. If you're going to down vote my build, though, please leave a comment and tell me why you did so and how I can fix it.

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<center>Summoner Spells</center>

Why? Kog is amazingly slow. You have no points in defensive. You have no armor/magic res runes. You absolutely do not wanna be hit, you wanna be caught even less.

Is also a good choice, because you're squishy. As such, if you are stunned, you are as good as dead.

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<center>Pros / Cons</center>

  • Has the ability to melt any champ in 5 seconds of less.
  • Ignores (For the most part) the armor of the more tanky champs.
  • Has a very handy slow that can hit more than one champ.
  • Living Artillery is crazy handy for harrassing. (Provided you manage your mana well)
  • Bio-Arcane Barrage makes early game harrassing VERY easy.
  • Slow Early game if you can't manage a kill or two.
  • Even with the two escape/chase spells, Kog is rather slow.
  • Very squishy.
  • Living Artillery has a bit of a learning curve.

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Lets start with runes.

I see loads of builds using these runes icon=Greater Mark of Alacrity and I find myself asking more often than not, Why? With my build, Kog has over a 2.1 AS and that is much more than is actually needed to take beefy champs down, though it does help. I chose to use because lets face it, Kog relies heavily on magic damage. More magic pen equals more damage, though I wouldn't go overboard on it unless your opponents are stacking heavy magic res.
simply because the only champs that can bring you down before you have a chance to right click on them are champs like Xin Zhao and Master Yi. Dodge significantly increases your survival chance against them. Even one dodge can save your life.
Yes, I know this is a secondary and yes, something (I suppose) could fit better here as a primary but I honestly don't see what. A little extra attack speed couldn't hurt.
As another option, the mana regen runes wouldn't hurt if you find yourself running out of mana often early game to mid game.

Because early game is when the health matters most, I chose the flat health quints. Late game, when the scaling health quints would be best, I don't think the 48.6 health is really helping that much.

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My masteries are a very simple 9/0/21 cookie cutter build. Why not 21 in offense, you may ask. The answer is simple. 5% damage simply isn't enough damage to bother with. You do more than enough as it is. Why not 4 points in Alacrity? Again, you have a super high attack speed. You don't really NEED any more. Why not use the defense tree? You have amazing range and as such, you shouldn't be getting hit that often. Combine with flash and ghost, you should be able to get away almost untouched.

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<center>Skill Sequence</center>

My Skill Sequence is also identical to Zuulka's. Why? Because it works. Early Bio-Arcane Barrage isn't super powerful, however, it does annoy the Jebus out of whoever you're laning against. (Beware of Ashe and Caitlyn because their range is equally as annoying.) A single point in Void Ooze at level four could net you an early kill if you manage to surprise your opponent and coordinate well with your laning partner(If you have one). I wouldn't advise using it too often though because it does use a significant amount of mana. After you get Living Artillery at level 6 you can harass until your heart is content. Careful with it though, as the tooltip will tell you, casting it too often will result in an empty mana pool fast. After this just alternate between Bio-Arcane Barrage and Caustic Spittle and drop a point when your ult is available. Finish off Void Ooze last.

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Another place my guide is different. Items. I see a few builds itemizing in such a way that they hit the 2.5 attack speed cap and essentially wasting what's "left over". I'm not a big fan of wasting things, so I go a different route. Start with a Dagger and a Health Potion and head out to your lane. Once you get enough gold to finish off your Berserker's Greaves go ahead and head back to get those. Nothing makes me more angry than dying simply because I wasn't fast enough. Hopefully you and your laning partner have gotten a kill or two.

As Zuulka suggest, try to hold out until you have enough for your Recurve Bow before you back. Once you get your Madred's Bloodrazor is when you really begin to melt everything in sight. Void Ooze + Bio-Arcane Barrage + Auto-attack and you should net a few kills fairly easy. So grab your Malady and back out to the killing fields. If at any point you have to back before you can afford the full items, go ahead and piece together what you can. It's not set in stone.

This point is where my items are different. I choose a Phantom Dancer. Why? Because of the crit chance. Why is this important? Kog is mainly magic damage! This is true, however, other guides suggest you grab a Sword of the Divine here for the +100 damage every four hits. Sounds good, sure, but it still isn't as much damage as the phantom dancer. 30% crit is ALMOST a 1/3 crit. One crit for every 3 hits. Critical strikes do 200% Damage. Let's assume at this point you are doing 150 physical damage per hit. So, in theory, every 3rd, sometimes 4th(unless the RNG screws you) hit will be about 300 damage. That's an extra 150 damage every 3 or 4 hits. See my reasoning? Of course, heavily stacked armor will mitigate some of this, but you really shouldn't be focusing them until the carries are all dead anyway. Sure you CAN melt a tank, and it is impressive and all, but this is a TEAM game and carries and support should be killed first to minimize deaths to your team.

Anyway, odds are, your game is over by now. Maybe even before the Phantom Dancer, but still, the Frozen Mallet is a great addition, especially for those pesky characters who like to run like Teemo and Zilean. Sure, maybe a little late, and you may never actually get to add this item, but it's a great item. Infinity Edge. Same reason as above for the Phantom Dancer, except it adds more damage to your physical as well and boosting how often you crit AND how much damage your crit does. You'll be critting for around 550 damage every 2-3 hits (Because this bumps you to 50% crit) plus all the magic damage from the Bio-Arcane Barrage and Madred's Bloodrazor. Win.

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<center>Additional Item Suggestions</center>

Because not every team you play against will be the same. Some will stack heavily on the magic resistance. For those I suggest the following items;

If you're just obliterating the other team (And you most likely will be) I suggest:

Moving over the map quickly not only surprises the other team because its unexpected for Kog'Maw to move that fast, it also allows you to get to team members who may be in need of assistance before they die. The reason I don't recommend Mercury's Treads is if you're stunned, you're probably already dead.

I'm not sure which item I could replace with this and be nearly as effective, but if crowd control is totally shutting you down then this isn't a bad idea. As many have said, it doesn't matter how much damage you can put out if you're dead. Credit goes to noobeater for reminding me of this.

If the crit idea just doesn't work for you,or Jax is destroying you for some reason go ahead and throw in:

This (If memory serves) will push you to the speed cap. Not a bad item to use, 2.5 attack speed means this will be proccing about every 1.4 seconds. I still prefer the Phantom Dancer.

It's all really kinda situational, but so far I have yet to find a team that could stand against this build.

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  • Rush Madred's Bloodrazor as fast as possible. It's key to this build
  • Last hit creeps. Don't continuously auto-attack. You don't want to push to their tower so much that you can't get in to last hit the creeps.
  • Use Bio-Arcane Barrage to harass early and Living Artillery once you hit lvl 6.
  • Watch. The. Map. I cannot stress this enough. You are SLOW. Very slow. If you get ganked early, odds are you aren't going to come out alive unless you can flash over a wall or treeline.
  • Call mias.
  • You should be able to take out lizard and golem without taking significant damage at around lvls 7 or 8. Lizard makes it SO much easier to get kills early/mid game.

    And here's a couple pics for ya... My last two games I played this morning. (The blacked out part was played with a different champ and irrelevant to the build)
    As you can see, the physical damage versus the magical damage dealt is yet another reason I won't scoff at 50% crit.

    This guide has taken me a couple hours to write, so I would really appreciate a vote, preferably up. Give it a try before you vote down, and even then leave me a comment telling me what you feel is wrong.

Also, fellow Kog players, Upload your pictures of your high scores using my build to somewhere like photobucket and I'll add it to my build so everyone can see what a badass you are :)