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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Fiddelsticks

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fiddelsticks

Kog'maw the mouth of the abyss (Season 3)

Fiddelsticks Last updated on December 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi summoners,
this guide is going to be for all Kog'maw player out there. This guide should show how I play AD Kog'maw and how he became strong through out all stages of the game.

If you feel to your welcome to comment, rate, rage or whatever you feel like!
I'm open for more infos, your thought's or alternatives in item choice or whatever.

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Take "Flash" like with nearly all AD-carry's (some people are going to play "Tristana" with "Heal" "Ignite") because "Falsh" is your only escape.

Take "Heal", "Barrier" or "Cleanse" with you. "Heal" is good because the "extra HP" don't go away after 2sec. (" Barrier") but on the other side there are "Heal- debuffs". So it's up to you.
Thank's to the new item's in Season 3 there are more option's like "Mercurial Scimitar" or "Mikael's Crucible". In Season 3 I will just take "Cleanse" if you get a high CC-Bottlane like "Leona", "Ashe", "Nami" or "Varus" to counter and bait them in laning phase (this is just vaiable in rankt games).
Else if just there team has a lot of CC I would ask my support to build "Mikael's Crucible" or build "Mercurial Scimitar" on my own for the same effect("Quecksilver" becomes with the new "Mercurial Scimitar" better in lategame thank's to the extra damdge).

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Item Purchase Order

Start Items:
Boots+pots allways a good choice!
It should give you that extra movementspeed against those early ganks and some sustain.

Earlygame Items:
Why "Phantom Dancer" first?
Because the "Phantom Dancer" gives you attackspeed and movementspeed to chace enemy and doing as much damdge with your "w" active and with the "Infinty Edge" right after you are going to deal "Tons of damdge" in mid- and lategame teamfights.

Midgame Items:
Why no "Bloodthirster" for max damdge right after "Ifinity Edge"?
The answer is simple "you don't have escape spell's (just Flash)."
Your Damdge just with "Infinity Edge" and "Phantom Dancer" together with your "w" is insane.
So your going to need that little bit Armor and Magic recist as well as the amazing passiv to make it through teamfight's.

Lategame Items:
Noting spacial!
"Bloodthirster" and " Last Whisper" for extra sustain and damdge as well as Armor Pen. To kill there tanks.

Core Items:
With just this item's you can decide teamfight's in mid- and lategame.
Why lategame?
Nobody wins every laning phase, sometimes you are going to fall behind in kills, CS or global gold (Dragon/Baron/Towers) but with these item's you can kill team's with more equip if you get the right position.

More Offensive Items:
"Phantom Dancer" I prefer it if they don't build that Armor because it gives you so more damdge.
"Black Cleaver" for Armor Pen. CD ... not bad if you prefer it over "Last Whisper".
"Runaan's Hurricane" good attackspeed steroid's but don't get that good in lategame like a "Phantom Dancer" "Infinity Edge" combo.
"Executioner's Calling" just vs. high sustain lanes like "Soraka" or "Taric". You can also use it vs. teamcombos with high sustain in general (Champs like "Warwick" or "Akali").

More Defensive Items:
"Mercurial Scimitar" is your best friend vs. high CC teams. But in Season 3 there are more choices like asking your support to build "Mikael's Crucible" (I think best if you are premade) or just bring " Cleanse" with you (in rankt games).
"Banshee's Veil" isn't that good in my opinion because of his high CD but if you feel confident...
"Mercury's Tread's" are great vs. most team's cause there is allways a slow or a stun but I prefer to get my "Core Item's" as fast as possibile and I like the little Bit of attackspeed from "Berserker's Greaves".
"Maw of Malmortius" take this just if your playing vs. a more or less full magic damdge team.

Full Lategame Items:
2x "Phantome Dancer" and a "Statikk Shiv" WTF?
Just do it if you got to much money and try to get this item build 1 shot (sell your boot's and buy the "Statikk Shiv" oneshot), to have enough movementspeed to kite and get away in teamfight's. With this you can face everyone in "w" range.
"Statikk Shiv" is a bit worster then "Phantome Dancer" just from the stats. But with 2x "Phantome Dancer", "Infinity Edge" and your "Statikk" you got the 100%-crit chance so these extra stats from the "Phantome Dancer" is irrelevant. And then it's up to you an amazing passiv from "Statikk's" or 10% attackspeed? (I ignored the movementspeed because it's almost the same)

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Max "w" for extra damdge and range. Take 1x point in "e" at level 2 to get the slow but max it last. Then max. "Q" second for that extra attackspeed and your "r" when ever avaiable like nearly every other ulti.

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Standard AD-carry Masteries...

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7x "Armor Pen." and 2x "AD" why?
The answer is simple with the 8,96 " Armor Pen." and 8,65 "AD" you get the best damdge through all stages of the game.
If you feel like you can get also "MR" or "Armor" per level.

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Pros / Cons


- Highest range of all AD-carry's while "w" active
- Hyper-carry ability with his mixed damdge and kill the tank ability
- Easy to check Bushes, Dragon and Baron thank's to his "r"
- Can decide every teamfight


- No natural escape like "Ezreal's" "e"
- Depend's more then any other AD-carry on positioning in teamfight's
- Weak early game (especial the first 4 level's) and his skill's range is leveling

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Try to get as much farm as you can but never trade 2 or 3 CS vs. a pot.
Your wave-clearing is not that good because you have no strong AOE-skill's as AD-Kog'maw.
Your Farming in the first 3-4 levels it might need some practise but after "Doran's Blade" or level 4 it should be easy (any other AD-carry can also farm better with his "Doran's").

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Team Work

"Kog'maw" need's his team!
Because of Kog'maw's hyper-carry potential there are team comps just around him with champ's like "Shen", "Soraka", "Amumu", "Janna", "Taric", "Cho'gath", "Alistar" or "Nami" to don't let them come close to "Kog'maw".
Speak to your team that they try to protect you with there CC.
I think this team comp is hard to play cause your "Kog'maw" can't fail in laning phase else it's over and I think it just make sense in a 5 premade team.

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Vaiable Support's

"Kog'maw" is working well with slows, movementspeed-buffs and attackspeed-buffs. So the most popular support is "Nunu" thank's to "M5". They have shown that these lane can workout pretty well.

In general i would say "Kog'maw" can be played with any support, but first you need to make sure what you want! A support like "Nunu" is especially good in laning phase and midgame, while hard CC like from "Janna" or strong heals and shields like from "Soraka" and "Shen" getting better when the hole enemy team is going to jump on "Kog'maw".

In my opinion "Nunu", "Soraka" and "Taric" are safe lanes which gives "Kog'maw" better defensive stats(Armorbuff from "Taric" or MRbuff from "Soraka") heals or offensive("Nunu's" "w").

The support of my choice is "Lulu".
I like here because she got that slow, a shield, a damdge-buff, CC and an amazing Ulti for teamfight's. But it's still hard laning cause there are not that much good "Lulu" players, and she is squishy. You actually can nearly every other "standard Bottlane" with this but it need's a bit of skill and praxis (works out much better if premade).

For a troll support you can pick "Mundo" he got some sustain like "Nunu" and got that permanent slow if "Mundo" aim his "q" that can secure kills and get you in a great position past level 6.