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Wukong Build Guide by Intoccabil3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Intoccabil3

Kong is here!

Intoccabil3 Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Hi guy! Welcome to my Wukong guide.Probably you are here cause a guy with a money face like this: trolled you hard. In this guide I will explain you how to lane, harass, and dealing tons of damage while still being tanky, and destrupting your enemies! Well then let's start!

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Pros and Cons


  • great nuke
  • nice ratios
  • developed to fight 1 versus more than one
  • epic harassing
  • stealth

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You are a fighter, and as a fighter you should be protecting your carry from disables and deal pretty much damage. Follow the instruction I give you and you won't have any problem. Wukong isn't an hard champion to play but may be used wrong, keep this in mind.

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  • Your passive is Stone Skin. You gain bonus armor and magic resist depending on how many enemy champions there are near you. This may seem useless but in teamfight it gives you a significant advantage, and as a solotop, you can see how many stacks you have to chack a gank from the enemy jungler.
  • Your q is called Crushing Blow. It resets tour autoattack timer so use it just after landing an autoattack. Keep in mind that this may crit.
  • Your w is Decoy. This is probably my favourite Wukong spell, it's so tricky and funny to use. You use this to escape, chase, harass and not getting counter harassed, and so other things. try to turn before using this so your opponents won't know where you are going, and if you see someone always goes on running when you use this, press s to have the same effect, but really more tricky =). When you'll get a kill with this (trust me sometimes you will, it happened twice to me) you'll laught till the next week.
  • Your e is Nimbus Strike. Nimbus is a latin word which means cloud, in fact you travel ona cloud to strike up to 3 enemies and gain a great attack speed buff.
  • Your ultimate is Cyclone. This deals massive damage on on AoE and gives you a nice movement speed buff.

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I start with Doran's Blade to get, as always, a nice mix of durability and damage. Then i buy berseker's greaves and other 2 Doran's Blade and an Elixir of Fortitude. Don't understimate the elixir, it will really make a difference between a kill or a death. Now you have enough tankyness for the early game, time to focus on damage. I get a B. F. Sword and a Pickaxe in order to build Infinity Edge. Then I build Warmog's Armor to get durability even on mid-late game. Now back to damage again. Sell 2 Doran's Blade and get an Atma's Impaler and a Phantom Dancer. If now they haven't surrended yet, sell the other Doran's Blade and get Executioner's Calling.
Probably you have noticed that I don't buy Trinity Force. I will give a quick explanation about that: Trinity Force gives you 12% move speed, 30 ad, 30% attack speed and an interesting passive. Probably you think 150% bonus damage is too much but really it isn't starting from mid-late game. First of all, this is based on your base damage, second if your attack crits the passive won't apply. Since a crit with Infinity Edge is 250% of your total damage, a crit is slightly better. Now you think, can't I buy it early and then sell it? Nope. Trinity Force is the most expensive item in the game so you will just waste a lot of money and time. Fine then, go on.

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The special

From this build on I will include a special build for some rare situations(it's the second one). Wukong's special is for quick games. If when you have 3 Doran's Blade, your Elixir of Fortitude and berseker's greaves your team has:

  • positive kill/deaths score(see it under your score)
  • at least 2 turret destroyed
  • a leaver/feeder/afk
you can build the special. Since crit is reliable only when you have a decent crit chance early it's not that good, so this items are for a quick game. Note that gameplay it's identical.
After your 3 Doran's Blade and berseker's greaves, buy a Sheen to get something near a crit on your Crushing Blow. Now buy The Bloodthirster and if you still have money, buy 2 B. F. Sword. I get these two because an upgrade is expensive and 90 ad it's so yummy =). If you still have money, you didn't have to build the special, this may happen, then upgrade a B. F. Sword into The Black Cleaver and sell a Doran's Blade to buy a Frozen Mallet. Upgrade the last B. F. Sword into another The Bloodthirster.

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You have great damage in every stage of the game so take an advantage from this. At level 3 start harrasing with Nimbus Strike into Crushing Blow into Decoy combo, but always turn the side before clicking w or you will be pushed in the wrong direction. Remeber to focus the squishiest enemy if you are in a duo lane. By the time you reach level 6 your opponent should be below half health. When you get ulti go for the kill with Decoy (to get int melee range)- Crushing Blow- Nimbus Strike- Cyclone combo. Go on doing this and you will be fine. When mid game arrives you'll get ganked. Try to don't die and get some kills if possible. In a teamfight you should just stay in front of your carry to prevent him/her from disables till you use your ultimate. When enemies are all near go there with nimbus stike, then quickly Crushing Blow someone and pop ulti. If no one erally dominates in the fight you can buy Elixir of Agility and Elixir of Fortitude to gain a good advantage for the next fight. Care about starting fights, you can do it only when you have Warmog's Armor. Late game you should be fed and killing everyone you meet everywhere, not much explanation needed.

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The End

I hope with this build you'll have some fun using Wukong and winning some games or ranked games. If you have questions leave a comment below and sure, upvote!
Special thanks to jhoijhoi for her Guide about Making a Guide, it was crazy!