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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by misterfirstblood

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League of Legends Build Guide Author misterfirstblood

Korean Sol Jungle season 8 Build/Guide by Misterfirstblood

misterfirstblood Last updated on November 9, 2017
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Aurelion Sol Jungle Build Guid

Aurelion Sol Build

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Unsealed Spellbook
Unsealed Spellbook
LoL Rune: Hextech Flashtraption
Hextech Flashtraption
LoL Rune: Future's Market
Future's Market
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Ghost Poro
Ghost Poro
LoL Rune: Ingenious Hunter
Ingenious Hunter

+20% Potion and Elixir Duration and +16 Attack Damage or +27 Ability Power, adaptive

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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 54%
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Threat Champion Notes
Karthus Karthus is really slow and got no mobility spells. If his wall is on CD you can outmove and kill him.
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Im playing Aurelion very often since his release in Patch 6.6
In my opinion Sol's Kit is made for the Jungle. Of course he is also viable at midlane and toplane but this guide will be focused on teaching you playing aurelion in the jungle.

Aurelion is a champ with good lategame scalings. Hes an hybrid of AP Assasin and AP Offtank.

Why Jungle and not Mid?

-The passive will allow you constant aoe damage (fast jungle clear) without mana problems.
-Your Q needs a long way to get bigger and stronger what is easier to do in the jungle. On midlane its a slowly & predictable spell like anivia's Q.
-His E is the perfect gank tool cause Sol can avoid wards with it. On midlane is it only functionable to reach the lane faster.
- His R is a strong spell for a 1v1 or 1v2 in Midlane , but its overall a strong spell and more usefull to gank and cc the enemy.

You can see some of my aurelion plays here:

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OMG Guys it happened. Runes reforged is live. Pre Saison 8 has just began.

And if im saying they weren't crrative with their ideas i would lie.The new
runes are amazing and even if there are probably way better picks then aurelion sol jungle there is no reason not to play him. And you know why? because this is fun.

Inspired by the new possibilities in runes I decided to choose the unsealed spellbook. Not only that it allows you to change your summs you also have reduced cdr on smite. That makes your jungle clear way faster and if you are scared to get counterjungled you can take heal with you and change it to exhauat in late when needed.

Hextech flashtraption gives you the mobility you need when flash and e is on cooldown.

future market makes you get your powerspike items faster.
And cosmic insight isnt bad with your E and ult cooldown.

For second tree i decided to choose domination. The poro informs you when you get counterjungled and helps your team out aswel. Ingeniuous hunter synergizes good with your hextec items.

You could also thibj of going in sorcery path mainly but i love to change my summoner spells depending on the current situation so id recommend you to try this out.
But dont go in ranked first time and try it out, its really hard to survive in jungle.

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Passive: Center of the Universe
Your passive let 3 stars circle around you dealing damage by hitting an enemy. It also doesn‘t need mana. Spell effects like Echo or Rylaiz get triggered when u hit an enemy. Enemies can see the stars even when u hide in a bush that makes it evan harder to make an hidden attack.
You can also execute minions until 25 health with your passive.

Q: Starsurge

The Q spell is like anivias Q Spell but you cant instantly cancel it. You can increase the size and range when moving it like walking with the dog. This is possible with enough Movement speed (Homeguard, Ghost, Buffs) or when using your E spell. You also can flash into your Q to make unexpected plays like in the video below.
Try to use it as soon as possible to increase the Spells size.
You can use this mechanic when ganking from the jungle. Set up the skillshot at the base/jungle and aim to the lane you want to gank. Follow the way straight forward with your E. You may need some practise to land the spell across long distances.
If you are low health and some enemys are near to you, you can also activate your Q on short range to stun the enemys and escape. Your Q is necessary to hit more W procs but since the nerf in 6.7 Q should be maxed after W and E.

W: Celestial Expansion

The W will increase your passives range, speed and damage. It also needs mana for each second it‘s acivated. After landing a Q activate your W to deal extra damage. After finishing rylaiz this spell is one of the best chasing and kiting tools ever because every Hit slows the enemies again. Also use as many auto attacks as possible cause your attack range is 550. It also works greeeat with Deathfires touch.
Important: Deactivate it when enemys are near to you to continue damage.
Max this spell first in any case.

E: Comet of Legend
E is your only mobility Spell. It increases your movement speed and gives you stacks when moving straight in the same direction. If you have enough stacks you can fly over walls for a really long distance. It canceles by taking damage. So this will be your main Tool for each gank, thats why you max it second.

R: Voice of Light
The R spell is a damaging and slowing knockback skillshot with a 1300 range. If youre Tanky and joining a fight from behind you can insec the enemies. You can also use this mechanic to knock enemies inside your towers. But for normal use just activate it when enemies are in front of you/your mates to knock them back or execute enemies with it if you cant get closer.
Also try to use it after landing a Q, so your enemies cant dodge it.

Because it has a long cooldown be sure when to use it. Remember to have your W acticated before ult, cause they will throwed back exactly in your W & Q range.

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Take a Talisman and 3 health potions with you and start on Blue side with gromp buff. Kite as much as possible to reduce your incomming damage. Clear blue buff + one more camp before taking red buff. After recall upgrade your Jungle item and set up your first ganks.
It’s Important to upgrade E before gank.
Set up your Q for the lane you want to gank and run straight forward to make your Q bigger and activate your e which gives additional movement speed. If the enemy is running away from you activate your W and try to slow him with your auto attacks (red buff + 550 AA range).

When your lanes are winning ask them to do some objectives like drake together.

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After finishing your first items (echo, Rod, Rylaiz) aurelion become very strong. Use this advantage and force teamfights.

If you already have some engage tools in your team it’s better to join a fight than initiate it. Given that you finished rylaiz you can chase enemys and make picks with your Q + R. You can also use your ultimate to protect Teammates.

If you dont have some good engages in your Team you can try to land a long range Q to stun multiple enemies for 2 seconds or bait enemy flashes. Combined with your ultimate, rylaiz slow and the Echo Proc this should be a great base for starting a teamfight.

Try to get objectives with your Team after every won teamfight.

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If youre snowballing is possible to kill enemies in 1 combination but don’t go full damage.
Aurelion isn't very Tanky and his base damage is very good so you need to buy tanky items and utility.

Runic Echo, GLP and Rylaiz should be the core items in any case. Before you finish your Jungle item buy rod of ages as soon as possible.

If you need more tankyness go for Zhonya/Abyssal Scepter Hextech Items or Liandrys

If you need more Damage rush Void Staff and Rabadons.

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- Auto attack as often as you can, his range is very long
- Kite jungle monsters by running around them to trigger your passive more often
- Try to increase your Q size at the base (this is possible when u got some points in your E spell)
- Execute enemies who are out of range with your ult. Not many players expect to get executed for a 1300 range
- Master the insec move with your ult to assist your team or make big 1on1 plays with it
- Always move!! Your ludens and your e will get stacked when youre moving. So movement is the basement for your mobility and extra damage

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I suggest you to play Aurelion Sol in strong early game comps, Teamranked or protect the carry compositions. Hes also good against "easy to kite" champs like darius or garen.

Because he has a bad objective control you need some strong teammates to get early drakes .
Hes also great in long teamfights because of the Crowd control and constant damage + slow. (rylaiz, stun, knockback)
But its definitely not an easy to play champ. To master him you need to practise your Q aiming, positioning with w and passive timing.

Please let me know your experiences with my guide!

If i made some mistakes feel free to correct me.(my english is not the best)

Check out my Youtube channel if you like edited videos like this