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Yuumi Build Guide by Larmack

Support Larmack's Yuumi Guide [Updated 12.16]

Support Larmack's Yuumi Guide [Updated 12.16]

Updated on August 30, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Larmack Build Guide By Larmack 11 1 15,000 Views 6 Comments
11 1 15,000 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Larmack Yuumi Build Guide By Larmack Updated on August 30, 2022
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Presence of Mind
Cut Down

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide

Larmack's Yuumi Guide [Updated 12.16]

By Larmack
Hey, my name's Larmack, and I'm a Challenger Yuumi OTP on the NA server. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about runes, itemization, and skill order for Yuumi. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to join my Discord or just ask me on stream at
Summoner Spells

IGNITE/EXHAUST: You'll run this pair most games. This gives you a really strong all-in, as Exhaust+ Ignite will gut their healing (countering Heal), slow them to prevent them from running, and reduce their damage to prevent them from turning the fight. The only reason not to run this combo is if your ADC does not take Heal, and even then it's still usually the best option.
HEAL/EXHAUST: Into harder matchups where you really don't have any kill pressure, you can opt for the triple defensive Heal + Exhaust + Barrier/ Cleanse/ Teleport on your ADC. This will make laning a lot safer in exchange for a significantly reduced kill threat pre-6. If your ADC runs Teleport especially, you should look for this double defensive option. You won't have the combat summoner spell advantage that usually comes with picking Yuumi, so you shouldn't be looking for pre-6 all-ins anyway.
HEAL/IGNITE: This combo is a little weird and definitely the least common. You'll generally only run this because your ADC takes Exhaust and you have nothing else to take, or as an alternative to Heal + Exhaust when the early healing reduction is more valuable than the 30% slow and 40% damage reduction that Exhaust provides.
  • Summon Aery: This is by far the best keystone on Yuumi. It gives your Q more oomph in lane and provides a meaningful shield that's easy to proc with You and Me! and Zoomies. It also puts you in the Sorcery tree which has a lot of solid minor runes for Yuumi.
  • Manaflow Band: The extra 25 mana for each Prowling Projectile you land allows you to spam Qs much more in lane. This rune also provides a little extra mana regen at max stacks, and although it slightly increases the Zoomies mana cost, it's well worth the tradeoff.
  • Transcendence: Ability haste is very strong on Yuumi, especially later on as you'll actually be casting abilities as they come up (unlike in lane). The Moonstone build also doesn't give a ton of haste on its own, so the extra 10 AH provided by this rune is very helpful.
  • Absolute Focus: Absolute focus is also a viable alternative here. It's really easy to stay above the 70% hp cutoff because of your untargetability, so you have a lot of uptime on that extra AP. However, because Yuumi's AP ratios are pretty small, I generally opt for transcendence unless I'm planning on building a lot of ability haste that game.
  • Scorch: Scorch is a really solid rune in the early game due to the extra poke it offers. Its damage does fall off a bit as the game progresses but you should still default to this unless they just have too much healing/shielding early game for the poke to matter (e.g. Lulu or Soraka).
[*] Gathering Storm: Gathering storm does nothing to help with your weak early game but provides a ton of free stats later on, making Yuumi into an absolute menace past 30 minutes, so if you think Scorch won't make a difference in the lane outcome, opt for this instead.
  • Presence of Mind: This rune is basically mandatory on Yuumi. PoM provides a little bit of extra mana regen in lane, but where it really shines is in teamfights, where it gives you enough mana for an extra cast of Zoomies for every takedown your team gets. Even with PoM, Yuumi has insane mana problems, so attempting to play her without this rune is just putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.
  • Cut Down: Since you're forced into the Precision tree for Presence of Mind, this rune is the next best minor rune for Yuumi. Due to your low base hp, you'll get a small boost to all your damage which definitely adds up as the game goes on.
  • Revitalize: Alternatively, you can opt into the Resolve tree for Revitalize, one of the best minor runes in the game. It gives 5% Heal/Shield power for free, plus an addition 10% if the target is below 40% hp for a total of 15% extra healing. This extra healing is really good for Yuumi, but the obvious downside is that you will run out of mana much quicker without Presence of Mind.
  • Font of Life: The other options in the Resolve tree aren't as great for Yuumi. Font of Life is definitely the one you'll get the most consistent value out of, as it allows you to spread your Staff of Flowing Water/ Ardent Censer/ Chemtech Putrifier buffs more easily.
  • Shield Bash is also viable, giving you a little bit of extra damage and tankiness in lane (plus it makes a satisfying *THUNK* when you proc your passive).
  • Bone Plating can help out early game in tough matchups, making it possible to bait and turn all-ins.
  • Demolish can sometimes be strong, but it's mostly useful for getting turret platings. If you aren't able to hit the tower early game, this will be basically useless, and since it's hard to assess that before the game starts, I would generally avoid it.

Note that for your shards, you'll usually want Diamond Diamond and Shield/ Circle. The extra ability haste from Time does nothing for you in lane. You don't have the mana to spam Zoomies and you generally want to wait for your Manaflow Band before using Prowling Projectile rather than using it off cooldown. You can sometimes take Axe into melee champs so that you can proc your passive slightly faster and potentially get more autos off in trades. Avoid taking Heart if you're running Cut Down, but you can if you're in the Resolve tree as it will marginally buff some of those runes.
Skill Order
> > >

As of patch 12.16 with the hotfix buff, your general maxing order is going to be Prowling Projectile > Zoomies > Final Chapter > You and Me!, but you can play around with it a bit. The exact order isn't super important, but a few general rules to follow:
  • You want to max both Prowling Projectile and Zoomies by level 12. In order to do this, make sure not to put a second point into ult at lvl 11. The cooldown decreases by only 10s base, which usually isn't enough to matter, and the damage increase is nice but not nearly as good as the extra poke or healing you'd get from your other abilities. Usually you'll want to max Prowling Projectile first, but if you're opting for a healing-focused build it's okay to max Zoomies instead.
  • Put points into Zoomies/ Prowling Projectile in lane based on how the matchup is going. Generally, you want to prioritize Prowling Projectile, but if they have champs who can just negate that damage (e.g. Nautilus with Titan's Wrath, Nami with Ebb and Flow, Lulu with Help, Pix! etc.) then it makes more sense to just max Zoomies right away. Also, if you end up abandoning lane at lvl 6 to sit on your jungler, you will generally get more value out of a 3rd point in Zoomies since you won't have as many opportunities to land Prowling Projectiles.
  • E start is viable vs a lot of melee champions or short-range ranged champions like Brand where they have to walk into you, allowing you to play super aggressive at level 1. Otherwise, you won't be able to get value out of your E and would be better off starting Q to start stacking manaflow sooner.
Starting Items

Spellthief's Edge

Health Potion (x2)

You'll always want to start Spellthief's Edge, but whether you buy a Control Ward or 1-2 Health Potions will depend on the matchup. If you're in a matchup where you can trade your hp aggressively lvl 1 and 2 then you can opt for the Health Potions. If they have any hard cc, you aren't going to be able to consistently get value out of the double pots without killing yourself, so you're mostly going to be opting for the Control Ward or a single Health Potion instead.

Note that if you manage to get two Spellthief's Edge procs before minions spawn, you can start with both a Control Ward and a Health Potion.

Use your early Control Ward either in the bot river pixel bush or in a bush where it guards a jungle entrance (see diagram below). This will help you see dives coming ahead of time or spot the enemy jungler looking for an invade, which can often make a huge difference on the outcome of the game. Try to place it around 1:15, as if you place it too early you won't be able to stop the enemies from walking in and clearing it if they spot it.

First Back

Dark Seal
Dark Seal is an incredibly gold-efficient item if you are able to maintain a high number of stacks. Yuumi is a very safe champion and most games you'll end up with very few deaths. Plus, because you don't have to use up an item slot for Boots, you'll be able to slot it easily. The earlier you buy it, the earlier you can start stacking it, so most games you should try to get it first back unless you're in a matchup where death is nigh unavoidable.
Faerie Charm
Running out of mana is an issue you'll constantly be facing as Yuumi. Getting a Faerie Charm as soon as possible will help alleviate some of this pain and allow you to use your abilities a little bit more liberally. Make sure to get at least one of these on your first back (unless you're building a Lost Chapter mythic). If you have an extra 250 gold, getting two is not a bad idea. If you're running Revitalize, opt to just stack as many of these as you can (up to 4) on your first base, then proceed with a more standard build path.
Control Wards
As with any support, you'll want to be picking up Control Wards so you can establish vision control. Use whatever leftover gold you have on these, and make sure you always leave a slot open for them as the game progresses. Buying lots of these does eat through your gold as the game goes on, so use your pinks wisely and try to avoid placing them in areas where your team can't defend them or they will die quickly.

Other than that, you should just be building components for whatever mythic item you're going that game. The priority will generally be mana/mana regen > ability power > ability haste > health, so you're looking for things like Bandleglass Mirror over Kindlegem, and Lost Chapter over Blasting Wand.

Mythic Options

Moonstone Renewer
Your go-to mythic option. Moonstone Renewer provides you with a ton of Heal and Shield Power (HSP), is very easy to proc with Prowling Projectile, You and Me!, and Zoomies, and provides a ton of value in teamfights with its Starlit Grace passive (especially if you have items like Chemtech Putrifier or Staff of Flowing Water). You can never go wrong with Moonstone, so if you're ever unsure about what's best, just go for the safe choice.
Everfrost is an underrated mythic option for Yuumi that can be incredibly strong under the right circumstances. If your team lacks cc, it can be layered with slows to give you a root when your ult is on cooldown. It can also be a really solid disengage tool against melee champions like Xin Zhao or Kha'Zix who won't be able to dodge the Everfrost active after they jump in and can then be kited, where hitting 3 waves of your ult would usually be too slow. However, this item suffers from its increased price and the fact that it gives raw mana over mana regen, making your e cost significantly higher and therefore reducing the value of future mana regen purchases. It will noticeably reduce your healing output in fights so be aware of that tradeoff if you opt to build this over Moonstone Renewer.
Shurelya's Battlesong
Shurelya's Battlesong is another mythic option for Yuumi that can be incredibly strong under the right circumstances. It works well if you're already snowballing or where the fights are going to be really short, where you wouldn't get as much value out of the extra healing from Moonstone Renewer. It can also be a really solid disengage tool against champions like Olaf who are susceptible to being kited, especially if they have a lot of tenacity/cc immunity meaning your ult won't be enough. The main drawback to this item is that it doesn't give HSP and will significantly reduce your healing output in longer, drawn-out fights.
Luden's Tempest
Luden's Tempest is really fun to play with as your Prowling Projectile will start to really chunk your opponents. Most games this will be a suboptimal buy, but it does have its niche against team comps without a lot of poke where your team isn't in a position to take a straight-up 5v5. The extra damage from Luden's Tempest passive will allow your team to start fights with a big advantage, especially if you're able to hit their carries as a single Prowling Projectile will deal around a third of their hp. Note that with Luden's Tempest you should look to just max Prowling Projectile. Also, if you go for this mythic you should opt for more AP-oriented legendary items like Void Staff, Horizon Focus, or Staff of Flowing Water, rather than the pure HSP support ones like Mikael's Blessing or Redemption.

Legendary Options

Chemtech Putrifier
As of patch 12.11, this is no longer the go-to every game, as even the empowered proc is only 40% GW. As such, you should only really be building this if the enemy team has an exceptional amount of healing. Think of champs like Soraka or Aatrox whose kits revolve around healing. This item synergizes well with Moonstone Renewer since it's much easier to get the 40% GW procs and you aren't missing out on HSP as much. If you opted for Luden's Tempest or Shurelya's Battlesong, prioritize getting some HSP second instead and play around Ignite.
Mikael's Blessing
This item has an insanely powerful active which can completely negate champions like Lissandra or Twisted Fate. It's a very strong pickup if they have any sort of reliable cc that can be cleansed, like Frozen Tomb or Pick A Card. Note that this item gives 20% HSP, so it's especially good second if you decided not to go Moonstone Renewer.
Staff of Flowing Water
This is a solid pickup on Yuumi if you already have Mikael's Blessing or Chemtech Putrifier or you're in a situation where neither item is particularly useful. Yuumi will always get value out of the bonus AP and AH that Staff of Flowing Water provides and so will most champions that you attach to, so this will almost always be better than Ardent Censer.
Ardent Censer
Similar to Staff of Flowing Water, you build Ardent Censer when you don't need or already have Mikael's Blessing or Chemtech Putrifier. However, this item is less versatile than Staff of Flowing Water since Yuumi only gets minimal use out of the attack speed and on-hit damage, so if you're building this the champion you're sitting on has to be someone like Vayne or Jinx who can get a lot of value out of the extra attack speed and on-hit damage. In 99% of cases you should not be buying this item before Staff of Flowing Water
Redemption is a solid HSP option but it's often overshadowed by the other HSP items that tend to be more useful. However, against team comps where you really need more healing in fights, where the enemy has tons of AoE damage, or when it's difficult to hop between allies in teamfights, Redemption can provide a safe way to give healing to your entire team. Also, if there's a Kindred in the game, you can time your Redemption active with her Lamb's Respite in order to get a ton of healing/damage off immediately after it pops which can often win your team the fight.
Mejai's Soulstealer
Yuumi's AP ratios are actually pretty low, so Mejai's Soulstealer is often a bit of a bait on Yuumi. Most of the time, you're better off getting one of the aforementioned HSP items instead, as you will a bigger heal increase from spending 1250g on HSP rather than spending it on Mejai's. Also, because you'll never buy Mejai's Soulstealer without first having a Dark Seal, you're really not getting value out of this purchase unless you're maintaining 22+ stacks. You should only build this if the game is going insanely well or if it seems unlikely that you'll be able to save up the extra 1050g to complete another HSP item before the game ends or there's a game-turning fight (soul, elder, etc.).
Vigilant Wardstone
Vigilant Wardstone is a decent pickup if you don't have any more slots as it allows you to still have Control Wards late game. You should never get this before lvl 13 as it doesn't upgrade from Watchful Wardstone until then, and you should only be upgrading it either last item or if you don't expect to be able to save up the full 2300g to complete another HSP item before the game ends or there's a game-turning fight.
AP Yuumi
If you're building AP with Luden's Tempest you want to switch up your build a bit:
  • Always max Prowling Projectile first. It's especially important to hit level 11 with this build to get it to rank 6.
  • Your build order is Dark Seal >> Luden's Tempest >> Void Staff >> [Mejai's Soulstealer]] >> Horizon Focus. Because your AP ratio on Q isn't that great, you prioritize magic pen & other forms of damage amplification over raw AP.
  • You need a lot of gold for this build, so if you aren't at least even in lane, opt for a more healing-focused build with one of the other mythics.
Thanks for reading!
That's all for now. I'll likely update this guide later with different support matchups, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask in my Discord or just ask me on stream at
League of Legends Build Guide Author Larmack
Larmack Yuumi Guide
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Larmack's Yuumi Guide [Updated 12.16]

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