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Ashe Build Guide by LatinoHunter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LatinoHunter

LatinoHunter's Ashe.

LatinoHunter Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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but you are free to try the build :D

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Summoner skills

in this setted build Exhaust is a MUST HAVE :
- use it for escape while ganking
- use it for counter jungle
- use it for harass while your Frost Shot is low level
- use it for first blood
- use it on 1v1
- use it for defending your team in team fights
- useful while your enchanted cristal arrow is on cool down

the second skill can be:
Teleport :
- cover a team mate who have to recall for shop or hp/mana recovery ( u will farm a lot with your Wriggle's Lantern)
- use it on the Wriggle's Lanter's ward to teleport when u want on the map!
- backdoor ( Muahahaha)

Ghost :
- run or gank

-sure first blood with Exhaust
-easy counter jungle
-Ashe assasin mode

you are free to choose others skills but NO Smite

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Alternative build

Wriggle's Lantern ( sell it in late game)
Berserker's Greaves ( use it for jungling sell it in mid game and buy Boots of Swiftness)
Phantom Dancer
Last Whisper
Infinity Edge
Zeke's Harbinger
when u sell lantern u are free to choose a tanky item

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First Blood

you u will lane until liv 4 ( if u will go to jungle )
so try the first blood!
How to:
1- go as quick as u can to grasses with your lane mate
2- let him "tank" in the enemies grasses then Volley
3- focus the squisher enemy and crit on him ( Focus) your first attack should be powerfull 'couz u have as first item Long Sword , then Volley again
4- finish your enemy! if them focus you ,use Exhaust on the enemy who is dying

Die if u must , your mate will take the assist/kill and then a double kill ( remember u use Volley)

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Jungle the more possible as u can!
How to:
Requirements: lvl 4 , Madred's Razors + 2 Health Potion , lvl 2 Volley, 32% atk speed ( by marks,quits and seals)
1- kill blue golem & creeps ( use your first potion) and spam volley while jungling
2- Wolf spot
3- Ghost spot
4- Twins golems spot
5- Kill Red lizard ( use your second potion OR recall and buy the Vampiric Scepter then come back)

NOW you are lvl 6 go to bottom or mid lane and gank with your enchanted cristal arrow
free kill :D

follow items order and come back to jungle!

when your ulti is ready again use your teleport on the ward putted in grass near top,mid or bottom lane and:
---> enchanted cristal arrow --> Volley --> ( Focus ) CRIT! --> (if he is still alive)--> Volley again and auto attack with Frost Shot

another free kill!
then destroy that lane tower ^^

Note: DONT GET Smite!!!
Wriggle's Lantern is your "smite no-cooldown" ! just get atk speed items to farm like a dammed spamming Volley with the blue golem buff

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Counter Jungling

One of most funny things of this build is the counter jungling :D

how to:

1- place your Wriggle's Lantern free ward on your enemy jungle camp , place it on him blue golem or lizard spot, place your ward ON THE GRASS near the spot
2- when u see the enemy jungler Teleport on your ward!
3- (now you are hidden on the grass) let your enemy get the lizard/golem buff ( he will lose hp/mana and get cooldown on skills)
4- KILL HIM! : Volley--> Focus CRIT! --> Frost Shot auto attack --> Exhaust if he use [flash or Ghost --> Volley again if needed

if u have already your ulti use it to start fight he cannot escape and u will get a kill and a free buff ^^

Note: why your counter jungling will not fail?
easy your enemy jungler have Smite you not.
he cant smite you LOL

you : 3-4 skills ready to be used , Exhaust & Ignite or Teleport or Ghost , full hp&mp , surprise effect

enemy jungler: 1-2 or 0 skills ready to be used , Smite & Ghost or Igniteor Teleport or blink, 50%~80% hp & 0%~50% , undercover

Do you guess who will win?

Smite is for low elo summoners not for lvl20+ summoners , junglers who use smite usually dont buy Wriggle's Lantern and if they does , they dont have atk speed as you

so in summary :
your enemy jungler with Smite:
- very gankable ( u have an handicap with smite )
- in team fight u are focused ( smite still useless in teamfigth)
- easy kill when counter jungled
- low farm , smite has 1 minute cool down ,no wriggle's lanter and if he have , he no atk speed a you

you with Wriggle's Lantern& atk speed , no Smite:
- insane farm , i finish game at 20 minutes at lvl 18 and the higher lvl of enemy team is 14
- insane gold , great farm --> great gold --> good items first of your enemies --> kills & still more farm
- starting at lvl4 will grant you an unespected effect surprise on your enemy team!
- you u will start figth with your ulti for an sure kill
- great tower guardian eff of lantern works on every minions!
- great early tower distructor , wriggle's lantern & atk speed item --> TOWER DOWN
- you have 2 usefull summoner skills
- FREE UNLIMITED WARDS! no extra item slot required , no 70 gold for 1 ward each 3 minutes, u can guard your solo lane mate to prevent enemy jungler ganks!
- life steal , armor , damage at early game ---> 1v1 anyone

NOTE: you wriggle will be complete in 8-10 minutes since the begin of the match !
a normal 5v5 game is about 45 minutes...
with lantern : u can place an free ward every 3 minutes totally free
without: if u buy ward each 3 minutes --> 70 gold each 3 minutes --> in a normal 45 minutes u will spend 1050 ONLY ON WARDS!

i usually win my game at 20 - 25 minutes with a good score and 200+ creeps , my enemy jungler with smite lose with 100- creeps and a bad score...

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Screens :D

i will show u my last scores with this set build and comment them as well

# 1 :

quite and simple game i was in lane with the Miss Fortune solo laning at lvl4, i went to jungle gaining assist with my ulti ( especcialy in mid , holded by the Leblanc ) , and i got 2 kills killing udyr in blue and red spot using teleport as i write in the guide :D
Enchanted Crystal Arrow --> Volley --> Exhaust ( first of him udyr stance, and when the stun eff end) --> he tryed to flash away but... he was exhausted and slowed by Frost Shot --> easy kill with blue golem buff ^^ ( he had Smite& blink so he can't counter my counter-jungle :3 ) , look on the gold counter me and my solo team mate had the exact ammount of gold ( who is the top of the game ) same gold ammount but i score 2 kills more assisting my team and he continue to farming solo , and at the end look udyr status :
Why he fail?
1- he had Smite
2- he no atk speed --> Lantern not at full power --> low speed jungle --> less help on lane --> FAIL JUNGLER
3- check number of creeps is inferior of mine without smite ;)

PS : send me your screeshots using my build i will add in this list :D

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More More More things to come

sorry but in those days im very busy x3