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Xayah Build Guide by AntiFaker

LC Lëƒinnîe's Guide

LC Lëƒinnîe's Guide

Updated on May 7, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AntiFaker Build Guide By AntiFaker 14,015 Views 0 Comments
14,015 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AntiFaker Xayah Build Guide By AntiFaker Updated on May 7, 2018
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As you can see. Xayah is one of the most powerful ADC in the game. With ease and powerful skills. You can easily dominate the game and go up the ladder as you play her.
Don't forget Rakan, as their gameplay is very interesting for every Bot-Supp Duo. Xayah can still win without Rakan (Choosing someone else)
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I have explained it in the notes. Each runes you pick is very useful for her but this is the most efficient runes for her. And BTW. Runes may apply to what your enemy team be like.

Press the attack, as the basic runes for an Adc. Is pretty great for Xayah from Early to Late game though. From getting into 1v1 fights, getting more damage, which means she can get that easy kill no matter what.

Overheal, I prefer this because of my item "Death's Dance". Its very good for an Adc for that extra health and just to be sure that you're in good shape in a fight.

Legend: Alarcity, The most prefered runes for every Adc (Rather than Bloodline) which boost your attk speed for a good thing. Just buying Attk speed boots, Stattik Shiv. It has a very good impact on Xayah.

Coup de grace, Best type of damage for sure. Because you have those Great damage. Why stay there? Just go more power and you'll dominate the Rift.

Transendence Has a good impact from her build and damages as it converts excess cooldown into damage/ability power (Adaptive). While Gathering Storm is not a good early game rune but a perfect mid-late game rune for her. As it stacks Ad/Ap in time. You can easily gain more damage by waiting every 10 minutes (Not literally Afking in base and just waiting for 300 minutes)
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For the items, always go for damage/critical (Essence Reaver). Then Attk speed (Statikk Shiv) and Berserker's Greaves. This is your key and to play aggro agaisnt enemy teams. Don't forget Infinity Edge, Death's Dance and Black Cleaver
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When your still in "not level 6" zoned. Pack up with this as it will save you.

Heal is very viable for an Adc as it will help you and your allies to be in good shape

I prefer barrier if and only my support is a heal type (Soraka, Nami, etc.) I don't look for that very big barrier. I go for the good spells to fit in.
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Pros / Cons

Xayah's Advantages:
- Good at waveclearing
- Good at teamfights
- Tons of damage
- Can push towers easily
- Much better with Rakan as support
Which is for faster recall, Damages, etc.
- Very vulnerable when ult is down
- No skills to escape (When Flash is out)
- Feathers must be positioned in a fight properly
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Creeping / Jungling

Creeping as Xayah is very easy for an Adc. For both skills and AA. She can do both seemingly flawlessly. Every bit is important for her from Start until the end as it will make her more powerful. But be careful when you'll try to push your lane. Always be aware
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Unique Skills

Waveclearing? Poking? Damage? Those are just part of Xayah. But with her kit, she is unstoppable. Giving her movement speed, attack speed, tons of damage. With this as my very first Adc to go Level 5 (Sorry Ashe). I found out her unique skills and capabilities of getting back up in the game very easily.
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So in conclusion. Focus on getting the good fight where you can fight the enemy team good. Not in those situations where your support is down while you just dive in a 2v1 fight. Always focus on cs and good trades.

This is AntiFaker. Thanks for reading this
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AntiFaker
AntiFaker Xayah Guide
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LC Lëƒinnîe's Guide

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