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Jhin Build Guide by TheHjort

LCD | 8.8 The "JHINerosity" BUILD for FREE ELO

LCD | 8.8 The "JHINerosity" BUILD for FREE ELO

Updated on April 18, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheHjort Build Guide By TheHjort 49 5 99,368 Views 1 Comments
49 5 99,368 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheHjort Jhin Build Guide By TheHjort Updated on April 18, 2018
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Why and how - An Introduction to Jhin

Jhin is for the highly skilled or the ones getting in to being a marksman!

He is the perfect one - he is the perfect champion. Everything about him feels good, high damage, great abilities, nice utility and the most important thing: The FEELGOOD when playing him.

The way he works is of course a bit different, since he has to rely on reloading after his fourth shot, but it is part of the fun. Especially for newcomers who is not used to playing the marksmen roles and having to rely on ultra high mechanical skill.

And for the pros, his utility and presence is what you build your team composition around.
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The laning phase - What to do or not to do ☼

Try to always DUO QUEUE when playing botlane, since you will have to rely on your better half - THE SUPPORT!
You need to be on the same page, when it comes to making Jhin work.

Having supports with Point-Click-CC creates so many opportunities with Jhin and forcing the enemy to play with care. IF they choose to go for double ranged setup, you can simple OUT-TANK with Alistair, Leona, Thresh or Sheen for that matter even if they get a little ahead in CS.

But when it comes to ganks, you will have the upper hand to make plays that is nearly impossible for the enemy to dodge. Jhin is all about hitting DEADLY FLOURISH and if you are struggling, I would recommend practising some Aimbooster for a few minutes before your next JHIN game.
But also keep in mind to aim at your enemies when not farming, when you feel that your support anytime could engage.

WAVE MANIPULATION is something you will have to learn to some extend when playing Jhin, because his Auto Attacks works the way it does and for DANCING GRENADE to work. You want to always execute your first minions when using DANCING GRENADE in order to increase its damage output.

Jhin can duel most AD Carries, but mostly its just show off, but that is because you will need to learn to play around your fourth shot. When getting the 4th shot, you should always try to look for a trade-off - ATTACK + DANCING GRENADE - and get out!
Rinse - Repeat...

This changes the mentality of your enemies, they feel the damage from Jhin and makes them more careful to take trades against you, because you should in atleast 80% of the times win the trading game.

But you will have to reload, that is why you will have to instantly go back after the trade. Because as soon as you try to keep fighting while reloading, the other guys while find out that you actually cant deal damage while reloading and your Attack Speed sucks early on.

Dont give them this insight, and just play around the 4th attack.
Try to trade with them, if not, just keep them from getting minions and deny them that way. That way you establish lane dominance - High elo gameplay is not about snowballing the game, its about playing smart.
But the thing about Jhin, you dont have to be a mechanical god, but it surely helps!

Jhin is an AD Carry that synergizes well with teamplay, since you will act as the utility/setup for kills.

Ex. You are getting shoved in under your tower, you have some hard engage from your support but they can wear you down in lane and therefore forced to play defensively.
You see your jungler is pinging botlane, you clear the tribush (BLUE SIDE) or the river brush (RED SIDE).
Support engages, you makes sure to focus 100% on hitting DEADLY FLOURISH - W and the jungler will do the rest, because you are setting him up to get a really good gank off and you can find openings with your BINDING that normally doesnt exist for AD Carries. This is also why Varus is being played - His ultimte - and his hyper carry abilities.
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The Mindset

Jhin is forcing the right mindset onto the player.

The calculated play is needed and when it works, you will feel the feelgood about him.
Hitting DEADLY FLOURISH, that bind your enemy to the ground and then your "KHAZIX" jumps in to the rooted AD Carry and takes him out.

It is a completely different way to carry, but it is much more controlled and calculated rather than headless all in while praising the "MECHANICAL GIFTED GOD" to make it work.

You can solely disengage enemy teamfight engages with opening up your ultimate in some situations or root the one chasing your teammates. Or start up the perfect siege and force enemy to abandon their objectives.

But enough about Jhin in general.
Jhin does really dish out a lot of damage, but he is the backseat driver of all the AD carries - maybe on pair with Ezreal but is not nearly as mechanical hard to play. He also got the advantage of getting better power spikes that is not as hard to execute on as Ezreal who needs a different kind of scaling: TIME!

As said in the title, playing jhin award you some generosity in elo - The "JHINerosity Build"

Jhin scales incredible late game, and since he is a slow attack (4 shots) thats is only what you need to get off and your mission is accomplished. ITS NOT the "25 attacks on the GOSU Vayne while flash+invis 360NOSCOPE plays" to make him work!
You only need 4 attacks off and thats is acceptable.
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheHjort
TheHjort Jhin Guide
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LCD | 8.8 The "JHINerosity" BUILD for FREE ELO

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