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Jinx Build Guide by Hiloha

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hiloha

Learning to Jinx

Hiloha Last updated on January 17, 2015
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Introduction to this guide.

This is a short guide designed to help introduce new players to the item system. Items will be the focus of this guide, this guide will not carry you through ranked, but should provide a foothold to help you understand other guides and how items work.

The first paragraph of every chapter will provide a summary of each section for people with short attention spans (guilty). Detail explanations will follow.

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Who is Jinx?

+ Strong early game
+ Good lane pushing
+ Amazing Mobility
- Zero escape
- Hard to control
- So squishy

Jinx is designed really well as a hit and run champion. I prefer to use her to push down lanes and take out towers, as her passive Get Excited! usually allows you to escape before the response team arrives.

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Whats an Item?

Most ADCs in this game have a pretty standard loadout that includes The Bloodthirster Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv, but why do they all use these items?

The Bloodthirster typically provides a combination of damage and lifesteal that is necessary for survival as an ADC. An ADC survives longer the more damage they do, and this solidifies that concept and makes it easier to act on.

Infinity Edge Offers a unique ability that increases the amount of damage each critical hit does. An ADC will proc critical hits very frequently, meaning that this item provides an insane boost of anywhere between ~20-40% damage. This damage boost is not available from any other items making this item very unique, and common.

Phantom Dancer