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LeBlanc Build Guide by Fantomette

LeBlanc AD - SoloTop Owner

LeBlanc AD - SoloTop Owner

Updated on August 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fantomette Build Guide By Fantomette 25 15 77,448 Views 37 Comments
25 15 77,448 Views 37 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fantomette LeBlanc Build Guide By Fantomette Updated on August 6, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



At first, you probably saw "LeBlanc AD" and laughed hard. I understand you. I played a lot of "strange build" - even before playing this one - I played Zilean AD, Malzahar AD, Gangplank AP... And when people joked with me "why u no play LeBlanc AD", I would usually say : "no, hahahah, this one is impossible". LeBlanc AD ? No way !

It turned out to be the most unexpected OP build I ever used - and surely the only one REALLY COMPETITIVE strange build I ever used. So much competitive and useful that it is actually the build I take at every game I want to win : I never had that winrate since before the nerf of Evelynn.

As you maybe do, I failed at understanding what made a good AD carry - and why LeBlanc AD is one of the potential top pick AD Carries. This guide is here to spread the word.

- I did not invented AD LeBlanc - of course. Shurelia was playing it monthes ago, and she was not the first to try it.
- LeBlanc AD is possibly the most difficult thing to play in the game - without exageration. AP LeBlanc, Karthus... ? Nothing compares, by far.
- LeBlanc AD is a HEAVY DISRUPTIVE AD CARRY. There's no AD carry like this in the game actually.
- As a heavy disruptive AD CARRY, I'll show you that AD LeBlanc is a HEAVY HARD COUNTER to 95% of the existing solotop. Nothing can beat AD LeBlanc solotop, except maybe an AP warwick or a well played Lee Sin (but they aren't counterpick either - you can't just kill them, but they can't kill you).

BY THE WAY, her auto-attack has a "PEW PEW" feeling nothing in the game can equal. You just pew pew enemies down. PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW...
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Why does it works ?

You maybe think "well LeBlanc OP, it's just that the base damage are awesome and that's all". That's not true : as LeBlanc AD, you nearly never use your spells to damage. They are too useful for that - and you already do tons of physical damage.

- Your AS is very low (basically, you lose 40% AS when fully itemized versus an Ashe)
- Your AD is awesome. (5 AD at level 1 versus an Ashe - the early is VERY STRONG)
- Your range is average (525 - the average range is 550)
- Your other stats are good : 310 MS (most AD carries have 300), good armor/life, especially early game.

Most AD carries have situationnal abilities, sometimes useless. All LeBlanc abilities are useful - and they are godlike.
- Your passive is excellent for an AD carry as it give you the little bit of survivability you need when focused to escape. It's actually a good decoy if well used.
- Your sigil is an anti-mage disrupt. You're the only carry AD in the entire game to have a silence. Abuse it.
- Your Distortion is a built-in flash. Except that it has more range than a flash, a base cooldown of 20 to 12 seconds, and that you can actually teleport back to the initial location 3 seconds later. (which means your teleport back can teleport you from a tower to another, nearly) This alone is awesome.
- Your Chains is a spammable slow-immobilize. This is actually the real OP part of the kit, as it is just broken on a carry AD. The frost arrows of Ashe are nothing compared to this. A 2 sec slow + 2.2 sec immobilize on a 10 seconds cooldown... What ?
- But there is the ultimate. Your ultimate can COPY one of the OP abilities you have, so you can cast it ONCE MORE. Some things didn't look quite "OP" on AP LeBlanc, but on an AD carry they are just SCARY. For example, what about 3 chains ? That's the base combo of AD LeBlanc. She chains you, and when you are immobilized, she just chains you again. And when you are immobilized, well, she chains you a third time. You don't close the gap for 12 seconds - but you are DPS by an AD carry for 12 bloody seconds. An AD carry with 54 base damage at level 1 and 525 range. Do you get me ?

You wouldn't dream of this kit on a bruiser. If you gave this kit to an irelia instead of her own, the official forum would go down in 20 minutes under QQing. But it isn't on a bruiser. It is on a AD carry with 525 range. Do you get me ? This is just awesome.

In the current meta, you just put her on any lane and she wins it, because she is a laning god with a awesome base AD. On the worst case scenario, she doesn't lose it - she just farms and play safe until midgame.

In teamfight, she just have a godlike mobility that allows her to escapes every focus. Because she is a counter-bruiser, she can just chain the bruiser or the tank focusing her and continue her job. She can jump and jump back bruiser or focuses to death. She can escape AOE, stuns, or anything as long as she times well her abilities.

Her only problem is her slight lack of DPS - like Ashe, she doesn't have any passive or real DPS ability. You will do roughly the same DPS as Ashe - good, but not godlike like KogMaw or Vayne.

KogMaw and Vayne are anti-bruiser because they can burst them down. LeBlanc is anti-bruiser because she can control them down.

In every scenario, LeBlanc is perfect in the meta, both early and midgame.

The only real weakness of LeBlanc AD is the LEGENDARY SKILL REQUIREMENT she has. Even after dozen of games with her, I still have a hard time planning my silences well, and I still end up mimic'ing a chain while I wanted to mimic a jump. In teamfights, it's even worse : you COULD actually silence the AP, chain two bruisers and focus a carry at the same time while jumping in and out, but the sequence of spells you need to use is so complex and you need to think and react so quickly that I still do ridiculous fails often.

I strongly believe she can just be amazing in the hands of someone way more skilled than me like doublelift, but sadly nobody actually plays her. I hope it will change !
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Skill Sequence

Sigil of Silence

- Your sigil (Q / A) is your anti-mage disrupt. Use it for clearing waves of Ryze like if they didn't exist. Take it at level 3 or 4, and max it last. You always max it last, because the silence and cooldown don't increases, but the mana cost does. Try to use it before your chain (but it's not always possible).

- Your Distortion (W / Z) is your built-in flash. Always look at your mana. Mana can kill you more quickly than everything else : with no mana, you're just a walking dead. As long as you have mana, you have this build it flash which is the TRUE GOD OF MOBILITY. It is the best mobility move in the entire game : as AD, you don't need it to make damage, so you can save it to engage, flee, or deceive. The "comeback" fonction is awesome, as it let you engage, make a 3 second DPS, then come back to your position. ABUSE THE COMEBACK FONCTION. JUST ABUSE IT. Enemies (especially close-combat ones) can't react to that : if they flee, you just chase them for 3 seconds. If they engage you, you just come back and continue DPS from the initial position. Having a built-in flash means you can actually overextend way more - take more risks. Nobody is safer in lane than you : you just CAN'T be ganked. Max this after you maxed chains.

- Your Chains (E) are your OP TROLL ABILITY. You max them first. This is basically what makes you counter hard everything in lane. You will counter 95% of the solotop with this: just DPS them, chain them when they close the gap, continue DPS them and watch them die. You are the Queen of Chase and Control because of this. Once you have immobilized a target, wait the end of the immobilize and mimic-chain them. Then you will probably have your cooldown up to a third chain after that. For like, 12 seconds, you can just perma-slow / immobilize an enemy. See this Udyr ? He is dead. See this Tryndamere ? He is dead. See this Olaf ? Uh, well, wait the end of his ult, and he is dead. Nobody can actually catch you, but nobody can flee you either.

- Your ultimate is your "double spell" ability. You want it maxed quick because of his very low cooldown at rank 2 and 3. It's the most difficult part of your gameplay, because you will often mimic the wrong thing. You can't cast your spells in any order : you have to think carefully of what to mimic. It becomes especially true when you want to silence : most of the time, you don't want to silence 2 times : 1 silence + 2 chains is often better than 2 silence + 1 chain. So you need to carefully chose when to cast the silence.
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SoloTop, Mid, BotLane

LeBlanc AD can go on the three lanes. If there's an AP top, just follow the mid section but remember that the lane is longer and the gank differents.

LeBlanc AD Mid is not awesome, but it will still work better than any other AD.
- Use your silence to shut down enemy burst.
- Harrass constantly.
- Use your jump to flash out and/or your chains when ganked.
- You can overextend if you want.

LeBlanc AD is a strong bot carry.
- Use your jump to harass when in a safe spot, or use it to flee when overextend.
- Use your chain on the enemy carry to prevent any flee. Jump + Chain when your jungler come will kill any carry, flash up or not.
- You can overextend as long as your support knows the risks for himself.
- You can silence the support, but don't forget it only lasts 2 seconds and requires that you jump on him or chain him. (which can be impossible or a waste)

LeBlanc AD is really the TopLane owner. Maybe Riven, Warwick AP or Lee Sin will cause you some trouble, but not enough to kill you as long as you're cautious.
- Harrass constantly.
- When the enemy try to engage, chain, DPS, chain again... Control him constantly and keep distance.
- Don't use too much spells if you can't kill. You need mana to flee.
- You can first blood very easily against most if not all bruiser.
- When the enemy ganks, just jump out and chain.

In normal games you can sometimes encounter 2 people top, because there's no jungler. Don't be afraid, you're just awesome 1v2.
- Harrass constantly and last hit.
- Tower hug if they are very aggressive.
- If they tower dive, just chain and jump, and watch them die.
- You can kite them under tower with your jump/jump back.
- At level 6, if one of them is low in life, you can go for a kill. However, remember that you have no burst.
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Because your base AD and AD/level is high (WAY better than most AD : only twitch and vayne are better, but only slightly), you can take some armor penetration in your runes.

Seals ar ARMOR, Glyphs are MAGIC REZ (or CDR or AS but I don't recommand it)
You have three choices :
- Marks & Quint AD : this will give you 83 AD at level 1, meaning very easy last hitting.
- Marks ArPen, Quint AD : this will give you 74 AD at level 1 and +15 ArPen
- Marks & Quint ArPen : this will give you only 68 ad at level 1, but 31 total ArPen

You could afford to take only ArPen given your good base AD - but if you have trouble last hitting, take AD Quint, or even AD marks. 30 more CS midgame is still better.
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You don't scale on any particular stat, so you can go for the most powerful combo :

Crit is over every other stat ; and you actually need lifesteal. Make an EXECUTIONER'S CALLING : it's not for the use, it's for the raw stat. They are awesome.

Of course, like all AD carries, you want your BANSHEE VEIL because... Because that extra shield is awesome in teamfights.

If you feel controlled too much, CLOAK AND DAGGER is an awesome items. Tons of crit on it, and AS is a very good stat.

On your extra slots, depending on the game, you can make : LAST WHISPER, or YOUUMU, or MADRED BLOODRAZOR, or PHANTOM DANCER again.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is awesome for all AD carries. It's my first pick.
Exhaust is awesome for all AD carries. I always take it.
Teleport gives you more map mobility.

- Heal can save you, but has a limited use.
- Cleanse is good, but you rarely get controlled enough to need it.
- Flash is OK, but you already have a very good flash ability.
- Surge is just a random steroid. You will do slightly more damage, but is it worth it ?

- Clairvoyance is always useful for a team
- Smite is always useful for a team
- Revive if your team get aced every 5 minutes

- Ignite because executor's call is already in your core build.
- Clarity because you are very rarely out of mana.
- Promote because... well.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fantomette
Fantomette LeBlanc Guide
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LeBlanc AD - SoloTop Owner

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