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LeBlanc Build Guide by Leblanc Pro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Leblanc Pro

LeBlanc: The Triple Flasher

Leblanc Pro Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there Summoner :) So you've chosen to try LeBlanc huh? This guide will show you the basics that any LeBlanc user should know. I hope you learn a lot from this guide :)

p.s. i dont mean triple flasher as in she flashes people :x
dont get me wrong x.x

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Why Use LeBlanc?

Ever since I started playing League of Legends, I have only seen about 5 LeBlancs in game. This lead me to believe that LeBlanc is underrated. However, she is one of the best single target nukes in my opinion. She can nuke down a heavily fed Tryndamere who can two-hit K.O. anyone on your team, she can harass quite easily, she can get away from ganks with her 3-Flash combo, and she can save herself and her team from chasers or ganks.

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Pros and Cons of LeBlanc

-Amazing nuke late game with my build
-Extremely hard to catch
-Can easily chase down people
-Absolute pwnage at solo lane
-Cool passive
-Skills are very easy to chain
-Nuke skill has very little cooldown
-Can kill a heavily fed champion at level 18 in 3 seconds
-ALOT of CC: Double silence, slow and bind
-If shes fed, she can keep an entire team away from her just by intimidating them
-Extremely good farmer by using Distortion , followed up by her Ultimate
-Excellent Scouter
-Triple blink/flash is always a positive

-Not the number 1 nuker (But shes definately one of the best)
-Her laugh is scary...
-Her dance could be better...
-Ethereal Chains does not deal very heavy damage because it is a situational skill that helps you with it's CC capabilities rather than its damage
-Not very good until she has her Ultimate
-Very weak early game because Leblanc's Mimic plays a heavy role in her damage dealing. Without it, she can still kill, however not nearly as fast

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Why Flash and Teleport?

Flash - Sure, many of you may be thinking that "LeBlanc already has 2 Flashes, why get another one?" This is because it can save your butt from ganks or prevent the other team from getting an ace. When you are being chased but your Ultimate and your Distortion skill are on Cooldown due to a recent gank, all you can rely on is your movement speed , which is not exactly the fastest like Master Yi . But all you can do to get away from these ganks is to Flash through a wall, which would probably save you.

Teleport - Teleport is a skill that allows you to teleport to any allied minion, turret, or ward Sight Ward. This can save your tower, which means the opponent team won't get a free 150 gold just because your team walks too slow. You can teleport to a minion on the opponent's base if you were at base buying your items (Rabadon's Deathcap :O.) If your team is pushing an opposing turret, teleport to the minion that's getting targeted by the turret. That way, the minion stays alive because it gains 3 seconds of invincibility and it gives your team an extra 2-3 seconds to finish off the turret.

Other optional summoner abilities are:
Ghost - For chasing down that extremely fast Miss Fortune
Ignite - For last hitting the champ that you can never catch
Clarity - For early game, when you do not have a large mana pool
Cleanse - Not exactly the best choice, but if you use this before you summon your clone, it wil help disguise you better if: you are poisoned and it seems really obvious that you're the real LeBlanc because the clone was not hit by Teemo's stupid mushroom

Summoner abilities that you should NOT get:
Smite - ... No... you're not a jungler... no...
Clairvoyance - You have other summoner abilities that would help you much more than this. But if you want to fool around or if you're good with Clairvoyance, then feel free to get this
Fortify - Other people on your team can get this. You have better uses for your summoner ability slots
Heal - Clarity can help you get the extra MP that you can use to help you get away from ganks. Leave someone else on your team to get this skill if you want the heal so badly
Revive - 9 minute cooldown. What can I say? Pretty useless :\
Rally - I've never seen this skill be used before... that says something doesn't it?

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Why Choose These Runes?

My runes help maximise the damage that LeBlanc can dish out, while making sure that the opponent's Magic Defence doesn't make you useless.
Leblanc's spells also scale on some ****py AP ratios :x
so therefore you need lots of Magic Pen. (Hence the Void Staff and Abyssal Scepter )

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Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence is your harassing skill due to its low cooldown. That's why you want to max it first. W, Distortion , is your next skill because it is strong and more useful in team fights than your E skill (Ethereal Chains .) E is the last skill you want to max because it is not as good as your other skills, However, you still need to get a point on it early game just so you can have the CC capabilities of this skill. Obviously, you want to max your Ultimate as fast as possible because it completes your skill chain combo (Later explained in Tips section.)

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In 3v3 and 5v5, LeBlanc should solo lane because she is best if she gets her Ultimate fast.
At early levels, before you get your Ultimate, your play style differs depending on who you're facing.

If you are facing a caster with heavy CC , try to silence them before they can kill you. Then, you can kill them easily. You should do this by catching them by surprise, by Ex. Distortion through a wall, Q Sigil of Silence -> R -> E

If you are facing a long ranged champion with no CC (Slows don't really count) (Ex. Ezreal ), have fun nuking their ***es off and feeding on them.

If you are facing a tank (Ex. Alistar ), harass them to low HP, then when your skills are off cooldown, jump them.

If you are facing a ranged DPS with CC (Ex. Ashe ), be very careful. These people will still kill you if they're silenced, so don't play too agressively against these Champions. You never even know when Ashe is going to pop an Ultimate on you, so be very aware.

If you are facing a melee DPS (Ex. Tryndamere ), try to harass. But stay alert. If they get too close, you want to get away. Use E to stop them from getting near you and W followed up by an R to get away.

However, there are exceptions. Annie can nuke you out faster than you can kill her if she has her stun. She will stun and kill you before you can move again. Be careful of her. BUT if you get the first move and are fast enough to send out your 2nd move, silencing her, then you would win the fight.

Also, Fiddlesticks can Drain your life and silence you. But if hes draining you, silence him and he will be useless for a while. If you are silenced first however, try not to stay there and wait for your skills to be available again, run away, or else he will never stop Draining you.

Mid game - Just run around ganking the other team to help you and your team get fed. Quite simple. Get a few turret kills if you can but be careful of ganks. Remember, this is where you're very strong, because your skills do high damage and the other team don't have all their Magic Resist items yet. Use this to your advantage and KILL LIKE A MANIAC!

Late game - This is where many Leblancs start to fall behind, but with my build, you stay just as powerful as before, if not more powerful. Usually, LeBlancs are supposed to end the game as fast as possible. But with my guide, you get insanely high AP at the end of the game, accompanied with high Magic Penetration. I kept an entire team away from my turret when everyone else on my team was dead, just because they know I can kill anyone of them in half a second. With my build, you can anyone fear you. Now at late game, just focus whoever is the most fed on the other team in team fights. Shut down anyone who has a killing spree or higher.

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Okay, so you now want to know some things that can help you win as LeBlanc . Here are a few things that you need to know:

Fighting: When you are level 1 and all you have is your Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence, cast Sigil, then follow up with an auto attack. This will help you deal out a bit of extra damage. The auto attack actually hits them right after your Sigil.
Later, your basic combo in a fight is Q Sigil of Silence-> R -> W -> E ... (Wait for a few seconds if the Champion is still alive)... -> Repeat
At level 18 with my item build, your ability power would be 741.07. So, your combo would dish out about 3100 damage. Now, account the 40 Magic Armor Penetration (From Abyssal Scepter and Sorcerer's Shoes ) plus an extra 40% due to Void Staff . That damage would overwhelm anyone on the opposing team. That's pretty impressive because, since your Ultimate's cooldown is about 24 seconds, you can take down anyone every half-minute.

Fleeing: When you are being chased, cast out your W , followed up by your R , then Flash if needed. Aim the Distortion and Mimic: Distortion so that the skill shot circle is half in, half outside of the range.
Also, when your HP falls enough that your clone is summoned, make your clone:
1: Run into jungle while you run into another bush
2: Run into jungle while you run for your turret
3: Make your clone run infront of you so it looks like your following your clone. This will make them think that the LeBlanc infront is the real you. But its not :)
*Caution. These following ones may be dangerous. Use only if you know you can get away*
4: Run into jungle while your clone runs for the turret (Explained in the Q&A how this is not suicide)
5: If you are being hit by someone and your clone is summoned. Make your clone run away and you stand still. But DO NOT ATTACK. Click S on your keyboard so you do not auto attack. Or else it will blow your cover. This may not always work but you can try it if you have no other way of getting away.

Extras: When the opponent has very low HP (Around 100 or so) and is turret hugging, go behind a wall that the turret is beside. Then, use Distortion to flash through the wall, dealing damage to the opponent. If this does not kill them, Q -> R -> E -> W again to return to your original spot

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At level 18, if you have extra money and you want to pwn harder, stack Archangel's Staff. I know it sounds stupid but its very good for Trolling the other team. In other words, 4 Archangel's Staves, 1 Rabadon's Deathcap, and 1 Sorcerer's Shoes (Which can be replaced with Ionian Boots if you want.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter is not exactly useful because no one will be able to get away from your combo anyways, so it will be a waste of money to get this item.
Rod of Ages is also unneeded because you don't need extra HP to survive, you can just triple Flash away.

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Possible Q&A

Q: Why would you make your clone run to the turret and yourself run for the jungle? Won't that kill you?
A: I've made people turret dive my clone before just because they were greedy. Making your clone run for the turret is called a double-fluke. By making your clone run for the turret, the other team thinks "The real LeBlanc is obviously the one at the turret." This means you have time to walk away slowly while the other team turret dives your clone.

Q: Why cast your E spell last?
A: Your E spell (Ethereal Chains) is the weakest one out of all your skills. However, it helps you run away from chasers. This is why you preserve this spell for your ender. So by using it last, you keep it off cooldown incase someone tries to kill you.

Q: I can never do anything in team fights. How can I contribute more?
A: LeBlanc is mostly a 1v1 Champion (You can still spam Distortion followed up by an Ultimate, but that's not very effective). In team fights, you use your combo on the one who is the most dangerous. Then, if your team is dieing or you are being targeted, run away from the fight and return if you are not being chased anymore to help. If you are still not targeted after killing the Champion, normal attack whoever has the lowest HP, then use whatever skill you have on them whenever you can.

Q: I find it hard to level up. I can never get any minion kills. What do I do?
A: LeBlanc is not the best farmer in the game. She can still farm with W , followed up by her Ultimate , even though this puts you in danger because you won't be able to triple Flash anymore for 20 seconds or so. This is why you need to time your normal attacks, because LeBlanc's normal attack animation is quite fast. Also, don't worry too much if you do not have many minion kills. Leblanc can rely on Champion kills rather than minion kills for money. Start ganking as soon as you get your Ultimate to help yourself and your team get fed.

If you have any more questions, please post them at the bottom and I will answer as soon as I can. Thank you ^^!

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So, thanks for reading my guide. I hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot about LeBlanc. I hope this guide will help you win your games with LeBlanc or has helped you decide whether or not to buy LeBlanc .
Now, for no reason, I will randomly quote people's taunts, laughs, or jokes from League of Legends.
"You got a rocket in your pocket?" - Tristana
"-Electric guitar-" - Sona
" -Lux grabs her head and has a mini-seizure- EHEHEHE AHAHAHA AHHH... -Claps hands-" - Lux
"-Whining voice- Mmmm I wanna shoot something :(" - Tristana
"-Lifts arms up-" - Rammus