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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegendaryBuilds

Lee Sin - AD Burst / DPS Hybrid

LegendaryBuilds Last updated on May 5, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my Lee Sin guide/build. This build details how to play AD burst Lee sion and DPS Hybrid Lee sin.. Lee sin takes a lot of skill to play, so i dont suggest a new player to play him. Here are some pros and cons:


-Very good ganker with Q and E skill
-High mobility with W skill and Q skill
-High AD burst with decent AD scaling
-W skill provides a decent shield
-Uses energy, u dont need to worry about mana!
-Decent amount of slow and knock-up
-He's BLIND!


-Hard to play/takes skill
-Costs 6300 IP
-Very item dependant as all his skills scale with bonus attack damage
-He's BLIND!

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Runes & Masteries

For runes I go armor pen reds, health yellows, cdr blues, and armor pen quints. The armor penetration runes will help you a ton with your AD burst early game. Health yellows are really good for Lee Sin early game as he is quite squishy. CDR blues because he has moderately long cooldowns, so CDR will help u quite a bit.

Greater Mark of Desolation X 9

X 9

X 9

For masteries I do the 21-0-9 taking only one point in one of the crit chance and crit damage points, since I do not play him as a crit character. Taking points in the bonus attack damage helps you moves do a tiny bit more damage early game. I usually like to go 9 down utility because of improved ghost and exp gain. If you feel that Lee Sin is to squishy for you, go 9 down defense instead, or go with a 9-21-0 mastery setup.

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Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike- This skill is what makes Lee Sin a pro character. It is a skillshot nuke that reveals enemy units. If you hit you sonic wave, you can dash into the opponent to deal insain damage. It does a ton of damage, and allows great initiation. When using it, dont rush else you will miss, since it is quite hard to miss. If you miss you Q, you can't pull off a successful combo until its back off cooldown.

Safeguard- Also a very important skill. It puts a shield on you and an ally you dash to, and gives lifesteal and spell vamp. When you jump into the enemy with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, use safeguard to a teamate to get out for real easy harass. When you are fighting 1v1, always use safeguard / ironwill to stay alive. In the laning phase, use iron will to lifesteal your way back to full health.

This skill is Lee Sin's second most importanat move. It allows him to deal AOE damage, and to slow speed and attack speed, which is extremely effective when chasing and fighting against a DPS character. You can also use it to easily esape combined with Safeguard / Iron Will.

Dragon's Rage is Lee Sin's ultimate. It does amazing damage, and knocks the opponent back and knocks up any opponents it collides with. Use in team fights and try to knock up as many peopl as you can. You can also use it to finish opponents, or to kick an enemy champion into you team, giving you an easy kill.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells that I use for Lee Sin are Ghost and Ignite. Here is a list of all the best summoner spells to the worst.

Ghost- Very good chasing and escaping tool.

Ignite- Ignite is good for finishing someone off when you finish your combo.

Flash- A good substitute for ghost.

Exhaust- A good replacement for ignite; use whichever one you prefer.

Cleanse- Also a good choice for Lee Sin as he tends to get focused down with enemy crowd control.

Teleport- Take it if your team doesn't have it already, otherwise I would not suggest it.

Heal- It sometimes helps in the early fights...... I wouldn't recommend it.

Fortify- Let someone else take it.

Clairvoyance- Let a support or tank take it. Not you.

Rally- Dont take this unless you really know how to use this effectively, which you probably dont.

Smite- This is not a jungle build.

Revive- If you're a noob, sure.

Clarity- You dont use mana!

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Items - AD Burst


Early game you want to start out with a long sword and 1 health pot . I do this becuase it gives your abilites more damage as they scale with bonus AD. After that you want to get a sheen . Sheen is you best friend in this build, as it adds just that much more damage to you nuke. After Sheen, get boots of swiftness . This gives you a lot more mobility, which is what Lee Sin needs to be effective.


By mid game you should have your long sword , sheen , and boots . You should also be on your way to your phage , which is the first item you will get mid game. You are not going to upgrade it just yet. The phage gives you more survivability that you need, and the chance to slow is nice. After the phage, get a b.f. sword . Then upgrade your phage to a frozen mallet ,and upgrade your bf sword to a black cleaver.


After your black cleaver, get a last whisper. This gives you the armor pen that you desperately need. If your game still goes on after you are done these items, then get whatever you feel you need. I recommend Trinity Force for the boost in all your stats, Guardian Angel , and banshee's veil .


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Using Lee Sin

Play carefully early game. Because Lee sin is so squishy, you are usually the first thing people target. Harras with Sonic Wave, and only dash into them when you know that you have a way out. Safeguard out to a teamate or minion after dashing in to prevent yourself from taking too much damage. Only initiate when you know you can kill or deal heavy damage safely.When you reach around the lvl 9-13 area, you should play more aggressively, since you should have your sheen and your b.f sword , allowing you to deal insain damage. Still play carefully, as people tend to focus you.


When you are ganking or deep in a team fight, dont panic! Lee sin has a very effective high damage combo!!

When Ganking:

Sonic Wave, Resonating Strike into target, HIT, Tempest, HIT, Cripple , HIT, repeat. You can also u Dragon's Rage to kick the enemy back so you have more time to hit him, or you can use it to finish the enemy off.

TIP: When you're chasing and you want to be able to use you Dragon's Rage Dragon's Rage to deal more damage, Sonic wave the target without using resonating strike, kick him with Dragon's Rage, and then use resonating strike to blast right back into the enemy.

When Fighting Against a Single Opponent:

Sonic Wave, Resonating Strike, HIT, HIT, Safeguard, Iron Will, HIT, HIT, Tempest, HIT, Cripple, Dragon's Rage if needed, repeat.

Team Fighting:

In team fights, your job is to be in the face of their carry, such as an ashe, and do as much damage as you can. Use your moves wisely. Make sure that all you attacks hit, especially your sonic wave, as that is you main damage output. If you miss, you combo will be screwed up. Also try using you Dragon's Rage to hit as many people as you can. It actually does insain damage and can turn the tide of a team fight if successfully done so. Also, safeguard constantly to either yourself or a teamate. This will maximize your effectiveness in a team fight. The combo that you use is like the combos above.

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Unique Skills

Reveal invisible units:

Lee Sin has the ability to reveal invisible units with his Q and E skills. If you think that an inivisible unit is around you, use Tempest to check, since it reveal all units around you. You can also use Sonic Wave to reveal invisible units while you are chasing. Remember that you reveal wards, Teemo shrooms, Jack in the Boxes etc.

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And that concludes my build. This is just one way to play Lee Sin, there are many other ways. Just give this build a shot, and it might work perfectly for you! Please vote, and please comment on why you gave it a either a thumbs up or a thumbs down.