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Lee Sin Build Guide by Bioweapon421

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bioweapon421

Lee sin - How to carry all lanes!

Bioweapon421 Last updated on March 15, 2014
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Hello Summoners!

My name is Bioweapon421 and I have decided to make a guide for lee sin since he currently is my favourite champion and I have found a way to build him that really works well for me! Note that this is an assassin playstyle build and that it is considered a bit 'unorthodox' by most of the crybabies out there who prefer not to play lee sin to his full potential! I hope you find this helpful! Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

-Very high early game dmg
-High AD in general
-Can counterjungle effectively
-Very mobile (Ward jumps)
-Execute dmg
-Can make big plays!

-Very skillshot dependent
-Needs good reflexes, quick fingers and creativity to make the big plays (Landing skillshots,ward jumping,Kicking enemies to your team,juking)
-Needs to snowball to be effective as an assassin in 1 vs 1 situations
-Falls off late game

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My Wisdom!

So in general Lee sin is a very hard champion to master, which makes him really fun to play too!
I personaly was inspired to master le Lee after watching some clips of AhoOL on youtube which really impressed me! If you have not checked it out, you defenetly should!
Anyway the key in my opinion about having success with Lee sin is the following :

1.This might sound a bit cliche but its true nevertheless and in my opinion it is a key factor to make the big plays: Like Lee sin says : Act free of doubt! Before you walk down to that botlane to gank take a little bit of time to play out in your mind what is about to happen. Imagine it and believe in your abilities and just do it! Who cares if you fail anyway? Worry not you'll see this through!

2."Where am I needed?" After lvl 3 try to put as much pressure on enemy lanes as possible! Even if you fall behind in lvls even if u go for a gank and dont get a kill, it doesnt matter! Make the enemy cover in fear under their turret! Make them feel your presence! This will help your lanes gaining a creep advantage and u will propably score some kills anyway most of the time if you keep on ganking!

3."Master yourself, master the enemy!" Counterjungle! if are up against a weak jungler like master yi or amumu then give em hell
you can safely walk through their jungle and just pretend they dont exist and if they show up to prove otherwise...well then just kill them so they stop existing for the next 30 secs :P
But beware to keep an eye for enemy lanes when they are M.I.A. cause they might be on their way
to rape you in a 2 vs 1 ******** with their jungler!

4."We do what we must" take all frags! Dont give a ****! Seriously! If you snowball early its GG trust me! So why leave the kill to that nasus who propably is gonna be weak until lategame anyway? Early kills benefit you far more than the most other champions! There are ofc exceptions where you would want to let some other champion snowball like LeBlanc for example!

5."Extend your senses" by Warding! this goes without saying : the better map vision you have the more map control you have!
It would be wiser to hold on your sightstone wards to get out of those tricky situations and let your support ward the place, but there are sometimes where a ward placed well previously results in a teamfight win for your team!

6."Waste not a minute!" Dont wait until late game! You should try and end the game asap! You simply fall off lategame cause you cannot dive in teamfights without dying as an assassin Lee! I recommend that if you do happen to reach lategame, u should pick a few more item buys from the defensive tab and sacrifice some dmg ,because a dead monk is a useless monk!

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Some overall Tips!

-Try to use Lee sins mobility to its full potential by ward jumping! It is like having 5 flashes on a 9 sec CD!

-I personaly would recommend that you check out some montages on youtube to get an idea of how things are done etc! It really helped me!

-Be patient and stay calm! There have been millions of times when I reconsidered firing off a Q and w8ed for a few moments so I could predict a juke or a flash! Plus leaving them w8ing makes them nervous and makes them take rash decisions as "their heartbeats quicken"!

-If you see your teammates pushing the enemy under a tower, most of you guys would say : hey dont bother dude! I wont be able to gank effectilvy anyway so I go gank an other lane! ...WRONG!!! This lane is very likely to be ganked by the enemy jungler! So what you do is stick around a bit near a monstercamp maybe or try to predict the enemy junglers movement and setup an ambush! But beware that your teamate needs to react faster than the enemy laner so you actually make use of the element of surprise! So just tip em off about your diabolical plan before you start doing anything stupid!

-Lee sin can steal objectives very effectively with his Q+smite+Q combo! You w8 for the objectives HP to drop about 30% more than your smite dmg and then you Q smite midair and execute with Q! Even if you dont get the correct order and QQ + smite the enemy jungler wont be able to react anyway so dont worry!