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League of Legends Build Guide Author tigerfreedom

Lee Sin - I Will Kill You

tigerfreedom Last updated on April 18, 2011
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This is my Lee Sin build. I've been experimenting with him quite a bit, and I believe that going straight AD is a very effective way to build him. His burst scales extremely well off of AD, and his autoattacks will hit like a truck. Really, no other stats benefit him as well. This guide is not for jungling. I think Lee Sin is quite powerful in lane, so he does not necessarily need to be in the jungle much like Nunu. However, Lee Sin can't quite counter jungle as well as Nunu, hence I think he works out well in the lane.

Anyways, take your time reading this guide, I hope it'll help.

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Pros / Cons


    *Very good ganker
    *Lots of sustainability
    *Spells scale off of AD, which is really a powerful mechanic
    *Some escape

    *Requires positioning, which may get awkward at times
    *Lots of clutch
    *****py late game
    *Design is a bit flawed, imo. He's like a pantheon and udyr w/o the stun.

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Ideal Runes for Lee Sin:

Greater Mark of Desolation - Best marks for Lee Sin. I don't see any alternative that can help his game as much as these runes.

- Flat armor gives him some laning sustainability.

- Arguably good, he benefits a lot from flat cd since the only cdr item he would get is brutalizer. The only alternative I would see getting on him is Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Desolation - These plus arpen marks will ensure you kill the enemies like the babies they are. **** health quints.

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Summoner Spells

Ok, just go with and and you'll split heads with ****ing karate chops and jump kicks. and are also decent.

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Ok, so I decided that 0/9/21 is pretty good on him. Why? Because offensive tree is so incredibly bad. Only like 3 masteries from offensive is actually good, and they don't benefit Lee Sin as much as the utility tree. I get 9 in defensive for additional sustainability. If you want, you can go 9/0/21. If you prefer more sustainability, then you can go 0/21/9.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty simple, R>Q>W>E. Get E before level 6, and you'll be fine.

It's like a ****ing hadouken. Except when you cast it again you jump-kick the enemies ugly face and erase their health. Holy **** Lee Sin why are you so badass? Catch those enemy pig bastards who think they can flee from Lee Sin, and break their necks for their foolishness. With enough practice, you too can be like Lee Sin and just shoot this **** in the dark and actually get kills. Use this to also check bushes

So many uses. Use it to clutch escape by teleporting to a nearby ally. Use it to regain health with its lifesteal. Use it to protect your allies and blink in to kick ***.

So I max this last. Why? It doesn't do that much damage until it's maxed, and it's mainly for its slow that it is useful.

Finisher. QWE on cd, and you aren't in melee range? Kick their ***es to Runeterra's daycare center, because Lee Sin has no time to mess with babies. You can also use it to kick enemies away to escape, or interrupt positioning in teamfights.

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Lee Sin only builds damage, with the exception of certain tank items. This way, Lee Sin can kick *** and eat babies without worry.

Doran's Shield - Start with this, unless you want to give up your laning phase to the herpderp enemies. If you drank a ****ing protein shake, then go with boots + 3 pots.

The Brutalizer - Rush this as your first offensive item. Gives a lot of good stats.

Mercury's Treads - I don't see why you would buy anything else. He doesn't need any more cdr from Ionian boots, and zerker greaves are hardly appropriate attire.

The Bloodthirster - Ok, this item gives you so much damage, and lifesteal??!! Jesus ****ing christ, might as well give Lee Sin a ****ing bib for all the baby slaughter he's going to do with this item.

Trinity Force - I don't really like rushing this because Lee Sin barely gets any benefits from this item if he doesn't have the damage to back it up. It is otherwise a good item to get on Lee Sin, just make sure you have damage.

Randuin's Omen - So good with safeguard. Blink in to your ally, set those babies on fire with RO, and start picking them off. Also, no one can 1v1 you now. Don't get it if the team has good AP champs that are doing well.

Sunfire Cape - Health alternative to RO, perhaps better after RO nerf. Burn those babies to crisp after you tenderize them.

Banshee's Veil - Got nerfed, but what can you do. Decent item for its stats and passive.

Quicksilver Sash - I don't see this item enough. Imagine Lee Sin borrowing Olaf's ult. It's like Bruce Lee rose from the dead, got inspired by Technoviking, and decided to eradicate Chuck Norris off the universe.

The Black Cleaver - If you don't want to get another bloodthirster, I see this as your only other decent option.


Phantom Dancer - OK, I think I explained before, but Lee Sin is a very poort autoattacker.
His autoattack range is incredibly difficult to maintain while maximizing spell burst and taking damage. Yes you can get a few hits in, but you aren't a super autoattacker like Tristana or Ashe, who benefit with this item far more. Therefore, this item barely benefits him besides the MS boost, which he can get TriForce. I do not recommend this item.

Wit's End - similar to Phantom, it is a good item, but Lee Sin is not built well for super-sustained autoattacking with a lack of reliable CC.

brutalizer and bloodthirster are core. mid-late game is where lee sin is weak, so you need some survivability. Hence, QSS and Randuin's.


So this is for when you decided you had enough. These babies want to kill you? They have to eat through your flesh while you facepalm their muscles into bits. Of course, this needs extensive training (as in farm 200 cs/get 5 kills before 10 min or else you'll suck)

- This item gets too much ****, but I can see why. Anyways, the reason why Warmog's is so **** on is because idiots build the wrong items with it. It's definitely good to rush if you can farm in before 15 min with completed boots.

- Yeah don't get anything else.

What to get after:
- Because attacking Lee Sin requires punishment. For autoattacking-dominant teams.


- Baby mop. Very good with Atma's.

- Only if you have like 200 attack from Atma's.

- Yeah this item is ****ing sick.

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How to Lee Sin

Practice makes perfect. Your Q is extremely devastating early-mid game, so take advantage of this. is very important. Try to regain your energy back by following each skill with 2 autoattacks. This allows Lee Sin to actually continually burst down enemies, not to mention with his core he'll hit very hard regardless. To sum up, MAKE SURE YOU AUTOATTACK BETWEEN SKILLS.

Killing People:
With at least a brutalizer early in game, Lee Sin will literally pack a punch. has short cooldown, so you can use this to initiate and chase. is used to slow, pretty much. It does decent damage, but only when it has some levels into it. Basically, chase and kill. Focus the squishy babies, of course, but get the **** outta there when ****'s going down.

Early Game

What you want to do is to try to farm up while focus-harass your enemies. Your Q is very good for last hitting/harassing. Try to get a few ganks during your laning phase, or at least get your core before you destroy the turret. If the enemy starts playing defensively, then watch minimaps for possible ganks and farm up. You can start roaming once you hit 6. Lee Sin is a very powerful ganker with his slow, Q, and ulti.

Mid Game

The enemies shouldn't have too much survivability for now, so you can erase squishies. Make sure you let your bruisers and tanks go in first, then jump in. Timing is really important here. Try to get red buffs or dragon during this period, and push hard.

Late Game

GG. No, I'm jk. Seriously, though, Lee Sin will get wrecked in fights. What you want to do is ward enemy/ally jungle, and watch for any stragglers on the enemy team. If you can gank them, then go ahead. You should have at least BT and RO or QSS by now. Otherwise I dunno what the hell is going on. Much like in mid game, don't be the first one to initiate in fights. Wait for it to start a bit so enemy burst is used up, then W an ally and clean up this baby mess.

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Well, now that you have finished reading this guide on Lee Sin, may the way of the Baby Smasher guide you. Leave comments, suggestions, and I'll see if they aid in the art of baby smashing.