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Lee Sin Build Guide by VCZ Raptor

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VCZ Raptor

Lee Sin S4 Jungle Guide

VCZ Raptor Last updated on May 12, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide for S4 Lee Sin jungle, Thank you for reading and any feedback.

Lee sin is a high mobility, burst damage jungler, he is one of the strongest junglers right now due to his high utility and early game dominance.
He has amazing dueling pre and after 6 as you can use his mechanics greatly to perform combos that will literally delete the enemy off the map.

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Pros / Cons


    Very high mobility

    Early game damage

    Very high utility

    great dueling potential

    Falls off late game

    Squishy if you are building damage

    Not the best wave clear

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Skill Sequence

Lee Sin is a very hard champion to master, this is mostly because he is very mechanical.
There are lots of skill sequences or combos that you can do as lee sin, here are a few:

Q - R - Q this is a very good and easy combo, the point of this combo is to use the passive on your Q which makes you deal more damage for 8% of the enemy´s missing health.

Q - E - Q this is relatively easy and just for trading with the enemy.

Q - Q - place ward behind enemy - W to ward - R the enemy into your team = this is a combo that is used a lot with lee sin, it is hard and takes a lot of skill and practice to master. Here is a video on it:

This is a clip from NA LCS team TSM player Amazing(this clip is from when he was in CW in EU LCS)

One of my favorite combos with Lee Sin is to Ult the enemy and as you are spinning to kick them flash behind them before your ult actually hits, this will make you kick them from the position where you flashed to, it looks really good but is very very hard to accomplish and i do not recommend it to players who have not had a lot of experience with Lee Sin.

You can very much create and use any combo that you like and prefer with Lee Sin that is why he is one of my favorite champions in the game.

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Team fights

Lee Sin has a really hard and good ingage, he can take out enemy carries by kicking them towards his own team, you do need to rely on your team to kill the enemy because you will be out of range to do any damage to that enemy. You should use your abilities to try and take out the squishy enemies as you do not have that much armor penetration and will not do as much damage to a tank.

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Creeping / Jungling

Lee sin has a slow clear speed at the start of the game but when you get your first few items it becomes much easier, you can take this jungle route:

Blue Side:

Red buff - Wraiths - Blue buff - Big Wraith - Wolves - Wraiths - Golems
Keep on doing this and you can easily farm the jungle.

Purple Side:

Blue buff - Wolves - Red buff - Wraiths - Golem - Big Wraith
Keep on doing this and you can easily farm the jungle. (dont try and clear the big wraith if you are too low)

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Lee sin is a high mobility champion with great dueling potential and a powerspike at level 6, he has great damage early game and can easily snowball a lane. His ganks are really good (gap closer, slow, and a dash/shield to get to safety). His clearing speed is not so good (Ravenous Hydra is a very good item on him as it helps him with clearing speed. He has extremely high potential to take out enemy carries by using a technique known as the Insec kick.