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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Sarcastic

Lee Sin, The AD Monk

Mr Sarcastic Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Hello ladies and not-so-gentlemen! This is my first build for Mobafire, so don't be TOO rude. I have been playing Lee Sin a lot and have noticed people are struggling somewhat with his skills and what items to get, so I decided to share how I play him and an explanation on kind of how to properly use him. This build is revolved around attack damage and kicking people's bootays. I have found that he is not that good of a tank or tank/dps. If this helps you out then please rate it up and comment what you liked an disliked. Thanks!

-Mr Sarcastic

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Summoner Spells

Spell time! So I'm going to list the spells I like and dislike and explain why they are good or bad for Lee Sin.......The Blind Monk.

I always run this with Sin. It is a great skill combined with Q & E, you can catch anyone running away or get away from someone running 700 mph trying to stab you repeatedly.

Another spell I usually run with Ghost. Some people find Exhaust pointless since the second part of his E already slows enemies but it's good for first blood and to stop a fed champion from killing you in 3 seconds flat.

Not needed due to his Q and W having dashes.

Good for first blood but late game it's not much help. He puts out a good enough amount of burst damage that the extra bit from Ignite isn't really needed.

Very good if you happen to get matched up with a team full of stunners. Could be used in place of Exhaust.

No. Just no.

The extra damage is good against towers and combines very well with his passive, but the long cooldown isn't worth the couple seconds of boosted attack damage.

His W is more effective than this. It's not worth giving up Exhaust or another useful spell.

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Personally for my masteries I like to go 21/9/0. But wait! Why don't you get the extra 4% xp in the Utility tree? It's good! Yes, it is good but I prefer the extra armor/magic resist and dodge from the Defense tree. The defense is better in my opinion due to people usually focusing Sin due to his low base defenses. I've tested it with the points in Utility and it wasn't worth the lack of armor and MR.

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Now my runes your probably wondering "What the duck? Are you stupid?". The reason I have armor and magic resist is Lee Sin has quite low magic resistance without runes or masteries. I like to have him beefed up a little so he doesn't get pooped on early game. A little extra armor and MR can save your life. The armor pen....well who doesn't like armor pen? You CAN change the quintessences if you desire but it's good to be able to tear through casters' armor.

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Core Items

The boots are kind of a "whatever you prefer" type of deal. I prefer the Berserker's Greaves since Lee has a very low attack speed. You can replace them with other boots if you want.

Now I know what your saying, "What the hell, this is an AD build and you get Sheen first?" so just calm your tits and listen. This item. Kicks. ***. I played a match recently against a Lee Sin who bought this first and I thought he was an idiot. He annihilated. The damage bonus from Sheen with Lee's constant skills puts out so much burst damage you can destroy people's souls early game.

A good early game item for the life steal and damage bonus, plus the free ward doesn't hurt. Late game you can sell it to afford another item (IE, Blood, whatever).

The armor pen and active of this make it a destroyer against mages and squishes.

The passive, just like Sheen. Also the extra damage, health and other bonuses are nice to have.

It's a Bloodthirster. Nuff' said.

This is a kind of "If you want" item. I enjoy the bonus crit and attack damage it gives. Helps me rip people's souls apart and smash it into dust.

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Optional Items

Suitable if there are 2 or more tanks on the other team. You could switch it with Lantern or Ghostblade if you want. Your choice.

This is a debate whether to get this or TF. I personally like TF for the passive and the other bonuses. The passive slow on FM is good for hunting down people and the extra health is beneficial too. Once again, your choice.

Really only needed if the other team is stacking health (Warmog's Sunfire etc).

I only like to get this once I know for a definite fact that I am going to annihilate the other team. For example, if your 4/0 then you might wanna pick this up.

Since Lee Sin has a low base attack speed some people like to pick this up. I personally don't find the need for attack speed on him but if your an AS kind of person, I guess. Your choice.

If there are 3 or more AP users, grab this and rape their soul.

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Pros - Cons

The good, the bad and the blind. Aren't I so funny?

Pros of Lee Sin:

Very good damage throughout whole match
Good at chasing
Has great survivability
Can DESTROY almost anyone 1v1

Cons of Lee Sin:

Almost always focused in team fights
Short range on Q
Very effected by slows

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Skill Sequence And Explanation

Oh boy, the fun part. Now I've noticed that MANY people have NO IDEA how to use his skills properly. Lee Sin's skill are NOT to be spammed. The only time you are allowed to spam his skills is when you are below 10% health and have no chance of surviving. Other than that, you want to space his skills out to get the most out of his passive. If you are low on health and have no life steal then double tap , hit a minion twice then to get some health back. Lee Sin is not meant to be an initiator, so do not charge in with Resonating Strike thinking your Superman. In a team fight it is crucial that you learn when to use his skills and how long to wait in between. You want at the start of the fight then after a second or two, use W again to turn on Iron Will for the lifesteal, spell vamp and armor. If there are multiple champions around you, use then hit once or twice for the energy passive then use E again to ensure they are slowed. The second parts of the skills DO have time limits so do not wait too long. Now is probably your strongest skill and the thing that will be getting you kills. If someone is running, shoot Sonic Wave following up with Resonating Strike. After you have dashed to them, if they are still alive use and slow to make sure they don't go anywhere. Lee Sin's ultimate skill, is mainly used for finishing off weakened enemy champions, push champions towards your teammates for them to kill, or as an escape plan. If you are being chased by the enemy team and you have no teammates in sight, you can ulti the first enemy champion behind you, knocking the others back slightly as well. For the killing part, you them with the dash following up with and the slow. When they are slowed, ghost in front of them and use to pass the enemy champion to your team for them to destroy. Now, you may not get all of his skills down in 1 match or even 10 matches. He takes some time to get used to and learn how to use what skills and when. If you follow the explanations I have given, you should improve or understand better how to use Lee Sin.

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These are examples of some good matches I have had using this build.
Now I can not ensure you will always go positive, but this will help you be a better Lee Sin player and destroy people if you know how to play him. Best of luck to you and I wish you well in your owning of the noobs. Thanks for reading this build for Lee Sin The Blind Monk, peace!