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Garen Humor Guide by Mr Sarcastic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Sarcastic

Garen, You and DEMACIAAA!

Mr Sarcastic Last updated on September 27, 2013
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Guide Top

Intro of readingness then white textness!

(This was made 2 years ago, enjoy.)

Audience? Wha-what are you doing reading this completely serious Garen guide? That's precarious! Okay so basically this is going to show you (If you're not blind) how to rape little children in League of Legundz with Garen. Not in real life, just fake life. Because if you did that in real life you'd get arrested. And butt raped. ON WITH THE GUIDE!

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Weapons of choice

You want to rush for dat' crazy damage boost and crit for your spin.
second for a movement speed boost along with your speed boots and Q you should be able to catch anyone, and the crit isn't bad.
After the Zeal pick up a . Damage + Crit + active that makes you run even MOAR faster = very good. I really shouldn't have to explain the reason for every item but since some people are like "Herp a derp" I'm going to and because I have nothing better to do.
You turn the Zeal into a and oh waddya know! You're the Usain Bolt painted white with armor and a sword!
because you're like "Oh I have tons of armor and MR wiffout any items but I don't have much health :( so that's why you get Warmog's.
And last but MOST CERTAINLY not least is THE MIGHTY BLOODTHIRSTERRRRR. If you don't wanna get that which I have no idea why you wouldn't then just pick up a for more of dat armor, crit (spin to win baby) and ADeezy.

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Spells (FIYA BAWL!)

Hello once again Audience! Notice how I capitalized "audience" because you, the audience, are people. Just like me. But of course I am better then you, so not QUITE like me.
Anyway, for the spells I like to go & since I can get first blood with almost no effort ghosting to them, Q (Silenced hoe) and FIYA BAWLING their stupid ***.
is fine too if you want. Personal preference.

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Dem' Runes

Since they changed his W to give 25 armor/MR right at level 1 you can easily become a half tank with runes alone. The armor pen of course since his skills are physical damage.

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The masteries of masters

Offense is a no-brainer for the crit and all that good ****, armor pen etc. The bit in Defense makes you even moar tanky with your runes and W.

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Imma farmin' mah creeps!

Step 1: Walk into middle of creep wave
Step 2: Press E a.k.a "Spin To Win"
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

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Unique Super Awesome Skills of Awesomeness

Oh hey look a squishy champion! You're attacking me? It's k cuz I just silenced you with and I'm faster than a black man running to the last KFC on Earth and spin in your face and if I get low I'll just press W and not take any damage and when you get to 60% health I bring down the weiner of God on your head and you die.



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