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League of Legends Build Guide Author make74

Lee Sin the ANNOYING Offtank

make74 Last updated on May 16, 2011
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Hello everybody,

At first, do not care about my English I am French ;D

Today I am happy to share my way to play with Lee Sin.
I really hope you will enjoy it. This Lee Sin is resistant, has big damage, speed life regeneration and good survivability. Trust me, you will be deceived ;)

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Understanding and Playing Lee Sin

When you see Lee Sin skills, a first idea to play him is to choose Full AD items.
But one of Lee Sin's biggest problem is his resistance.

Then the key to play Lee Sin is to be resistant with high damage.
By resistance, I would especially base on magic resistance, armor, lifesteal and spell vampirism.
Lifesteal and spell vampirism are very interesting for Lee Sin because of its passive, and small COOLDOWN spells providing a large amount of Damage!

One of Lee Sin's skill provides him good survivability and life re-generation -->

But if we decide to maximize this skill, one of the other skills or would remain at level 1 or 2.

And a good Lee Sin is basically a Lee Sin with HIGH DAMAGE spells and good resistance. Lee Sin cannot spend his whole time re-generating his life with LOW Damage SKILLS..

In order not to maximize at the beginning, I start building Lee Sin with a . It provides him good AD, lifesteal and spell vampirism (like his ). The active of this item is also useful to finish/to hunt some enemies.
This item is really HELPFULL, because Lee Sin can maximize his DAMAGE skills and , and this item offers exactly what is missing for your level 1.
To remember, it is a very good strategy to target spell vampirism on Lee Sin for several points:
- He is weak, then needs more survivability
- He has HIGH DAMAGE skills with small COOLDOWN!

The choice of the boots remains . It provides good magic resistance for our weak Lee Sin. Lee Sin does not need better movement because his skills give him nice mobility.
Of course, if most of enemies are playing AD, take .

If the game starts very well for you, go for a . Lee Sin can kill/assist easily. Moreover, the lifesteal/spell vampirism given by and his skill give him speed life re-generation if he is LOW LIFE. It means that Lee Sin can keep his stacks very well to finally have more and more DAMAGE, because he is always present on the map! (If he is low life, he can regenerate on sbires instead of wasting time teleporting, while having more money for building)

If the game starts bad and you are often the enemy's focus, I would recommend is a . The reason is simple: I want Lee Sin to be more resistant in order not to be killed and to keep his stacks for his . Lee Sin can stay in the middle of the teamfight without taking care about dying because he has a second chance. His CC spells are very useful for his teammates when Lee Sin is in the middle of the teamfight.
Moreover, when resurrected, he has all the abilities to escape very fast with his /finish enemies, because Lee Sin has small Cooldown spells!
An addition of armor and magic resistance is also great for Lee Sin.
At this step, you are not invincible, but you are very resistant, and can provide a large amount of damage because it is very easy to get fast stacks for your .

If you build at first a (good start), the next item you build is a .

If you build at first a (bad start), the next item you build is a .

The next items are up to you, depending of what you are exactly looking for.
Magic resistance? --> go for a or a . It would be impossible for the AP enemy team to kill you ;)
Damage, AS, etc...? --> you have the choice between a large amount of items.

Health? Maybe it is more interesting to invest into magic resistance and armor. Because you can easily regenerate your ENTIRE life through lifesteal and spell vampirism if your health is not very HIGH.
It is better to invest into magic resistance and armor. Or directly in armor/magic penetration (for a more aggressive Lee Sin) because you have lifesteal and spell vampirism (better Damage).

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Summoner Spells

About Summoner Spells,

I like to play , very useful to escape/ hunt enemies

The second summoner spell I like to choose with Lee Sin is: . You can join rapidly a teamfight, finish sbires lane for your . You have enough escape with your skills and with , you also have enough damage with your spells, and enough CC with your . There are the reason why I prefer having this summoner spells instead of any other one.

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Other item that can be chosen

is a good item against Tanks. Moreover it provides AD for Lee Sin's and AS that can be useful, combined with his passive to get back energy faster. The spell vampirism can work well with the magic damage of this item. However, I recommend this item if within the enemies there are at least two tanks.

is another good choice providing AS and magic damage. The addition of magic resistance (from last update) can be very interesting against AP enemies.

This is a long time I did not try Tiamat on Lee Sin. By choosing this item instead of , you can have constant AOE damages added to your . The magic damage can help you to re-generate faster thanks to your spell vampirism.

Another interesting stake-able item, but at a higher price. Sbires are easy target for Lee Sin that are killed so fast. So maybe it could be also interesting to invest in this item.

You can choose this item instead of your first . Constant magic damage for your spell vampirism, armor and health, what else?

If in the enemies there is any champion who likes to be alone and to run very fast providing very high damage, investing in this item should be a good option. Coupled with your , it would be impossible for him to escape.

could also be very interesting, providing AS, AD, health, resistance... . Moreover, the UNIQUE passive can be often because Lee Sin has many AD spell with small Cool Down.

This is an incredible item against enemies such as Poppy, Ash or any AP carry with big burst. It also provides magic resistance and life.

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To finish, you have a champion with:
- nice CC against AD and against escaping enemies,
- very HIGH Damage (physical and magic),
- HIGH health and life RE-GENERATION,
- nice mobility

Play with Lee Sin is very enjoyable, but with a resistant Lee Sin with HIGH Damage, it is quite better!

I am sure you will enjoy this Lee Sin, so please have a try and let here your comments ;)

UPDATE 13/05/2011: Change the last three items * * * * to
* * (last items are up to you)

PS: Thanks for your comments Dar****Jr