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Lee Sin Build Guide by MrKraytGR

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrKraytGR

Lee Sin-The Blind Monk[The Unstoppable Top Laner]

MrKraytGR Last updated on January 21, 2014
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Hello MobaFire Community! I am MrKrayt, here to present a guide on how to play Lee Sin.

Lee Sin is a melee fighter/assassin. He can be built to engage in extended fights by dealing sustained damage with his abilities. He can also be built to deal bursts of damage and quickly disengage before the enemy has time to deal too much damage.

His focus in teams can be, but not limited to:

Initiating fights.

Disengaging fights.

Assassinating key targets.

Protecting allies.


Carrying a game early.

A properly played Lee Sin will be able to be highly mobile and tough to kill with his skills, while setting himself and/or his team up for kills with his abilities.

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Flat AD on both hisMarks andQuints will scale well with all of his abilities.Flat Armor andMR will insure that you have a safe laning experience, especially against champions that can deal a lot of damage in the early laning stages or champions that deal mixed (hybrid) damage.

attack damage: 15.30
armor: 12.69
magic resist: 12.06

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(Update) This setup gives Lee Sin the most optimal damage output:

Double Edged Sword will help Lee Sin dish out more damage, while being able to ignore the 1% increased damage with his naturally high sustain. Mental Force keeps Lee Sin's abilities up.

Brute Force and Martial Mastery, because he is AD.

I get all 3 points on Executioner, which works together well with Sonic Wave (and your damage output in general). But I ignore Dangerous Game since you won't gain too much out of the mana or health, since you can just Life Steal most of the damage back up afterwards.

Both Spell and Blade Weaving are good on Lee Sin. Spell Weaving works with with the Atk Spd increase, while Blade Weaving will work as long nicely if you need to spam out your abilities. Warlord, no need to explain.

Devastating Strikes will give Pens for not only for your physical damage, but also for magic damage from . Finishing off with Havoc will help Lee Sin deal even more damage.

The remaining 9 points for Defense will serve its purpose. Enchanted Armor will give extra resistances from items. Block and Unyielding will block a lot of damage from auto attacks or DoTs early on. Veteran Scars and Juggernaut will give you plenty of health throughout the entire game.

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This is how Lee Sin keeps his energy from dropping like a pair of sacs. By spacing out your primary and secondary abilities with one or two autoattacks, you will refund a lot of the energy costs, especially from your primary abilities, since they will use up 50 energy. You will also gain some nice attack speed boost so long as you space out your abilities, which allows you to focus more on flat AD.
Sonic Wave
This ability will be the skill you need to master if you are going to be serious with picking up Lee Sin.
This ability will be your gap closer and your main source of damage early on. By hitting your target with Sonic Wave, then quickly closing in with Resonating Strike, you can deal good bursts amounts of damage with more points on it. This ability will also reveal, so you should have no excuse for getting juked in brushes or Fog of War when you hit your target withSonic Wave.

This ability can also help you get out of sticky situations. By using the jungle or even lane minions, you can jump to them in order to bypass terrain. This will take some time, but proper use of Sonic Wave to escape will pull some really high-play stuff.

Lee Sin's only source of magic damage and overall utility spell.
The magic damage it grants will be favored against lanes that will stack a lot of Armor against you early on. This ability, likeSonic Wave, will reveal your opponents, so they won't be able to hide from you. If that wasn't enough, the secondary ability will slow and reduce Attack Speed, which insures that they can not confront you hand to hand (autoattacks).

Tempest will also be better to sustain, in combination with the spell vamp gained from Iron Will, since you will be able to hit multiple enemies with it. The increased slow and Attack Speed percentages will really help reduce minion aggro and auto attacks from your opponent.

Lee Sin's primary sustain and escape tool.

The damage shield that it grants to you (and your unit of choice if you target them with it) will block some annoying pokes that your opponents will throw out in lane. The life steal and spell vamp it grants as a secondary will be required if you need to sustain in a lane.

The escape tool comes from targeting an ally unit. In a lane, you can disengage quickly by jumping to the nearest ally minion with Safeguard. You can also use this ability on ANY targettable ally units, which include wards and pets.
Dragon's Rage
The almighty Roundhouse kick.

It deals a great amount of burst damage, which can potentially hit an entire team in narrow areas of the jungle. This ability will also setup yourSonic Wave quite well, since your opponent will be knocked back in a straight lane.

But the main use of this ability will be to disengage. By creating space between you and your opponents, you can choose whether or not to follow up later with a Sonic Wave and Reson, or just use it to keep away a frontline champion.

You can also use this to kick back a target into your team. The 1200 range on his knockback is very generous and will, more or less, isolate your desired target from the enemy team.

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This section will discuss the combos that you can perform with Lee Sin's abilities:
This is the standard Poke combination. By hitting your opponent with Sonic Wave and Reson, then quickly disengage with Safeguard, you leave them no room for countering. Just make sure you have something to jump to with Safeguard, whether that be a minion or a ward, otherwise this combo will be more dangerous.

Another poke combo. This is the safest combo for poking, as you have the shield, as well as the attack speed debuff. But this is much weaker compared to QQW and you will also lose your only reliable escape in the lane, so don't use this combo if you will get outtraded or caught out of position.

Your sustaining combo. Double tap W and hit E quickly when you are surrounded by a lot of enemy units. You will gain spell vamp for every unit that you hit with Tempest, which will result in a lot of health gain. This will push the lane a bit, so keep that in mind.

>> (basic attack) > (basic attack) >> (basic attack) > (basic attack) >Tempest/Cripple will help you setup your Sonic Wave effectively, although it can be tough to pull this off if you are bunched up near minions, since they can screw with your Sonic Wave. Either way, this combo will insure that you can pull off your Sonic Wave.

> (basic attack) > (basic attack) >>>
Your finishing combo. By using your ultimate before Reson, you will take advantage of the bonus damage from Reson with their lower life. Add an Ignite before all of this, and you should be able to finish any enemy off.

This is how you are going to kick back a target into your teammates. By kicking a key target into your team, you will be able to take out someone before a big fight starts. If you add Tempest/Cripple after this, you will prevent the enemy team from being able to do anything to save your "Roundhoused" target.

This combination will , but will require quick fingers. By dropping a ward and quickly onto it will allow you to create just enough distance to kick them back into your desired direction.

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Skill Order

Skill order all depends what kind of lane you are up against:
will be your main harassing tool and damage in the lane.

is your overall defensive tool for sustaining and escaping. I recommend maxing this first for a safe experience in lane.

will be better for dueling and sustaining through a crowd of minions. This will also be maxed out for damage if your opponents stack a lot of armor.

is skilled anytime it's up (6, 11 and 16). It's just too good.

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So,that was my own Lee Sin Guide.I hope you liked it and get your Up-Vote(+1) :D!Don't forget to report trollers that destroying our ranked games :D!!And,while you are reading my guide or even when you are playing League of Legends listen this awesome song :