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Lee Sin Build Guide by Mcbanhammer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mcbanhammer

Lee-sin - Three Dashes - One Guide

Mcbanhammer Last updated on June 10, 2013
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Lee-sin: Master of Situational

Lee Sin Build

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Essential Tips


The tips are this:

Track the enemy jungler if you're in the jungle OR in top. Even in mid or support as Bee-sin, you must keep an eye out. (Yes, you can support. No, it isn't that great.)

Smartcast your ****, always.
Smartcast your wards, bind them to a mouse button (middle or side)
Smartcast your hydra, put it on a key or on the mouse like I do. I use a side button for it.

DON'T FORGET TO PUT YOUR ITEMS IN THE RIGHT SLOTS! I've died a lot from not putting my ward in my ward slot, or my hydra in my hydra slot and not being able to cast them fast enough. Keep this in mind or it may cripple you at a time that you just can't handle a disability.

You will use hydra more, put that on the easier key to hit. Use either a 3 or a mouse button. Ward you'll be able to have time to plan usually, and will be able to move your thumb for 200 ms to hit it. Hydra needs to be immediate. Ward, almost immediate. This is why we smartcast.

Wards are what make lee sin great. (You can Safeguard [w] to wards/people/jarvan's standard/teemo shrooms/zyra plants(?)/minions.

I don't build sightstone, but you should if you aren't a scrub like me that is in bronze I. 2nd or 3rd item. No need if you are STOMPING, but it's a great gp/5 (14.5 g/5 if used optimally) and you should still have a pink ward with you most of the time for baron and/or other places. It is slightly less important in solo que. It is always great.

This build is mostly ideal. Buy health (Mallet, Randuins, almost never Warmogs) if you max your Q or E. Buy the armor first if you max your W. It's all about maximizing your EHP/gold. Buy a hydra+bruta+LW for damage most games. Buy spirit visage if you are losing to a fed AP.

If a jungler comes and ganks you and a friend, you should let your friend run first. Tank the damage, and when they think you're committed, w out to your friend or a minion instead of running. This ensures that you can get away, and moreso that your team mate can. People that understand this strategy will love you. People that don't will cost you a sightstone ward to escape with. It's a good tactic. Q is an escape too! Hit a golem with it, press it again, fly 30 mph through a tree and kick it in the face before laughing and shouting CYA NERDS at the enemy in good style.

Making love in the bush:

If you want to really bone an enemy, do it near a bush. You can get vision of them the whole time, and you can jump in and out of the bush to annoy them. I won't detail this section, standard bush jukes apply.

as you run past baron, you can just kinda.. q to him and run like mad out the other side. Only if you have ~300 Ehp or more, or your w is up and maxed. It is HP costly, but effective as an escape. You can also just hide in baron after pretending to ward jump to tribush at top lane. It works if they're dumb or tunnel visioning. (They can't see just behind the barriers at the entrance from the river... they have to walk in or get a really good angle.) so w to ward, q to baron, run. Much of Lee is mind games. You'll figure out your own gambits with time.

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Skill Order (Or lack there-of)

Skill order, like everything, is situational on Lee-sin. This is why I skipped this section of the guide, it's up to you! The only essential part is that you get one point in each at lvl 1 2 and 3, and a point in your ult when it's ready to be taken. I almost always max my q because I don't miss often. If you miss often, or your lane opponent is particularly good, max E for the slow and cripple or W for the sustain and shield. Q cooldown goes down per level, w doesn't, so w is kinda a one point wonder if you don't need the sustain.

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Lee is good at this. He stays in lane forever if you're careful, and his auto attack animation is nice. Super easy last hitting with AD reds and quints. With hydra it gets even easier. With maxing E and hydra you can get better-than-perfect farm some games. Aim for 70 at 10 minutes, this is an acceptable CS for most games. As you enter late game, let your team clear most of the farm, as you fall off late game. This is natural and mostly unavoidable outside of buying lw and the aoe damage.

In the Jungle, well, cs isn't a big deal anymore. You're all about utility. Focus on helping lanes. If you're behind and gank, you can take a creep or two if they want to push turret. Don't be that jungler that decides to push turret when the situation isn't right out of greed. Keep it crisp!

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The Art Of Peeling

Lee-Sin is a top tier peeler. Everything in your kit is good at it, literally. You can q in to get to them to slow them. You can W to a friend to kick them away after a slow so they can't chase. You can kick people over walls. You can kick people into people to stop them from killing someone. You can full combo that squishy chasing your 100 hp ashe. If you are failing in your game, look to the best player on your team that game and guard them with your life, literally. They're worth more gold, just keep them alive even if it means dying.

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I get a lot of talk about my shenanigans, so here's my build and some tips that are brief. This is a quick look guide, and is focused on jungle. I will mention some basics, and a few combos to work on over time. You can practice combos (without ult) on your golems and camps, along with cannon minions to get your feel for them. Don't buy wriggles unless you're behind. It's still good, but you can do better for your slots. It's a nice item if you get stuck behind and must farm. Hydra is better.


Pay attention to the timer. Kill it with your q. Second part of q does % dmg. This is why it is at the end of the next section. 6 min dragon, 5 min buffs, 7 min baron. Think of it like the strongest is 7 minutes, the weakest (red, blue) is 5. That's how I remembered it at first.

Nag team to help, request high leash so you can gank faster. Say it like that. Gank fast either way.

Wraith->Red (smite)->GANK-> GANK(optional)->Wraiths->Wolves->Blue

If they have a counter jungler like shyv, ward your jungle. It's worth it. Buy a sightstone or you'll end up looking dumb with your lack of items due to spending your meager cash on wards. Watch your wards! Your team won't. Ping if you see ganks coming to lanes. Call the jung mia if he doesn't show up where he is supposed to be at the right time. Keep everyone safe, defend them with vigor, and be cruel and punishing to your enemies.

Take kills if you're good and in low ELO (be honest.), give the kills to the lane if you are far ahead. Remember, you fall off a little late game, some characters don't. If your jax is top and you can give him kills, do it. If Yorik is top, take kills, your gold is worth more so to speak. This is a matter of debate among junglers. I generally only take them if I am in trouble gold wise, and give them away otherwise. It makes the lane happier. If you take the kill and they get mad, apologize. If they take the kill and you have SOTO, be a little annoyed.

SOTO: Take all the kills. Build GA.

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Here's the trick to lee: he's amazing at combos, and will kill squishies from full health at lvl 6 under turret in about 1 second at most.

Here's how! Q, auto attack, e, auto attack, e active+TIAMAT LOL, ULT, Q AGAIN FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE.

This combo is insane, and can pull 2200+ damage with just a brutalizer and tiamat. You are SCARY all game to anything with low HP! Save second part of Q til the end so you can chase better, and because if you ult them where you're going, you can go there for free as a flying monkey. You also get bonus damage the lower health the enemy is, so try to figure out when you can use it as an execute. You also can auto them one more time after q. If they don't die and they aren't a tank, just fight them. Lee is one of the, if not the strongest (lol garen) lvl 1 duelist. Udyr may still poop on you if you're unlucky. Be careful... ish.

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Bee-sin/Greensin/Troll builds

To form the sex machine that is Bee-sin, you build a stinger. It also can replace your boots eventually, it isn't completely troll.

AP LEE!: AP Lee-sin is awful, but is hilarious. With 40 cdr you have w every few seconds, and it has a .8 ratio for you and the other person you shield. This allows you to be a super hero like shen once in a while, but isn't worth the trade off in damage. If you do this, build a Lichbane, Malady and a lot of CDR. The aspd helps your passive while the CDR makes your spells eat your energy at an equal rate. This is why BOTRK is great on you, as well.

On-Hit oddity: Building Lee like a coked out Teemo/udyr hybrid is fun, but not that great. You start trinity force which is good on its own, and then add a witt's end. You go lucidity boots or Merc treads. Your aim here is 40 cdr combined with a blue item for jungle clear, and all the utility of your skills for ganks. It also works top vs malphite, but that's another story.

Blue Lee: SOTEL, Mallet, LW, Sightstone, Merc Treads, BOTRK, Guardian Angel. This build honestly is hardly troll; it's effective! It's also awkward to build when you know that there's other things that work better. On the other hand, it's super fun and a great idea for goofing off with friends in normal games, though admittedly I've played (and won) games with it in ranked. Then again, I'm a scrub! You can ditch one of the items (obviously) but maximum blueness can be acquired by buying seven items, and then carrying one in your spell slots.

Legendary Sin: It's 5 blood thirsters and a set of boots of your choice. 4 BT+HYDRA AND LW is optimal for this build, but it's more hilarious to build 6 blood thirsters instead.

Greensin: Green sin is when you add a SOTO to the start of your build as your 1st-3rd item. You can't buy green potion anymore, so you rush a Spirit Visage and Speed boots. You then add a FREAKIN'GUNBLADE AND A MERC SCIMITAR for maximum hilarity and green-ness. Zephyr (lack of merc treads op) and more green is after that. Build above (build 2). If you skip SOTO, this build works very well on paper, and decently well in game. I wouldn't do it much in ranked. Like always, AD everything but yellow and blue. (flat.)

More to come as I try them out!

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MOJO: The Art Of Winning

Becoming a master of your own mojo will help you in-game and outside of it. You must ignore those who are weak or encourage them, never be rude unless they're the rare type that respond well to that. People like to rebel against orders; just be nice and ask instead. Say the words "just get your mojo back, you'll be fine" and for the most part, everything really will be. If you're kind in your games, you will win more of them. Your teams will carry you. You will convert trolls to nice guys by being kind to them, at least for one game. Don't even dare insist on going top. Just mention that it's where your best, and show excessive (but not demeaning to yourself) amounts of respect to other players. Trust me, you don't want to be banned like my first account for being a toxic bastard. It's always better to be kind.

Check me out on Lolking at , and keep on winning!

I'll pretty up this guide eventually, but I'm sure it's intelligible right now, so I'll post it so I can put more work into it. Try not to be a scrub! (someone that insists on playing a certain way, similar to a noob, but putting your noobness on other people's shoulders.)

Good luck, may your enemies suck, and may your team enjoy your mad leet plays.