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Leona Build Guide by ChaseyJJ

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChaseyJJ

Leona, The Radiant Tank

ChaseyJJ Last updated on July 18, 2011
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Tank 3v3 or 5v5


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Not Updated For Current Season

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Leona, The Radiant Dawn
Well, this is my first time making a build or atempting to make one so don't troll to much. But let me get straight to the point of why I love Leona.

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Pros / Cons

*Good damage dealer for a tank
*Good health pool
*Great CC
*Good farmer
*Dies quickly if focused without help
*Low damage late game compaired to others

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I chose runes because well of course Leona abilitys base off magic dmg/AP so it gives here extra pen. because as this build is a "Tank" build but she also needs to be able to dish out some damage for one to help the team besides taking hits, and two keeping yourself alive and able to dish out fair amount of damage.

Next I chose Seal of Vitality because you want Leona to be beefy and to have alot of HP because of the items you get and the help of her W ability you will have plenty of armor/magic resist.

And finaly , I had a hard time finding what Glyphs to choose because well there are not anything in Glyph that well stand out alot beside the Cooldown reduction and the AP per level Glyphs, and also as I mentioned with the Marks you will need to be able to dish out decent damage.

Last is your Quintessence which will be I choose these also for the lack of superior AP items the spell pen. these give along with your should give maximum damage penetration.

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I go with a standard 9/21/0 talent tree for the extra Armor, Damage reduction, and Magic resist and the second to last talent also gives her some AP for added damage.

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Summoner Spells

The first and (imo) most important summon spell is . Its good for getting to the action quicker, getting away from ganks or to get in range for a gank. It's an all around great spell to use and is a must have.

Second I choose , it will help weaken an enemy champion making he/she deal less damage and be slowed. It's good to get the upper hand on the enemy or even to allow you to get away from ganks or just to survive.

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Ok lets talk about the goodies (items), I start with a Mana crystal for of course the mana so you wont have slim to no mana issues for your first 6 levels, also to set up for your Tear of the Goddess later, and finaly a .

Next is your handy icon=Mercury treads size=64], helpfull for all that CC your going to recieve from the enemy it's an all around great item for any tank.

Next is , you want this because you want to make sure your always ready and not low on mana, once you reach this item you will have 0 mana issues and never go oom (out of mana). And its a cheap item in general and later goes twards your Archangle staff.

After the Mercury treads I head straight for a as your second completed item I get this second because your going to need to build your stacks up on it for the bonus HP. Might as well build it early and stack up so your ready, right?

Now here is where you may change up the item order and by that I mean the order of your 3rd-4th item spots, the and . It all depends what champions your going up agianst so pay attention to the type of champ they are (AP/Magic or AD)/ as your 4th if you are fighting AD based champs and also for the 100 armor it gives you, and it damages any enemy champ whose attacking you deal damage back to them so you can take on for example a Teemo or Master yi.

Your 5th item will be to finish off your by then you should have around 2000 mana or more, Arch. staff grants 80 AP and 3% of your mana pool in trasfered as AP aswell so you geet a nice AP boost once you get this item.

Your 6th will be a , It gives a nice 500 HP and another 80 AP which is nice in both the tanking and damage department.

After reaching level 18 and stacking up your you should be at or close to 4000 HP maybe even a tad more and have plenty of Armor and Magic resist from your items and Eclispe ability.

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Skill Sequence

This ability is great it deals extra damage on your next auto attack and stuns for 1.25 seconds its great for initiateing a fight or getting away, and is really good at stoping a enemy champ from running when paired with your (E) ability you hit (Q) then (E) and you will teleport to the enemy champ you hit and whack him one good time and stun.

This is your most important ability in a tank build it gives you more armor and magic resist up to 70 when you have reached rank 5, it also does AoE damage after 3 seconds and this causes the shield to remain active another 3 seconds makeing a total of 6 seconds, but when you use (W) make sure you hit an enemy champion or minion in order to get the max duration. This ability is also good for farming minions in your lane aswell.

This is also a great ability though it's only good for catching up to an enemy champ or getting to one quicker its damage output isn't all that great so this is why you max this ability last.

This is your trusty Ulti, it does an AoE damage that slows all enemys hit by 80%, and if an enemy champion happens to be in the middle when it hits they will be stunned, so you want to try to land the stun make sure if your opponent is moving aim ahead of him a little bit, there is a small delay after activating this ability but its not too long so only aim a tad bit ahead. In team fights aim for the largest cluster of the enemy team to try and land a stun on multiple enemys. This ability also works great to get away because of the slow and or stun depending how you hi tthe guy chasing you, but other wise a great utility ability.

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Unique Skills

Here Im going to talk about your rotation, after you have all ability's at rank 1+ which should be at level 7, you will want to run this rotation to maximize your damage and effectiveness. start out with (btw this rotation might take some time to get down befor you start landing it perfectly) don't wait the 3 seconds and after your (W) activate only activate it dont hit quite yet and make sure your not to close to minions or your going to waste it, next line up for by the time you teleport with Zenith balde(E) and hit with your (W) should proc after that hit them with your and rinse repeat so order all togeather will be (W), (Q), (E), (R) then repeat, and at level 18 your CD(cooldowns) should be low enough at this point to land the order perfect and repeat without any problems.

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A few things to go over befor I end this guide, make sure you set up (Q) and , and make sure you identify the largest threats of the other team and if they are AP or AD to judge your 3rd item or and try to stack your Warmog's armor size64 as soon as possible, and remember also that when you die you don't lose your stacks.