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Leona Build Guide by whybother34

Leona The Shining Sun

Leona The Shining Sun

Updated on February 7, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author whybother34 Build Guide By whybother34 23 3 125,512 Views 10 Comments
23 3 125,512 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author whybother34 Leona Build Guide By whybother34 Updated on February 7, 2022
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Runes: do it


Biscuit Delivery
Hextech Flashtraption

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Hi I'm Whybother34 Rank 7 150000 mastery points and I bought project Leona the first day it came out.(just a fun fact) I've been maining the sun girl since late season 5 and I at one point was in the top 500 mastery points for leona in NA so I know what I'm talking about. Now let me say that I have a lot of things to say about Leona and if you get anything from this guide just remember these 5 words. "Punish Farming With Extreme Prejudice". Now onto the next bit. Also sorry for never updating this for about a year.
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Pros / Cons

Extremely tanky- especially with your W
Strong CC- with a root a stun and a stun/80% slow if Leona doesn't want someone to move they don't move
Great pick potential with EQ and your passive
Surprising damage- your auto q auto combo especially with iceborn gauntlet does a scary amount of damage

Aggressive play style- you have to play very aggressive and if you fail you will die
Melee support- of course you are but still it's annoying to get poked by ranged champs so much
Not a easy match- Leona isn't like Braum Thresh or Karma she doesn't work with all adc's but more on that later
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Team Work

Leona works well with

She doesn't work with any safe adc's like
Kog Maw
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Gameplay Early Game

Leona has a great lanning phase especially her level 1-3. Your AQA combo hurts and at level 3 you W the EAQA. Just make sure you turn the W on and go quickly in or else they will back away. Post 3 never let anyone take anything for granted. Remember the football coach saying no one comes into our house without paying the price. Yeah do that. Good rule of thumb anyone who goes past their own caster minions are the perfect target for you. Your early kill pressure with your heavy CC and ignite makes you a threat. Post 6 get your roam on and head towards mid they will appreciate it when you drop you ult and give them a nice kill. Use your ult for initiation and catching escaping enemies. Since it has a delay you need to predict where they will go. Always tank for your team and be the front line. When you hit mid game you can tank almost anything. You can get more bonus armor than rammus. You can have the most MR in the game with your W. Never underestimate the power of your W for tanking.
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Gameplay Mid/Late Game

Mid to Late Game The s(t)un girl is a beast. Iceborn in hand an eye in your inventory, you go around shield bashing, sword dashing, armor mr gaining and making everyone just hate your guts. If you happen to be talking to your adc/mid laner you can tell them when you are going and they can combo with you and make the enemy team spam their dead bodies with question marks. Once you have your locket you will have 116 bonus Armor if you run my runes 121 with unyielding mastery.
With your W at max on you will have 206 armor. Add on 67 armor for being level 11 and you get a total of 273 armor. This is from 2 items, one of which is meant for the MR it provides along with a shield the armor is supposed to be just a nice extra. Your MR just for referance at level 11 is 197 with your W. You can see why you're a stupidly strong tank now right? 2 items and 1 ability and you have these stupid stats? FOR 6 SECONDS? Yeah I love my Leona.
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Well I know this wasn't a perfect guide but I'll update it later with who you do good against and other builds. If this guide helped you out I would appreciate it to leave a comment with advice so I can do better. Thank you and I'll see you on the rift.
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Thank you guys for 300 views! I had no idea I would ever get this many people to read my guide. Also I'm now at 81500 Mastery points. As a comment suggested I will try out redemption on Leona, and yes I know that knights vow is not a great item. I like it on Braum (cough cough look at my Braum guide) but on Leona it's not incredible.

500 views! Thank you guys so much and thank you Ms.Maw for voting on this. With the new items coming out I personally would built a gargoyle stoneplate since getting 40 armor and mr is good but since you dive into the enemy team you will generally have 80 armor and mr. Plus that Active helps you get health when you're not building too healthy on her( average game I have 2 health items 3 resistance items and boots). I'm almost at 85000 points. Once again thank you so much for reading this. Also you can max your q second since you get and iceborn second. I was against it but I tried it again and honestly it helps so much for your damage.

Changed seals to scaling health.

I'm so happy I made it to Silver playing only support. I know I haven't updated this in a while but thank you guys for reading.

With the update to leona q and passive I have some advice. The q reduced timer is very nice but late game its a second slower which honestly isn't that bad it helps early game but very early before you have more mana be carful with how you spam it. Her passive does more damage which is great for when you are a duo with your adc but the reduced the time of the mark staying makes it harder to proc. The increased damage is great but your partner has 2 less seconds to get it so honestly watch your damage decrease in lanning unless you have a lucian or ez even an mf with e who can easily proc the passive.

Update like number 7. Over 8k views wow! Thank you all so much. Now I haven't been playing a lot of leo recently due to everyones favorite item ardent censor. It makes janna the cancer of league of legends and janna does really well into leona. With her q on PBE having a lower flat CD it's really bad for leona since it makes the cooldown on her q lower than the base cooldown on your e so she can always **** up your engage. Don't worry you can still play her but god janna is such a *****.

Welcome to season 8 boys. I can't believe that i have passed 30k views! Thank you all so much!

Uh 50k views? WHAT THE F*CK! Wow thank you guys so much! Also I finally changed the shinning sun to shining sun finally.

Its been a while guys. I'd like to say how am I still the 4th highest leona guide? With 80K views? Thank you guys so much I'm updating the build and some minor details as well as my Braum guide.

Ay I'm back after ages and I'm almost at 100k views? Thank you guys so much!

Ya boi finally hit gold!

I swear to god I just check this thing occasionally and go "I made the 5th most read leona guide on mobafire as a bronze scrub". It's hilarious.
League of Legends Build Guide Author whybother34
whybother34 Leona Guide
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Leona The Shining Sun

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