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Kled Build Guide by KledForever



Updated on May 19, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KledForever Build Guide By KledForever 7,147 Views 1 Comments
7,147 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KledForever Kled Build Guide By KledForever Updated on May 19, 2024
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Runes: My personal runes

1 2 3
Legend: Haste
Last Stand

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3
Normal spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide


By KledForever
This is my Ultimatum Kled guide that will keep being updated everytime i have something new (and i remember to update it lol)
Its still not finished but meh, something is something ig
The basic things
(To make the guide shorter i will not explain his normal kit, if you want to learn about it then i recommend searching for him on the wiki)

Kled is an AD only bruiser/assasin early game champion, hes a high risk but high reward champion, being specially good when he has an advantage and, on the right hands, can 1v9 every game with said advantage, but if Kled is behind then its specially hard to come back to the game.

Kled is a really hard champion not because of being hard mechanically, but because theres so many interactions and knowledge on him that you can only discover by playing him and its not usually found on a guide (a lot of them can be found on this guide thought).
Kled’s specialities are:

Being able to easily turn around fights by himself, specially on early game he can do 1v2 fights. giving him an unexpected advantage over the enemy on his fights.

Kled is one of-If not- the best divers in the entire game, his demount passive can make him drop tower aggro to someone else and, if the burst is enough, can even remount when the tower is still hitting him, letting him tank even more shots and being able to escape with his E when mounted and his Q when demounted.

Kled roams and iniciations are no joke. His R can be used for 4 things: Ganking, Iniciating, Comboing and Escaping, but more on that later.

However, Kled’s weaknesses are:

Kled is really really hard to learn and can only be truly learnt with experience and not just by watching guides. I know im doing a guide and saying this, but i can only help you learn the technical and mechanical part about Kled, in the middle of the fight YOU have to improvise with what you have and the situation.

If Kled is behind then its almost over for him, principally if you play him as a bruiser/tank.

If you still play him as a bruiser/tank then late game is going to be HELL for you. He can also sometimes be matchup dependant.
Multiple phases of the game
Early game (min 0-15): Farm and try killing the enemy on your lane when you hit level 3. if you’re in a really bad matchup (Fiora, Jax, etc.) then just try farming with Q from far away and don’t let them demount you. Always try letting the wave push to you so you can farm calmly or search for an opportunity to engage onto them, Kled is surprisingly good at letting the wave push into him. In case of getting demounted try poking with Q and last hitting minions to recover Skaarl. If you won lane or see a good opportunity to roam then do it, Kled on early game with enough advantage can be present on both voidgrubs and both drakes, having a Kled on early fights can definitively be the difference between winning and losing the game.

Mid game (min 15-30): If the game is close to ending thanks to the early advantages that you got then stick to the team, iniciate good and winnable teamfights with your R and your team behind you, get objectives, turrets and end the game easily. If this is not the case then you can still teamup with your team or splitpush. Kled has good splitpush potential with his W + Demolish rune, he can push waves easily with any hydra item and hes perfect for 1v2 even in midgame.

Late game (min 30+): It’s kinda the same as the midgame plan, just splitpush if you see the opportunity, late game Kled with good ad and Demolish rune can take any turret in under 7 AA counting the W bonus AS. Your R is really powerful at this point on the game, being able to take a BIG part of the health of the enemy tank, considering at level 16 fully charged R does at least 36% of the enemy max health as AD damage and gives you a shield the more you charge it, both the damage and shield having a big AD scale.
Secret tips/interactions
Passive (mounted): All of Kled extra health (runes, items, etc) goes directly into Skaarl health bar and not into Kled health bar.

If you used your mounted Q or your E and got dismounted, the cooldowns will still be there, so when you get remounted you have your Q and E back.

Passive(dismounted): When dismounted, Kled’s AA range goes up by 50 units

Kled can get courage by last hitting minions, hitting objectives (structures/epic monsters) and by hitting champions. What people don’t know is that participating in a kill gives you the same courage as hitting a basic attack on an enemy champion. So killing an enemy champion with a basic attack gives you +40 courage instead of the normal +20 courage.

Kled dismounted Q has 2 charges, every pellet gives you +5 courage, hitting all pellets gives you a total of +25 courage, meaning that in getting remounted in a fight you need to hit 4 AA and 2 Q’s hitting at least 2 pellets each or hitting 4 or 5 pellets in one Q.

Hitting an immortal or invulnerable champ (Hitting Tryndamere on his R, Taric on his R, Kayle on his R, Kindred on her R, etc) with Q or AA will STILL give you courage. Also hitting an enemy with a spellshield with a dismounted Q will not do damage but still give you courage per pellet hit.

When dismounted he has the slowest base speed in the game but has higher base speed than any champ when running into an enemy champ. This speed goes out after like 0.25 or 0.5 seconds if you run back. This means that a dismounted Kled using the extra AA range + using correctly the chase dismounted speed + W extra attack speed + W short AA animation means that you can actually kite really well with Kled when dismounted, getting even more space and damage using your dismounted Q.

Q (Mounted): If you pull the enemy with your Q they actually get slowed AND antiheal, meaning that, depending on the matchup and depending on your one-shot potential it’s not THAT serious to get antiheal on matchups like Volibear, Irelia or Aatrox if you can hit your Q

Kled Q has a low range, its as thin as Kalista Q and its slow, so a REALLY good and mandatory thing to learn with Kled is doing the E + Q combo, using your E as a range extender its not only good to move while using your Q, it gives you WAY more chasing potential and its faster than using your normal Q. You don’t have to use E + Q EVERY time you can do it, but for starting fights/chasing it’s almost mandatory.

Kled Q (Dismounted): Kled Q knocks you back, but a lot of people doesn’t know that the knockback can let you go throught walls, meaning that dismounted Kled can have a really really good escape if hes escaping on the jungle instead of just running on the middle of the lane. With enough positioning you can go over more walls than you and even i know, so don’t be scared of trying thicker walls, maybe you can do it. If you really need it you can go on practice tool and try any walls that you want.

When you hit someone with Kled dismounted Q when the enemy has a spellshield (Sivir W, Nocturne W, Edge of Night, etc.), even thought it doesn’t do damage it will give you courage per pellet

Kled W: This ability activates itself alone when you hit an autoattack against EVERYTHING (except jungle fruits) so be careful when you use it, sometimes if you’re confident enough it’s worth losing those 2-4 minions for a better trade or a potential kill on the enemy guy.

Something you ALWAYS do in early game is to ALWAYS save at least one skill point for your W, DO NOT UPGRADE IT THE SECOND U CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re going to just waste your W on some minions and then you’re going to be 11 seconds on early game without ur highest damage ability, being really vulnerable on early fights. Save a point and try to fight if you think that you can win the 1v1 or 1v2 with your W, if you reach level 5 and STILL didn’t use your W just upgrade it already.

When you 1v1 or 1v2 on early with your W and want to upgrade it so u can use it on the fight, think about if you would not get remounted if you get dismounted. Kled’s W is REALLY good for making you get remounted again, so sometimes its better to bait them by losing ur mount in the middle of the fight and THEN upgrade your W so you can remount and get ur abilities again, making 1v1’s easier or making possible some hard 1v2’s.

If the enemy approaches you and you KNOW that they wont survive more than 4 hits from your W then try using it the moment u can when they get close. For example: Enemy Sett and Kled has 300 health, Kled will die in 2 AA from Sett’s Q but Sett will die from 1 normal AA and the fourth W AA (Fourth W AA does extra physical damage). The fact that Kled is dismounted gives him an AA range advantage and the increased AS from my W means that even if Sett sprints at him with his Q or even resetting AA with Q Kled WILL get 2 AA before him, so when he comes running at Kled he uses the first 2 W AA on a random minion and hits Sett with the last 2. If Kled didn’t AA the minions then Sett would have died on 3 hits, on which he can just put 2 Q AA on him and kill him easily.

Kled E: When you hit a big target with your E1 it will mark them, giving you TRUE VISION and letting you dash at them again if they don’t get far enough. True vision means that champions that are invisible (Akali W, Shaco Q, Wukong W, Kha’zix R, etc) will now be targetable again. This is MORE than enough to make Kled a REALLY good counter against Akali.

When you hit someone with E1 and E2 it will grant you a small boost in speed, being 50% for 1 second at ALL levels, making him even better at chasing and at dodging enemy skillshots.

When you mark someone with E1 you can’t change where E2 goes, it will ALWAYS go to his target even if the marked target is dead.

E1 can’t make Kled go over walls, but if you can dash against a marked target then you will ALWAYS chase it, doesn’t matter if hes over a wall.

It doesn’t matter if you hit the enemy with the smallest pixel, if you hit E1 it will always make Kled go behind him, making it possible to extend his range a little bit.

With all this information what should i do when chasing someone?

Be. Patient.

I know this sounds funny with Kled, but if you hit someone with E1 and use E2 immediatly without being sure that he’s going to DIE in that second then you’re not using it at its full potential. Wait for the last second because the enemy might use a dash over a wall (Ezreal E, Wukong W, Zeri E, Flash, Etc) and you can keep following them over the walls. If you learn how to be patient with this ability then you’re god chasing people.

Kled R: Kled R has a long range and the more distance you run with it, you have more damage and more shield.

Kled ultimate can be used for REALLY good ganking and diving principally. The speed and long range gives Kled the capacity to gank from line and using the speed boost to put your team on the face of the enemy in no time, together with a REALLY good diving potential, making the shield, the extra damage and the close-up, together with Kled’s passive, mixes them into making the best formula for diving. A lot of times you mix those 2 and use your Ultimate to dive the enemy team under tower with your team.

Other use that Kled R has is iniciation. Kled R can be one of the BEST iniciations tools in the game, giving your entire team a speed boost from anywhere in any angle, taking out half of the tank’s HP on the process and giving you an easy way to reach the enemy backline. If your team already has somebody to iniciate teamfights (Maokai, Malphite, Ornn, Etc.) you can use your R to get the perfect angle from the jungle and flank the enemy backline, bursting them and using your shield to survive.

Another way to use Kled R is in 1v1. This is situational but you can use it to get a little damage bump + one extra AA (hitting someone with R can give you a secured AA). You can also use it to push people a little bit and interrupt things (Shen R, Ornn R2, Etc.)

A good and underrated use of Kled R is escaping. A good Kled R can also mean making your entire team escape from a high mobile enemy carry when your team has low HP, using the speed boost for everyone to move out of a fight that otherwise could have been lost. Also your R makes you invulnerable to stuns, so you can also use it to escape from secured stuns.

If the enemy is close enough to the other side of the wall, you can use your R to jump over walls into them.

When Kled R targets someone it will FOLLOW THEM until Kled gets dismounted, so no, Ezreal player, using your E and your Flash the second Kled ultimate targets you won’t save you from him, it will only aisle you from your own team.

A way to counter this is if someone gets into the way of the targeted enemy, then Kled R will hit them instead of the targeted enemy.
KLED MID?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!
Yes, believe it or not, Kled on the midlane can be as solid as Kled toplane and i have my reasons:

Kled can be really matchup dependant or just have impossible matchups, on midlane Kled can avoid a massive part of this problem.

Roaming: On toplane, Kled can only roam to topside enemy jungle, midlane and to voidgrubs/herald from his lane, but in midlane he can gank to toplane, botlane, voidgrubs/herald, dragon and any way of the jungle with just his R and some walking.

If almost no one knows how to play against Kled on toplane, there’s NO chance someone knows how to play against Kled on the midlane.

Even thought midlane has more ranged and poke matchups, these weren’t never really a problem with Kled, even more with Voltaic sword.

Now, how do you play Kled mid? Easy! (Considering that you are applying all the tips on the last chapters.)

Try farming with your Q from far away, try avoiding as much poke damage as possible, play really passive, don’t be afraid of losing CS and just let the wave push into you so you can try farming, play passive until you get level 3 (Kled can also be REALLY good for early crab fights).

At level 3 do an all in, use flash and ignite if needed to kill but try getting the first blood on midlane, letting u back and then buy 2 longswords or tiamat if possible.

Rush Profane Hydra every game so you can get the waveclear. Once you can and see a good opportunity try pushing the wave with E + Q and letting tiamat do the rest, then you can walk over or just use your R to rotate for objectives, invading or ganking your other lanes.

Use your early advantage together with ur team and push the enemy team enough so you can win. If you can’t win yet because your advantage is not enough or ur team are monkeys then try staying on a sideline, pressing the enemy team and looking 1v1 or 1v2 while making pression on the map.
Honorable mentions
Lua you ****er @kayn__abuser
Alan smith (the sivir guy) for giving me a kog'maw build on clash (i lost) @AlanSivirSmith
Scourge for giving me a k'sante build on clash (i lost too, hope u get rank 1 k'sante tho) @Scoure232
Mc'chicken woman @MonsoonMommy
Aaron for being a big fan of Kled and saying that i can do this **** @OnlyAronot
Blurb and her awesome art seriously check it out i like it a lot @ohblurb
And last of all Bug'zix for showing me MOBAfire and telling me to calm down when i felt like i needed to keep doing the guide even tho i didn't want to @BugZixChannel
Thanks yall, hope we can get to more
If someone has any doubt please tell me on my discord: shotforever
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