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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Fizz Build Guide by C9Hai

Assassin Let's go Fishing!

Assassin Let's go Fishing!

Updated on February 12, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Hai Build Guide By C9Hai 11 1 850,338 Views 18 Comments
11 1 850,338 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Hai Fizz Build Guide By C9Hai Updated on February 12, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Fizz is a very fun champion, very mobile and has a lot of killing power. Also very cute! He is a champion that doesn't need much to do a lot, because his base damages are high and thus he requires one or two core items and he can do his job efficiently. His Urf skin is also my favorite and coolest :D!

Don't expect to master the Fish master right away, but once you are able to master him, boy is he fun and strong! It's okay to be over aggressive to learn your limits, just remember what happened for next time so you don't die again.

Anyway, please enjoy my Fizz guide and if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to ask me through my Facebook or a Tweet!
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//NOTE// For reds, you are able to do greater mark of hybrid penetration, but I'm personally not a fan of them. You can try it out and see how it goes, but I don't like them.
Flat Armor Seals
AP / Lvl Glyphs
Flat MR Glyphs
AP / Lvl Glyphs
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Summoner Spells

Ignite + Flash
(Lane Dominance)
Ignite + Barrier
(Global Pressure)
Teleport + Flash
If you run Teleport/Flash, you lose a lot of lane pressure and ultimately a lot of killing power, but in return you gain a lot of split pushing power and global map pressure, it’s a tradeoff and it depends on how your team plays to determine which one you want. For Solo Q I always just recommend lane pressure and dominate your lane, and then exert your lead onto other lanes by snowballing them as well.
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Skill Sequence

(1st - E)
Maxing E first is the best because it gives you wave clear, reduces the cool down on your gap escape+closer and it scales the best out of the 3 skills.
(2nd - Q)
Max Q next for the burst damage and CD reduction as well.
(3rd - W)
Max W last because it doesn't provide as much utility leveling it compared to the other two.
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Starting Items

There are a few starting items you can choose to do on Fizz. Depending on who you're vs will determine which item you start off with.
The first one is Flask + 3 Health Pots, it's the safest route and usually the best route. It allows you have a ton of sustain through lane and lets you farm.
(All In)
The second one is Doran's Ring + 2 Health Pots, it's a little bit more of an all in item since you don't have as much sustain, but you are a bit stronger.
The third one is Cloth Armor + 5 Health Pots, this one is for a super heavy AD like a Lucian or something.

//NOTE// You will want a Sweeping Lens by the time you can afford wards/start controlling vision around mid. So switch when you're able to!
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Final Items

(VS Assassins)
Zhonya's Hourglass

In the case you're vs a Zed or another Assassin, feel free to rush Hourglass as that allows you to be able to win duels vs said Assassin.
(VS Weak Laners)
Lich Bane

If you're vs a Twisted Fate or something that has no kill pressure, rush Lichbane so that you're able to kill them.
Generally speaking I'll rush Hourglass or Lichbane, finish the one I didn't get first, then build a Void Staff or Rabadon's Deathcap depending on how much MR the enemy team has. Next I finish the one I didn't get there and finally finish the build with a Guardian Angel.

You can get the Guardian Angel earlier if you'd like, but it's situationally dependent on if you're the only person diving their team or not.
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Tips and Tricks

(Using Fizz's Ultimate Correctly)
R, W Q and then E, most people should die. I don’t recommend this way though as if you miss the fish you won’t necessarily kill them anymore and you can die unless you’re really fed! Early/mid game you need to land fish to kill, sooooo… hit it!

You initiate with E so you slow them and then R followed by W Q, just do what you can to land the fish so you can kill people!

(Play Like An Assassin)
You can also do the cool Q R at same time trick to catch people off guard and get an easy kill! It’s hard to do so practice this!

End game it’s not necessary to land fish to kill anymore, instead just make sure you land your E and use W before Q’ing them!
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Ahri does well, shes very strong and can kill Fizz. When she hits 6 she can just use her ultimate to dodge your E and R. So, versus Ahri try and do the Q R trick that I talked about! It’s very helpful and will let you beat Ahri. If she uses her Q/E to farm go harass her at that time since she can’t really fight back. You can E her W as well to negate the damage! But normally Ahri will just push against you early and take the lane control from there, but if she messes up you can win
Diana DUMPSTERS fizz, you literally can’t do anything to her especially if she rushes Abyssal Scepter. You need ganks to kill her, so have fun! (its up to Diana to lose lane, not for you to win)
Orianna does well against Fizz, her autos hit really hard and if you jump on her, you have to tank her and creeps, and she should do more damage than you. This lane is hard unless she wastes her mana on creeps and runs OOM.
So while Xerath is able to poke you down pre 6, once you get your ultimate you basically have kill pressure on him and he has to farm from far away and use Q on creeps. As long as you don't eat his harass, the lane is relatively easy for you.
If the Twisted Fate plays well early game, starting W into E, he can do good harass on you. However, as you guys both gain levels, he gets more and more vulnerable. When you finally hit 6, he literally can't farm anymore unless his jungler is camping there.
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Team Fights

"Kill the most important person..."

Kill the most important person, aka ap or ad carry and get out afterwards and or clean up if you're winning team fight already

Try and not suicide by diving through their front line, you can get CC’ed really easily and if you don’t use your E for damage, it’s hard to kill the back line.

Once again, when playing an assassin/diver, it’s all about how you do the assassination/dive! That separates the good players from the bad! You literally need to be sneaky/do unexpected things for it to go well every time.

You can buy oracles just so you can go in from the side or behind, or ask your support to clear the wards from the pathway you want to go through!
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Hey guys, thanks for reading over my guide and checking everything out!

Follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook!

Be sure to check out my other guides over at and good luck on the fields of justice!
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