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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrappyName

Let's pwn some fools!

CrappyName Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Welcome. Here's the thing about Xin. You need to build your atk speed early! Why? 3 main reasons:

1) The faster your atk speed, the better your , which means you'll be able to lane longer at the beginning giving you more gold and exp. TW is similar to life steal but you need to understand the difference. Life steal heals you based on a % of the damage you deal. TW heals you a set amount regardless of how much damage you deal! So just build some atk speed and it helps a lot!

2) The faster your atk speed, the faster you will pop the enemy up with

3) The faster your atk speed, the more hits you'll get in while
is active reducing all of your other cooldowns.

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Get these boots. I never get anything else with Xin. Again, nice atk speed early.

Once again, atk speed! And it also give you some awesome armor pen. You might say, "this doesn't give armor pen! it doesn't say that anywhere in the discription!" Well, this gives something BETTER than armor pen. it lowers their armor so that if your allies are attacking the same enemy they benefit from that enemy having reduced armor too! It's like armor pen for you and your allies!

Now we've built enough atk speed at least for now. Xin can be a bit squishy. So this gives a ton of HP and makes his attacks slow the enemy! That combined with 's slow means, the enemy isn't going anywhere! They might as well stand and fight because they won't be able to run away.

This item was made for heroes like Xin or Master Yi. Not getting it would be a sin. All the passives it gives you are amazing. Just remember to use the active after you someone. you will be attacking them so fast and will pop them up so fast it's quite unfair.

Ok, i guess we should get one defensive item... This gives a bit of magic resist which Xin needs. It will bring your mgc rst up to be about even with your armor. But most importantly it blocks negative spells! this is awesome cuz that means after you charge in, their first spell (a stun or something similar) will be blocked. And they will be killed.

So now for the last item. Every game is different so you always have to adjust. I get if they have some tanky fellas and if they dont.

I ususally get this one even if they only have one tanky hero. It's just a really good item that gives what you need. If their tankies are becoming and big problem you can always get this item earlier. After would be the eariest I would get it.

this one can be a good option too. Making your crits rip them apart. Also if you remember you got earlier so you'll have about 42% crit chance now (masteries included).

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Other Acceptable Items

This is a perfectly good item for Xin. Some Xin players get it right after boots (where I get my Black Cleaver). I'd rather get my Black cleaver right here because it gives enough atk speed and damage and armor pen too. But PD is a good item if you want to get it. It's especially good with of course.

This also is a great item for Xin. If you really don't want to get because you don't like items that you have to activate then I would replace it with the BT. The BT gives great damage AND good life steal. If you do get the BT, I would recommend getting after you get your just so that you have some life steal early on. If you get this item, don't get it till later.

This is another good defensive item. I personally wouldn't get this and . I would get one or the other. The great thing about GA is that Xin will often die in a battle (after he kills at least one hero and damages the others). This also gives some good armor and mgc rst (HP isn't enough on its own!) Also if you get this item, don't get it till later.

You don't want to change the fundamental first items: , , .
( is the only acception to this rule if you switch it out with cuz you need the atk speed early somehow. But just remember that if you get PD instead of BC you'll have to get your armor pen eventually)

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The "Don't get these items" List

The reason you shouldn't get this item is cuz is just so much better. Ya, BC is more expensive but it's much better in the long run. It gives atk speed and more damage. You don't need both BC and LW so just get the better one.

...why do so many Xin players get this item? ap is useless for Xin! I know that's only a small part of this item but it's a wasted part. Also it gives you mana which you won't need late game because of your runes and . Also the 25% chance to slow your target is useless because you have . And don't even think about getting TF in place of FM! FM is way better!

Some Xin players build a bunch of HP with and maybe other stuff and then they get AI with it. Pls don't do this. That's a wasted Xin.

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Some Xin players get as their first skill and they also level it up first. Getting TTS very first isn't bad (I don't do it obviously) but it's not bad. But I WOULDN'T recommend leveling it up first. You really need to level up first. You only need TTS for poping up enemies and leveling it up doesn't make the pop up any better (or happen any faster). All it does is make it do slightly more damage. But you'll get all that extra damage from leveling up AC and it'll slow them more! Also Leveling up AC reduces its cd but leveling up TTS doesn't reduce its cd. Level AC up first!

This is what you do in a battle (in this order): > > > >

You wanna use your ult CS right after charging in cuz it does more damage the more HP they CURRENTLY have.

You can do all these moves very quickly after each other. then pay very close attention to your cooldowns and use any skill you can right when its cd is over.

You can literally kill people in one or two seconds with this, on your own.

Another great thing to do is activate , hit a minion twice, then an enemy. Your next hit will pop him up. This can be used to troll or to kill, whatever the situation gives you.

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Most of these runes are self-explanatory so this will be short.

Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation are must haves for any dps hero.

Greater Seal of Replenishment and are needed to solve your mana problems. This way you can spam your skills a lot more. You need some of Greater Seal of Replenishment because early game your mana regen is pretty slow and later on it's plenty fast.

Again, allows you to spam your skills more. You can also use and
to farm minions/jungle really well. (AC does area damage. Great against minions that are bunched up)

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Thanks for looking at my build. Tell me what you think.