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Alistar Build Guide by EksSkellybur


By EksSkellybur | Updated on July 6, 2016

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Intro: Alistar: The Beast of Supports

Hey everybody; Skellybur here. Giving you a Build for the Beast of Supports Himself; Alistar. Becuase when life gives you 'Low ELO Hell' You call Agatha.
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About the Build: Nothing can hold him back. (Excect for bad ideas.)

Rushing for Sightstones and Raptor Cowl is going to give Alistar the biggest advantage he can Possibly get; Allowing him to be sanic fast into lanes makes it easier for his job to Control the lane of his game. Hey, it rhymed! Sorry. With your Zz'Rot now in your Inventory, he's going to have a fun time pressuring lanes. The Magic Resit you get from Zz'Rot allows you to no longer worry too much on AP Champions, and going straight for Sheen and Iceborn Gauntlet afterwards. Spirit Visage should slow down AP champions even more if you need to, or you can go for Mikal's Curdible, if you're not that worried against AP anymore. Finally, go for Ryial's, since you're trail will be applied with ice, and making the enemy team struggle, as you walk around them, like the boss that you are. Alistar is known to do his job at best, and his job is Control. I highly recommend you play Alistar, as your starter's support, since he's not that expensive to buy, although it is going to take a bit of time to buy him in IP, if you short on change.
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Alistar's OP Skins

Whoever has obtained the Black Alistar Skin is said to be one of the best OP Skins beyond existence and has automatically unlocked Diamond. Unchained Alistar is known for being the Second OP Skin he has, due to how much of a pain it was to obtain such a Skin. (You can no longer Redeem Code. (Rest in Peice Furutre Unchained Alistars. :c) And the Best Cheap skin Alistar can have is him being blessed for being in Gold Rank or Over, Gold Alistar Himself. The rest of his Skins are OP from their own standards.
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Final Verdict: 94/100

Alistar is known for being and if not THE best aggressive support in the game, with Leona being the second best. He is able to Control areas as along as he can divebomb and handicap his foes. Everything that a Good Alistar can so is known for a fact to be scary. They are always ready to eat up whatever damage is coming, and they love getting fat in tank stats. They admire a little bit of scouting when they have the chance to do so; allowing Alistar to deploy a zz'rot with the enemy not knowing for a bit, and the best part out of all of this is that he is always good in any game; rather being early, mid or late. A Good Alistar will always be ready to cripple bot lane for his ADC. Best Bull Korea.

Next up on the List: It's going to be his veteran friend since pre-season 1, Ryze.
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