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Yasuo Build Guide by EksSkellybur

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur

LET'S TALK META: Ft. Yasu-Weeaboo

EksSkellybur Last updated on September 10, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo There is a Long as Hell Learning and Mastering Scale that Yasuo needs to pull through, but otherwise a very dominating Champion in the Game. Much Like Azir, Yasuo can be a God of Mid or Top Lane, as long as he keeps sweeping his blade at enemy minions accordingly, and keeping his time effectivly with his Wind Wall, Steel Tempest and Last Breathe. He can go from levels of Fanboyism to levels of Lee Sin Slayers when played well, so don't always assume that Yasuo are for 'Toxic' People only, because I'm playing Yasuo Too. (Well, I would Play some Yasuo, if he was in the free champion rotation, because I don't have Yasuo yet. Feels Bronze, Man.)
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Intro: Yasuo: The Revenge of the 'Fall' of Tank Yasuo.

Hey Everybody, Skellybur here, and I just heard that people are now apparently upset because of the Yasuo and Frozen Mallet Nerfs huh? Welp. Let me see if I can try and fix that problem for you all, and to tell you that this is just scratching the Surface of the whole 'Death of Tank Yasuo' idea.

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Pros / Cons:

+A good Yasuo can be more annoying then Fizz and Teemo to certain players, when it comes to chasing or getting chased.
+He can Negate ANY Projectile, as long as he wind Walls it.
+You get a mini barrier passive for just WALKING.

-Yasuo can have up to 2 League Syndromes (that I know of at least): He has Bronze Habit Syndromes (Constantly ulting anyone you see regardless of the enemies' health and situation.), and Pro Plays Syndrome. For Yasuo, He has ArKaDaTa Syndrome.
-Yasuo can cripple himself if he isn't careful with the enemies' minions, so be careful how you farm.
-He Requires a boatload of Patience to truly master.

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About the Builds:

Tank Yasuo:

So Let's get over why people are upset that 'Tank Yasuo is Dead'. And that's because they can no longer play him aggressively in early game, and his Ultimate is only viable with Actual Crits, and not just because he felt like ulting you. You can no longer being a B.S. Mobile Champion with B.S. Health and Armor builds in early game (At least you can't do it aggressively anymore).

On the Far Flip side, there's a LOT that Riot needs to do to make Yasuo to officially make him the AD Crit Assassin that they had hoped to have back and fixed. And yes, I am going to say it: Tank Yasuo is Far from 'Dead', although, it is true that he did get hurt by Riot's Nerf Hammer of Doom. Building the Items Accordingly, with at least 27 Armor into Runes (even if it's Scaling armor. (this is important)), Along with Ninja Tabi and Guardian Angel, Your Tank Yasuo will now have 200 Armor, Takes less poke damage, and has at least a good 2,500 Health at level 18. (and Approx at 16 and under. Calm Down, people.)

Thunderlord's Yasuo:
Now let's get to some of the more fun stuff for Yasuo (even though it's a working process.)

Do you like Insta-Killing Someone? (Of course you do.) Well, I think I found an Idea that could help you gain that power that Yasuo can hold. (But you need to be Quick for this, for procing the Thunderlord's Sheen Passive and Duskblade Passive all at once.)

Play Yasuo how you would normally play him, but just build him according to my Thunderlord's Build. The Idea is that you need to Rush for Sheen and Duskblade as Fast as you Can, due to the Passive of the Duskblade basicly Destorying Low-Health Enemies, and Sheen Helping you out getting that Mmph Power that Yasuo would need. As for you boots or Last Item, you can choose either Berserker's or Ninja Tabi, and Either Black Cleaver or Last Whisper. Keep in mind that you have NO Lifesteal, so unless you have some yourself for Runes or Masteries, or unless you kept Doran's Blade Throughout your game, Buy some Wrath Elixirs to for your Farm and Aggresive Sustain. Once you have up to at least the full build of Duskblade, this is when you start to official get aggressive for Yasuo.

Lifesteal Yasuo: Finally, it wouldn't be fair to not give Blood Moon Yasuo some Love, would it? However Blood Moon Yasuo's Build is More or Less the same thing for Tank Yasuo kinda, but more Life Steal and Less B.S. But Hey, It can still work pretty well, but the expensive Bloodthirster is what makes Lifesteal Yasuo feel almost not worth getting sometimes.

Spells: As for Spells, Yasuo actually has quite a chunk that he can lot that he can take. Along with the Obvious D or F for Flash that you must have for your Yasu-Weeaboo, You can also take Barrier, Exhaust, Teleport and Ignite for Yasuo, with Barrier assisting your Flow, Exhaust to Assist your Sweeping Blade, Teleport for Communication and Teamwork Purposes and Ignite for Early Game Purposes.

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Yasuo's OP Skins: Sleeper OP/Broken (9/10)

For the Riches & Standards: Honestly, All Yasuos both Rich and Standard seem to love all of the Skins (Even the Classical Skin.), Although I have been seeing more PROJECT: and Blood Moon Yasuos, and High Noon Yasuo starting to feel lonely that he doesn't get picked as much anymore.

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LCS Approval: Challenger I/Challenger I (27/23/27)

Yasuo can be a true Lane god when played right. He can use Control of the Enemies' Minions to dash in and out as a Nuisance or for Aodging Abilities, He can Block away any Projectile with his W, Has a Double Crit Passive, A Semi-Aftermath Execute as his Ult, and a FREE Mini Barrier for just WALKING. What else more do you want more for your top laner? Yasuo can Shine in Such Levels that I'm Surprised that He isn't played in Bot. (Even though that lane is for 'ADC' Only.) A true Yasuo main can also be Pretty Phreaking Scary to come across, as he has some of the best versatile teamfight combos to go with, along with more then enough free space of Champions to help him out for his ulti, Such as Alistar, Janna, Sion to name a few. The only Issues is how the Average Yasuo Player Plays him, but anyone that have the actual Paitence to constantly keep playing Yasuo regardless on the meta, You can get rewarded VERY well and done.

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Notes about Yasuo:

! Before Ulting, have a quick second though and an Aftermath Idea to calculate with; either to conclude the kill, or to have a backup escape plan.
! PLAY IT SAFE! Or at least don't go full ham. Yasuo has some Severe Pre-6 Injuries in my opinion, so just play it cool up until early-mid game, and you should be good to go.
! With Good Position and Communication of your Teammates, In Teamfights, Chokepoints can be your Greatest friends in the game. Use your Whrilwinds to your Advantages.