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Sivir Build Guide by EksSkellybur

LET'S TALK META: Sivir & Her Roles

By EksSkellybur | Updated on July 18, 2016

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Intro: Sivir: The Utility ADC of Teamfighing and ELO

Hello Everyone! Skellybur here with a Balanced Item build for Sivir to choose from bewteen either going Classy with the Crit build, going full Tryhard with her newest ADC Build yet, or having some fun at the top lane with Top Sivir, A.K.A., the 'Attack Speed Tanky Sivir Build OP?' uhh...
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About the Builds:

Fun Fact: Sivir's Attack Speed Cap, with the combination of Ricochet and On the Hunt's Passive is 1.99. #TheMetaYouKnow

Top Sivir:
Since my 'Attack Speed Tanky Sivir OP?' Build had gotten some love, I thought I would spice it up a bit more, to give you that those ever loving tank stats and Aggressive Damage to Confuse the Enemy Laner in how are manage to both deal damage and get tanky at the same time: Get a Yoummu's and Black Cleaver to start off your power spike, along with her signature defensive items of Ninja Tabi and Wit's End, and ending your last two build with Blade of the Ruined King for the extra tank shredding and attack speed, and Guinsoo's Rageblade for the Full Potential. And best part about this build is that you don't need to complete it to get super OP with the Build. You can go with the First 3 items alone to finish a match. You can either take Heal, Ghost, Clanse, Teleport or Ignite for your first spell and Flash for your second spell.

ADC Sivir:
A Carbon Copy of the Korean Lucian Build, but honestly this more then just a "New Meta Build for One Champion", but rather the New "Go-To Build for any ADC". As for Sivir, this is what decided to give her for her build to still get AD and Attack Speed, but becomes squishier in the game: Yoummu's, Black Cleaver, Berserkser's Greaves, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Hurricane and depending how strong or how scared you are, you can either take:Guardian Angel,Last Whisper, or Duskblade. And Spells are Heal or Ignite and Flash.

Crit Sivir:

Crit Sivir is the most common and all-round build for Sivir, that allows how to deny herself from getting Blue Buff because of Essence Reaver and Tanky enough to stand against some AD Damage with Ninja Tabi. Already with these two Items, Sivir is starting to look kinda scary as she hasn't fed then enemy ADC. Couple this with Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Stattick Shiv and Either Bloodthirser or Rageblade, and the most you will using to Attack your Enemy Lane is using you W first for the extra Attack Speed and poke, and ending it with your Q Combo. Spells are pretty much the same as ADC Sivir, since your probably going to be in the Bot Lane anyways. Heal or Ignite for the first Spell and Flash for his second spell.
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Sivir's OP Skins: Sleeper Broken/Beyond Broken (9/10)

For the Riches: Pax Sivir. 'Nuff Said. For those collectors or veteratans out there, Pax Sivir has got to be the most OP skin out there due to how OP and Cool it looks.

For the Standards: If you happen to get either Warrior Princess Sivir, Bandit Sivir, Warden Sivir or even Victorious Sivir if you happen to be at least in Gold, then these skins are pretty decent. But if you want a Skin that's both Cool, Kawaii, and Beyond Broken, (From either buying the skin itself, or from a lucky Hextech unbox.) I Highly Reccomend Snowstrom. Nothing can being this Skin other then maybe Warring Kingdoms or Blood Moon Sivir.

Disaproval Skins: Spectatular Sivir and Huntress Sivir. Just, so much no for me.
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LCS Approval: Master I/Challenger I (26/23/27)

TL;DR: Want to git gud as an ADC? Pick Sivir. She's really Awesome. :3

For Full Information: For such a simple ADC Champion, Sivir brings a lot of sucsees in AD and Teamfights towards her table. She is able to poke down Bot Lane with ease when played right, Easy to get used to and learn, Works in favor of her Ultimate to Ascend or Descend, and even Allows herself to protect from any sort of damage (Including Zed Ulti.) with Spell Shield. She is proven to be the Best Starter ADC Champion as well as being a great overall ADC for the longest time, that this hidden gem dosen't get enough credit to prove herself how terrifying she can get. I Hight Recommend you pick her up, if you fancy getting an easy champion that isn't cheesy and able to help you climb your ELO at the same time.

Next up on the Chopping Block: Teemo, the "Satanic" Call of Duty Ratbag.
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