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Ziggs Build Guide by EksSkellybur

LET'S TALK META: Ziggs Support?

LET'S TALK META: Ziggs Support?

Updated on September 20, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur Build Guide By EksSkellybur 18,638 Views 1 Comments
18,638 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur Ziggs Build Guide By EksSkellybur Updated on September 20, 2016
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Intro: Ziggs: Support Ziggs New Meta?

So let's Discuss as why I'd say that Ziggs is now Avabile for both Mid, and Support:

Ziggs is an Interesting Champion to talk about, because he has the raw power of his utility harassment against turrets. Not to sure about Inhibbators but Turrets are doing just fine for him. Ziggs is currently the only Champion in the game where he can destory turrets with just one Skillshot, if the Turret is in a low-enough health bar. Ziggs can Execute Turrets that have 875 Health at Minimum to 1225 for the Outer Turrets, and 825 Health at Minimum to 1155 Health for the Inner Turrets. Ziggs can literally 1-shot Turrets that have at least 1k health left. I have No idea why people aren't seeing his raw Harassment, or why people didn't think of this yet.

Now, If you had your ADC Buddy with you, your bot lane pushing would be a whole lot better, wouldn't it? Especially for Ziggs in the Early Game, Since He can poke and harass with His Qs and Ws, along with his AA being a Free Sheen for every few seconds. Yes Fine, He's Squishy, but so is almost every other Support out there such as Janna?, Lulu?, Lux?, But yet Ziggs isn't seeing any plays?
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Pros / Cons:

+Early Game Harass
+Fairly Mobile for a Support
+Turret Execution

-He's Super Frail
-He Doesn't have any Shields or Heals to take care of his Allies
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About the Builds:

So Aggressive Support Ziggs is what you'd Expect to See from him. He can start going ham easier because he's going to be all about Kill Securing and Dragon/Baron Stealing, whenever your team doesn't have enough firepower. Aggressive Ziggs can also Defend himself easier unlike many of the other Supports that are strict to being with a teammate, or otherwise they would just instantly die and throw out chip damage. Ziggs could also have the 'Zyra Treatment' were Ziggs is going to buy Spooky Ghost, Sightstone, and the rest to full AP, or He's going to be that one jerk where he "didn't mean to ks". There is one proplem about Ham Ziggs, and it's about his Build being kinda Expensive, with loads of items that Ziggs can buy, but all have thier own taste.

Utility Ziggs on the other hand Foucuses more on Communication and Taking some extra care for his team, but managing to secure enemies that tried to escape and recall, but just not as great as Ham Support Ziggs. On the Flipside, Utility Support Ziggs is a Cheaper Version of Aggressive Ziggs, so at least you have a Reason to buy A Solari without getting flamed at anymore.
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Ziggs' OP Skins: OP/Broken 8/10

For the Riches: One only people that know who Ziggs actually would either Use Snow Day Ziggs, or Arcane Master Ziggs, and Maybe even Pool Party Ziggs, but nobody uses Pool Party Ziggs anymore, I think. :(

For the Standards: For those who still want to look rad, Mad Scientist Ziggs is still a Pretty Reasonable Cool Skin, along with Baron Von Ziggs (Even though I think he doesn't have any participial changing effects, his costume is still dope. :P)
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LCS Approval: Daimond 1/Challenger 1 (25/23/27)

TL;DR: RNG-Wise Zyra-like Support Harrass version expect more Kill Securing if they manage to escape and less zoning.

Full Info: Ziggs gets to blow stuff up, without worrying too much on dying, because now both Ziggs and His ADC have to work together to either A.) Both getting their reasonable Farms, or B.) Communicating with their team.

In teamfights, whenever Ziggs a Group of Enemies in a tight spot, he can't help but throw his ult at all of them. He loves attacking choke points the most, because it gives him the most Viable spots to use all of his Abilities, Including his E to be used more for Escaping then Trapping. He may not shine as we speak, but I have hopes that one day he'll reach the 52.5% Win Rate as a Support.

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