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Yasuo Build Guide by hadbre

Middle Lets Yasuo!

Middle Lets Yasuo!

Updated on November 11, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author hadbre Build Guide By hadbre 7 0 5,165 Views 8 Comments
7 0 5,165 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author hadbre Yasuo Build Guide By hadbre Updated on November 11, 2018
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You are not here 'cause of me
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Pros and cons


+ A lot of mobility
+ Huge outplay potential
+ Mastering is revarding
+ Hyper-scaling champion
+ Really fun to play
+ Very rewarding when mastered
+ Ressourceless
+ Good splitpushing and teamfights
+ Ok blind pick

Yasuo is a great pick for soloQ with his high mobility and great dueling/teamfighting potential. His passive Way of the Wanderer let's him have a free shield, and gives you double crit from all items, which is why items like Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge are so strong. Wind Wall can really shutdown some enemy threats if placed correctly. Pick Yasuo if you want a 1v9 champion that's fun to play!

- High learning curve
- Susceptible to CC
- Has some really hard matchups
- Usually banned
- Yasuo player is usualy blamed for everything
- Easy to mess up

Yasuo is really weak against point and click CC like Nether Grasp, Rune Prison, Frenzying Taunt, etc.., so in some matchups you need to rush Quicksilver Sash which can delay your dmg. His W has a really big cd in the early game, and missplays can be really punishing.
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Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash is a great summoner spell overall, but what makes it a must is the fact that it enalbes some combos
IGNITE: Helps you start your snowball, reduced healing is really usefull, and It helps you execute low hp enemies with q->r + ignite->e combo
TELEPORT: Don't take tp unleas you are top.
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Starting items: Doran's Blade and a pot is pretty clear, you want to go Doran's Shield if you aren't confident in a matchup that has a lot of poke.

Rush: Berserker's Greaves are your best first item option, this build path is the smoothest by far, if you think differently, just trust me (note: If you are playing against a Zed, rush Ninja Tabi)

Core: Im pretty sure you already know why (if you don't know, just do it and if you really want to know ask in the comments)

Item pool: - Bloodthirster: This you will usually end with, gives you almost as much life steal as how much the game has (jk).
- Sterak's Gage: This item is just great, makes you tanky enough that you dont get bursted down, and it also gives ok amount of dmg.
- Frozen Mallet: Same as Sterak's (these items also work veary well together), you want to take frozen mallet over sterak's when you need that slow (though usualy you will take both at some point).
- Guardian Angel: Great item, Almost each game, you will buy this, if you are slightly fed, take it after as a 5th or 6th item, if you are really fed, and worth a lot of gold, it's good buying it after IE.

other items from the item pool are mostly situational
- Hexdrinker: rush it if you are against an ap bursty champ (even before the boots), Or if they have more ap champions OR if they have an ap thats 1-shoting u. You can fini**** later on.
- Mortal Reminder: if they have 2 much healing.
- Blade of the Ruined King: You probably never saw a yasuo take this. I take this when I start with a couple of kills and I am against a really, REALLY, tanky comp.
- Death's Dance: this is a part of an life steal build, and it also helps you not to get 1-shotted, so if they have a really bursty comp, you can take this instead of the Bloodthirster

-Don't forget control wards
-Elixir is obvious
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Ability maxing

Q --> E --> W
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Conqueror: Best option - it just gives the most dmg
Triumph: broken
Legend: Alacrity: attack speed for yasuo? why?
Coup de Grace: it activates the easiest of the 3, and it does the most work.

Domination: Its much batter than Resolve as it will give you more dmg AND sustain.
Taste of Blood: Sudden Impact might seem tempting, but you need this sustain as you aren't taking resolve.
Ravenous Hunter: The amount of healing this gives you is apsurde, It also allows you not to take a life steal item (which still isn't usually recomended)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author hadbre
hadbre Yasuo Guide
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Lets Yasuo!

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