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Master Yi Build Guide by phantomace1111

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League of Legends Build Guide Author phantomace1111

Life Steal Master Yi

phantomace1111 Last updated on May 14, 2013
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How to use life steal Master Yi

Go on the bottom lane, and wait until minions spawn. Use q to kill the minions and scare away the champions until you are a higher level. Whenever you get under half health, retreat a little bit and use w. Don't die or attempt to get many champions kills until at least level 11. Once you have gotten to level 11, then when an enemy is at 2/3 or less health you can charge in with q, then press e and machine gun click. If they start to get away then press r and charge them to finish them off. This is sometimes suicidal, however it often will get the kill with you still having 1/4 health. If you charge an enemy and you get down to 1/4 health while they are still about half, retreat and use r and heal to get away if necessary. Keep pushing bottom and you should be able to destroy all enemy turrets and make your way to the base. Recall only to buy items, you should be able to heal well enough with w. After you recall, use teleport to get back into the battle.

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Pros / Cons

Lots of minion and champion kills
Can push through bottom very well
Being suicidal works well and you often don't die
Don't need to recall often
Almost always win 1v1 fights
Once you are a high level you can get many champion kills

Weak if you are fighting multiple enemies in your lane
If you are ganked it is very hard to survive
Hard time fighting when defending your base or attacking the enemies' base
Can die easily at the beginning of the game