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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uikutoru

LoN Dominion

Uikutoru Last updated on November 26, 2011
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How to be a pro team on dominion


Hello there,

Welcome to our wonderful Dominion teamguide!

You may either choose a single champion and copy either build or put them altogether for a fantastic experience.
Even though we're still in a number-crunching phase about wich would work best,
these builds can be used quite effectively in capturing aswell as being hard-to-knock-down.


First something about Rammus because he's an amazing Dominion champ.
With boots of mobility + his roll he'll be most likely the first to capture the Windmill.
And besides being an amazing explorer/conquester his Taunt+ulti will surely focus any squishy enemy champ down in no time. Resulting in being an excellent defender aswell.

In our experience Rammus is the best capture-and-gtfo champ in Dominion and this would be his primary role though.


As our second we have pantheon. Pantheon is an amazing anti-mage/-carry champion with an extraordinary succesful ulti wich,
thanks to the latest buff, can be used to defend points from afar.
And we don't even have to mention his tankish yet strong AD talents.
You might have noticed that we went for the CD boots on pantheon, instead of normal bers greaves/boots of swiftness.
This is because we believe his ultimate is too highly effective to ignore.

One small point of suggestion though: If you don't wish to capture points but instead either tank or be an anti-carry use the defensive masteries instead and replace the Priscilla's Blessing with a more damaging item.

Pantheon's primary role is to be everywhere where he's needed.
Making him a very versatile champion.


Sion.. Who doesn't love zombies carrying giant weapons around? Exactly, we all do!
Anyway, this time Sion isn't melee oriented but AP! How much fun is that?

First of all; Sion has a really cool "W" wich gives him a shield wich can be used to explode in your enemies face while protecting you.
Besides that, you have a powerful stun-nuke and lifesteal.
Oh and you're quite tankish and pretty hard to take down.

Sion's primary role is to tank while bursting damage in the enemies face.


Fourth, but certainly not less important, comes Tryndamere.
Every (non-)tryndamere player knows how incredeibly annoying his ulti is.
And how effective it is to kill players under their toweres whereas they deem themselves "safe".
The masteries/items really speak for themself and tryndamere's role is easy yet very satisfying: "Relieving those towercampers from their illusion of safety".

Making Tryndamere a high-value clean and sweep guy.


This clown laughs when you try and gank him, he'll stealth away.
Not to mention his high damaging AP nuke attacks and those damned Jack in the Boxes.
Place a few Jack in the boxes around the speed buffs and laugh how their boost go to waste.

Shaco's primary role is Sabotage.

Screenshots/Videos (soon to be added!):

Usual Rammus scores: