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LeBlanc Build Guide by TheDeceiverr

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheDeceiverr

Looks can be deceiving

TheDeceiverr Last updated on July 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I´ve been playing LeBlanc for a while and i can tell you for sure she is the most funny champion to play, among with gigantic burst comes the ability to trick your enimy.She is easy to play but hard to master.Let me explain:
If you want to play her casually it will be quite easy since everyone who is not brain dead can Qsigil of silence > R > W but if you want to master her with perfection and synergy it will take a whole lot of practice.I hope you enjoy it, any constructive feedback or questions just post it on the coments ;D

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How to play

You will find yourself tricking the enimy MANY times, you have double telport( and if you active it again you can go back to the origin place), you have stealth + clone, slow, silence and AMAZING burst.

Many people don´t like poking with LB but i love it.Her poke is Qsigil of silence > W > AA > and go back with W or if there is a large wave of minions just Q sigil of silence> W. Poking with Qsigil of silence is not recomended after her nerf once the explosion of the mark ( With W distortion=30 ) deals much more damage then just the skill ( Q sigil of silence) so you better trigger it to do amazing amounts of damage.

Many people think LeBlanc is good late game many people think she is more the earlygame kinda champ, well i think she does well on both, altought it should be hard to finish someone pre 6.

The diference betwen a good and a regular LeBlanc player is how the player can use her skills.The average player will just Q sigil of silence > R > W the good player will use all her technics to scape or chase or even trick the enimy.

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Using her spells and Skill sequence

Pre 6 you will like to harass and poke to prevent your enimy to farm, this will give you advantage in the laning phase and late game.Her poke is a simple combination with Q sigil of silence > W first you use Qsigil of silence to throw the sigil at the enimy then W to proc it, then W again to come back to your origial place and keep farming.If your oponent is open and you dont want to spend mana you cant auto attack poke, simply by giving him some auto attacks.If you poke well you should get 6 before him and leave him low to your finishing combo.

After 6 when you see the chance you will simply Qsigil of silence > R > W and if he is not down you can use Eeteral chains to bind him and Qsigil of silence again or even Ignite him.This combo will kill them in most of the times.

Her W is great for tricking, getting out of ganks or chasing.

Getting out of ganks: you can use it to run or you can wait a(for example) nautilus throw his anchor on you, and when its about to hit you you simply W away.

Chasing: You can travel amazing distances with W / W > R / W > R > Flash wich gives you the oportunity to chase everybody down.

Tricking: The teleport can be reactived to go back to the original place.EXAMPLE 1 : you
W over the wall, the oponent flashes , insted of trying to run just press W again and he spent a flash for nothing ;D.EXAMPLE 2 :You are in a bush and you see an enimy about to enter the bush you are backing, you just W > R away and he will try to chase you( if you can go through a wall it will be perfect), then press W again when he has no vision of you, he will stand clueless searching for you while you simply BS at the original spot.

Clone:Running to one side and putting your clone mirror image to the other will make the enimy wonder witch one is real, 50% chance of sucess.You can even make your clone run to the tower (ALT+ mouse click) and run to another place where you would problably never run like the bushes on the border of mid lane or even to his tower and scape throgh the jungle path above the bushes.

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Since you will be mostly playing on mid lane versus an AP carrier you can change the mana regen seals (wich give you better sustain) for MR seals or scaling MR.

I prefer getting AP glyphs instead of scaling AP because you can make a better early game, and harass, poke and get early kills and the same goes to the quints.

If the oponent knows how to play he will be doing a little of magic resist, or even have MR runes, and if you don´t have an early Void Staff you wont even tickle him, thats why i get MPen marks, so you can have an early and "counter" the oponent´s MR

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I like starting with boots because it really annoys me when you leave the enimy with 5 health and he just run away.And i get pots and health regen+ mana regen masteries because i think backing pre 6 is and advantage to your enimy, you need a great sustain wich leblanc doesnt have without the pots, also since I like poking i need the mana potions to keep my mana up.

Mejai's Soulstealer is a really nice item, leblanc snowballs easily and mejai´s make it even better.If youre having trouble snowballing I would trade it for zhonyas or any other item of your choice.At 20 stacks it will give you 180 AP and 20% CDR.Test it alot, if you cant snowball well try ganking other lanes right after you kill the oponent midlaner, if you still can´t snowball properly trade it for another item

Deathfire Grasp is a CORE item, it basically improves your burst ALOT and if you are having trouble killing people with your burst you are screwd.It takes 15% percent of the target healths and increases ALOT the magic damage dealt, passivly it gives you huge CDR(Same amout as bluebuff) wich makes poking easier, and reduces your ultimate cooldown meaning you can assasinate people more often.
If you are not playing agains braindead people they will build magic resist and you simply get an Void Staff wich makes MR useless.

The last item is yours to chose i like Morellonomicon because it combos with Deathfire Grasp and Mejai's Soulstealer, and if you get a blue buff your cooldowns will be extremely low.But this one depends on the person, i also trade this one with Zhonya's Hourglass, Will of the Ancients, Archangel's Staff or Rod of Ages.

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High burst mage
Fun to play
Easy scape
Easily countered
Useless on teamfights
Predictable if not used right

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Team Work

LeBlanc is good at ganking, try giving other lanes advantages since its not easy to carry the game with Leblanc.Ganking helpes ALOT and also gives you extra kills/assists.
On team fights go straight for the APC or ADC whoever has less MR and ask your team to go to the other one.You will instantly neutralize the APC/ADC with the following combo:

Deathfire Grasp >> sigil of silence >> Mimic >> Distortion

This will basically end up anyone leaving the enimy team withou damage.After your combo you will be useless on the team fight, you already did your part.The most you can do know is help an ally scape or prevent the enimy from scaping with Ethereal Chains

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Early on you will not like the lane pushed, this exposes you to ganks.DO NOT use spells on minions, improve your last hitting farm is very important because LB is item-dependent.Only use spells to poke and harass

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Hope you enjoyed my first guide on MOBAFIRE
Dont exsitate to ask any questions ;p