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Lee Sin Build Guide by t0mm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author t0mm

Low Elo Lee Sin Guide - 6.9

t0mm Last updated on May 15, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Lee Sin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shaco Great matchup for Lee, your Sonic Wave and Tempest reveal his positions and allow you too keep vision on him in fights. Try not to fight him if he invades with Ignite as he will kill you. You can kill him if he doesn't have Ignite.
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Hello everyone, welcome to my guide on Lee Sin, I am reletivley new to the game and started playing at the end of S5 and am currently Bronze II, I feel as though my experience at low ELO will make this guide more relatable for lower ELO players. I have learnt quickly and started to play Lee Sin around Christmas time and have racked up around 50k mastery points. Lee Sin is a great playmaking champ who is really strong early game, this makes him a great pick for any team comp, perfect for solo queue.

Lee Sin has always been a champion that I have admired, watching the montages and wishing "I wanna be like that", well today im going to team you how to be like that, well, sort of. This guide isn't going to teach you how to be a Lee Sin god, but its going to give you the tools to become one, the main thing to getting good at Lee Sin is work and time.

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Pros / Cons

>Great damage output early game.
>Amazing mobility throughout the game.
>Strong ganker at all levels.
>Versatile team fighter.
>Disengage/Engage with Dragon's Rage and Sonic Wave.
>Strong early game burst damage.
>Decent clears all game.

>Not much snowball potential unless extremely ahead.
>Ultimate can ruin/make a team fight.
>Damage comes out in bursts and falls off the later the game goes on.

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Is a must have on almost any champion, its an easy escape/engage tool. It is also essential in landing the Lee Sin Sonic Wave + Flash + Dragon's Rage combo (I will come back to that later in the guide).

Is essential for any jungler, Smite allows you to take objectives such as dragon and baron, and make your clear quicker, it also allows you to buy jungle items that are essential for efficient jungling.

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Ranked Play

Lee Sin is a great champion for ranked play, he is played frequently in the LCS and in solo que, his versatility in most team comps means that he fits most teams. In ranked play you are going to want to try and get your team ahead early as this is Lee Sin's strength. Lee Sin excels in early game skirmishes and ganking pre 6 when other junglers may struggle to do so. Most people think that when you gank with Lee Sin you should use your Sonic Wave first, however if there are minions there your best bet is to ward hop in and use your Tempest, this will slow you to hit your Sonic Wave with more ease.

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How To Play Lee Sin

When clearing with Lee Sin you should use your passive, not only does it increase your attack speed for two auto attacks but it gives you almost all the energy you used on the ability back. This is what gives Lee Sin such good sustain in the jungle unlike other champions who use mana.

When clearing you should use your Sonic Wave + Smite + Resonating Strike this makes the most use of the 8% missing health bonus damage. Lee Sin has to take advantage of his early game power spike which is level 3 and level 6, at level 3 he has access to great mobility and gap closing, and at level 6 he has a large spike in damage and potential to displace enemies.

When you play Lee Sin you are going to want to start on the side with the red buff as this makes your ganks more potent. You want to buy 3x Health Potion which will give you more health than a refillable potion and level up your Sonic Wave first, you will need this so you can gank on a decent amount of health. You then want to go to chickens and clear them, making sure you take the smaller monsters first then level up your Safeguard, this will help to keep you healthy. I then usually head to rift scuttle, you want to keep activating your Iron Will which will give you life steal, because the scuttle doesn't hit you back this means that you can get back a lot of health. Then go and take the red buff, take one of the smaller monsters first and then the main buff, you should hit level 3 after taking one of the monsters which will give you a high damage boost. Then go and look for lanes to gank, this is the most important thing, don't spend too long waiting for gank opportunities as this will set you behind.

After you have ganked some lanes at level 3 you should go back to farming, I like to go back and buy any items I can. Then head to blue side and take all the camps, by the time you have done this your red buff should have almost spawned, take it and any other camps you need to get to level 6, then start to dominate lanes with your Dragon's Rage, because of its low cooldown you can gank lots of lanes with your ultimate in a small time.

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The most important thing when playing a champion is knowing how to play them, in this section I am going to tell you the basics of playing Lee Sin. When playing Lee Sin one of the most important things is knowing how to ward hop, to ward hop you need to place a ward (I use 2 to place a ward), and then use your Safeguard to fly towards it. This is the basis of Lee Sin's mobility.

The second combo is the InSec, this move was founded by InSec, a legendary Lee Sin player. The InSec is the basis of Lee Sin's play making, allowing him to kick an enemy carry into your team. To perform the InSec you will need to land a Sonic Wave on an enemy, it doesnt have to be a carry, however if you are starting out it will be easier to land if you hit your Sonic Wave on the enemy you wish to displace. This is where the InSec can change, you can either perform a Flash InSec or a ward hop InSec.

The flash InSec is the easiest to hit as you do not have to do as much however you only have flash every 5 minutes. To perform the Flash InSec you want to hit your Sonic Wave on an enemy and then Flash behind them and use your Dragon's Rage to kick them into your team. A more experienced player can Dragon's Rage and then Flash to make sure the enemy cannot react to the move.

The ward hop InSec is the most common InSec combo, you land your Sonic Wave onto an enemy and then place a ward behind the enemy you wish to displace mid air, then use your Safeguard to hop to the ward and use your Dragon's Rage to kick them into your team.

When you are in a 1v1 situation, the combo that does the most damage is to use Sonic Wave + Tempest + Dragon's Rage + Resonating Strike, this combo give the highest damage output possible in Lee Sin's kit. This is because Resonating Strike deals 8% of the targets missing health as physical damage, so the more missing health, the higher the damage from Resonating Strike.

In the early game the best combo for skirmishing pre level 6 is Sonic Wave + Auto Attack + Auto Attack + Tempest + Auto Attack + Auto Attack + Resonating Strike. This combo gives the highest damage output pre level 6 because of he missing health bonus from Resonating Strike that I talked about before. To get the 4 auto attacks in takes a lot of skill and timing, at the start you probably wont be able to get this down so just go for one Auto Attack in-between moves.

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Lee Sin is a great jungler who is one of the most rewarding champions to play if you master him. To get the most effectivness you will want to build Lee Sin with damage items until later on in the game where you should invest money into more tankier items.

Thanks for reading this guide, if you enjoyed it or found it useful, please vote this guide and share it with other Lee Sin beginners.

Thanks, Tom.