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Lulu Build Guide by Pchelovek

AD Offtank Lulu jungle bruiser S7 | Isn't that they waiting for

By Pchelovek | Updated on December 20, 2016

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Kite blue, kite frog, kite wolves, kite red, don't kite a bug, come to gank, let your teammate get frag, look into the eyes of the enemy jungler, kite him to the death, kite the whole game. Kite to the win.

I don't like glasscannons, don't do it, please.

Your power in 1vs1 in E+Q+AAx4+W+AAx5+R+AAx4+botrk+AAx3+Smite+AAx~+E+Q+AA... combo.
15hits * 12% of target max HP to disabled enemy.

Your W not only makes enemy polymorphed and slows for 60 speed, but gives to you 45% attack speed and 30% movespeed. Choose with mind.

Enemy always try to get you like a weak support, use it.

You can initiate fights, but better catch with slows 1 and shoot from the distance.

If enemy have fed assassin wait his engage to catch him with all cc and kill.

I tried to do red smite, it gives damage, but you have 1 less cc/boost, sometimes it is crucial. Try if you want.

Make wards.

Ping before gank.

Red - your best friend.

Lulu have slow start, but very well accelerates.
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Got on lulu jungle gold in season 3, left the game for years, now moving up from promotion bronze 4. May be it doesn't work on gold now, but try, if you understand it, you admit it was funny.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Pchelovek
Pchelovek Lulu Guide

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Lulu jungle bruiser S7 | Isn't that they waiting for