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Lulu Build Guide by Rumcake

Support LuLu, the Yordle Queen of Poke

By Rumcake | Updated on April 19, 2013
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Lulu is in my personal opinion the strongest standard support in League of Legends right now. Lulu is utilized by professional teams all over the world at every event for a good reason. The poke that Glitterlance brings to the table early game in lane is unmatched, and the crowd control that Whimsy provides if used properly is one of the best support abilities in the game. Keep in mind the video portion of the guide goes hand in hand with the written. My goal through the written guide is to educate you on the basics of Lulu’s abilities, and why and when you build your items. The video portion is to help show players how to use Lulu’s abilities and items to full potential.
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Pros / Cons


  1. Great mobility
  2. Very strong crowd control
  3. Great poke and lane presence
  4. Great team fight ultimate
  5. Solid wave clear


    1. No real sustain
    2. Squishy if you get caught
    3. One of the more difficult supports to play properly.
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... Greater Mark of Armor
Greater Seal of Gold
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Gold

I really prefer the basic GP 10 rune setup, however at times that can vary. If for whatever reason you feel your going to take a ton of damage in lane, you can grab armor marks and seals, gp 10 quints, and flat MR glyphs.
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These are very straight forward masteries for support in general. If you are ever in doubt of what to use, this is probably ideal. Yes, there are some specialty specs with some particular champions for particular scenarios. This is however what I stick with the majority of the time.
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Starting items

Sight Ward Sight Ward

I really like this start on any support that does not have any sustain. I like to have health pots because it is likely you will take a small bit of damage in trading your glitterlance plus auto attack combo. You need the three wards to offer yourself the proper vision in lane, one for their lane bush, the tri bush, and river by dragon. Ward coverage is explained in detail in the video portion.
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Core Items Early Game

Philosopher's Stone

The first items any support always wants to build is a Philosopher Stone/Sighstone. Philo stone is nice on lulu because giving someone that casts and trades so much a bit of regen is solid. Sightstone is a better starting option if you can pull it off, however it is hard to be able to afford one on your first back if nothing weird happens. Both are viable, and have solid reasons to pick them up first. However in a standard game that nothing happens out of the ordinary on Lulu I prefer a Philo stone first. This is one of the reasons why a Faerie Charm is such a great starting item. Philosopher Stone is something you will always upgrade at some point in the game, and gets your GP 10 started asap to replace the lack of CS you’re getting. If early game goes well, I purchase a Kage’s Lucky Pick. Kage’s allows you to get further ahead with more GP 10, makes you poke a bit harder against a behind opponent. Often times, when ahead, I will purchase Kages prior Sight Stone, and then buy 3 vision wards before Sightstone. The early 3 vision wards allow you to take total control of their map vision. This provides bottom lane with greater lane control to continue to dominate our lane. They really can’t push past the middle of their lane without ward coverage safely, so by shutting down their wards you’re zoning them, or setting very easy ganks up for your jungler. Again though, you really should only do this if you are ahead. If you are behind, you need to purchase a Sightstone as fast as possible so you can begin to get your team the powerful support items they need.
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Core Items into the Mid Game

The order in which you buy these items can vary. Generally speaking, you should always have their lane bush, their tri bush, and the river warded at all times in lane to keep your lane safe. An effective way to do this is by purchasing a Ruby Sightstone. A Ruby Sightstone allows you to do this without purchasing more wards. However, Boots of Ionian Lucidity are a pretty big upgrade with the cool down reduction and the ability to help bolster Lulu’s lack of base movement speed. So these items both have times where its better to pick one over the other first, but should be the first two items you pick up at this stage of the game. Locket / Shurelya’s are also items that can really depend on how the game is going at this time. Locket is great for many reasons, the shield is great for fighting, as well as the added HP and the small bit of more HP it gives you over Shurelya’s. However, the main reason why I like to get Locket before Shurelya’s is so I can keep my Philosopher Stones GP 10 rolling. Gold Per 10 and assists are how you’re making your money, in a low kill game when you’re not getting assists left and right. Then GP 10 really adds up and makes a huge difference. However, you need to get a Shurelya’s first if your team is unable to engage or chase down fleeing opponents. Both of these items will often decide a team fight. Thus, Locket with its shield helps greatly, and Shurelya’s simply because it makes it very easy to catch one person out of position and make it a 4v5 or help a dying teammate flee.
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Core items into the end of mid game / late game.

This part of the game, your items can vary quite a bit. You need an Aegis most likely on your team unless someone else built it. Aegis / Runic Bulwark is one of the strongest buffs an item gives a team in the game. However, with the current meta, there are some Junglers and Tops building Runic which allows you to skip it. Volibear would be a prime example. However, if no one is building an Aegis/Runic, you are going to want to build one in the majority of your games. You want to get it much earlier if the other team has a lot of AP damage, if this is the case, I even get it before Locket / Shurelya’s. If you were ahead early game and purchased Kage’s Lucky Pick, this is also the time you want to upgrade to Twin Shadows. Twin Shadows is a great item for chasing people down, you want to use the active right as they are trying to run away, that way you can slow them a bit more and get that Glitterlance in. Mikael’s is another great item to buy, especially if the opposing team has some form of lockdown for your ADC. Its another “Oh **** button” to go with his Quicksilver Sash. Mikael’s on top of being an “oh ****” button works really well with Lulu because it also provides a heal, so you can make some neat plays. Mikaels someone out of a stun, then ult them, you can restore a good chunk of their HP and really turn around a fight. Zeke’s Herald is another item you can build, giving your team more lifesteal, and AD which can be a good option. However, you really only want to build Zekes if you have multiple teammates that can benefit from it. Health and more AP are also viable if you are way ahead, health obviously if the other team is focusing you for some weird reason and AP if you want a bit more damage to help out.
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Glitterlance is a very solid poke ability. It allows Lulu to harass early game in lane from good range, and on top of that provides a slow to whatever it hits. Glitterlance is also an AOE ability. Keep in mind that Glitterlance is shot by both Lulu, and Pix. That being said, they come at two different angles, so often times you can actually hit more than one opponent with a slow at once. Glitterlance and Lulus ability Help, Pix! also have great synergy in that since Pix casts Glitterlance, wherever Pix is Glitterlance is casted from. You can put pix on a creep, and Glitterlance the enemy from further away, or even put Pix on the support to hit the ADC that was going to get away with no health from further range.

Whimsy is an ability that has two different uses. When used on a teammate Whimsy provides a substantial short speed boost. Upon cast on an enemy target, it polymorphs them for a brief time. Whimsy when used properly is very strong. A great example of good Whimsy usage would be if your opposing lane has a Taric. For this example we will use Taric and Miss Fortune. As Taric engages onto your ADC with dazzle and moves in for the shatter the Miss Fortune is coming in to attack, you can at that time Whimsy the Miss Fortune to really minimize the damage your ADC is going to take, often times you can cause their ADC to do no damage. In return, allowing yourself to end up in a winning trade when Taric runs away, he should take a number of shots from your ADC, and a glitterlance. Using Whimsy on your teams initiator is also a fantastic way to help him pull off the perfect engagement, its basically a shorter Ghost. Using Whimsy in this way can often times make the difference in how the engage goes down. Keep in mind, Whimsy is also very effective versus champions like Katarina, and Miss Fortune, who have channeled ultimates. You can Whimsy them right out of their ultimates, this also can really change the outcome of a teamfight to your favor.

Help, Pix! is Lulus other ability that has multiple uses. When casted onto an ally, Help Pix provides them with a shield that absorbs damage, and Pix auto attack is added into your allies attack as well. When casted onto an enemy, Help Pix jumps onto them, doing damage, and providing vision on them for 6 seconds. This actually hard counters some champions itself, like Akali, who is so common in solo que play. Pix will also reveal wards. this is a great way to remove wards from your lane bush before your jungler comes in for a gank. Cast your E on Akali right before she pools, and Akali is now visible for your team to crush. Pix also is still able to cast Glitterlance from the enemy she is on. Often times when someone is running away and may get away, you can put Pix on them, and then Glitterlance off of their shoulder to make sure they are slowed.

Wild Growth is an incredibly powerful ultimate that really has two uses, one of which is far more optimal however. Wild Growth has a power AOE knock up when casted onto an ally, so whomever your ally is close to, will be knocked up. It also gives your ally an HP boost, which can make it an “oh ****” button sometimes. If your ADC gets caught out of position early, Wild Growth can just make the difference of keeping them alive often. A great example on when to use Wild Growth would be to think about having a Malphite teammate. Malphite can ult in, knock everyone up, and then you can immediately follow up with your ult again knocking everyone up while your team does their damage.
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Video Guide

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Thanks a ton for reading this guide and watching the video. I hope you all enjoyed, I will try to keep them coming out every 2 weeks or so if I receive positive feedback. I will also do my best to answer any questions that may pop up. Enjoy and best of luck out there!
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