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Lux Build Guide by Lorensen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lorensen

Lux Build

Lorensen Last updated on December 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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How to play Lux

Lux's passive ability is activated each time she does damage with one of her spells. Enemies will have a little green glow on them, you want to try to always take advantage of this. Early game, always try to harass your opponent by dropping lucent singularity on them and detonating right away.. then run in and hit them with an auto-attack. This will hurt them, bad.. and if you keep doing this, by the time you are level 6, they should be around 50% hp.. send a Funkeln right into their face - the idea is to hit them with Light binding - this will immobilize them for 2 seconds and IMMEDIATELY USE YOUR ULTIMATE - they will not be able to avoid it. They should be dead. and if they aren't, throw down a lucent singularity as they try to retreat, auto-attack them again - EXPLODE the singularity, and finish them with another auto-attack. There's hardly any champs in the game that can survive this at low levels.

If your ultimate is down, always open with your Q, if it hits, throw down your E right away on top of the enemy, auto attack them once, explode your E, and auto attack them again.

I always find myself launching Q at the enemy, and if I am 90% certain it will hit I will cast my ultimate right as it hits them - insane amount of burst dmg.

Also, until you can farm blue buff at around level 9 (might need some help from a team mate), it's important that you conserve mana. Also, if your team doesn't have a jungler, it's important to ask your team mates to help you down blue buff at level 1. This will allow you to be incredibly strong early game, and instantly feed you.

Always get your E maxxed out ASAP - of course, your ult as well. Q secondary, and IMPORTANT: W should be smart spellcast bound to quickly cast... it saves lives. and if you cast it properly, you can apply it twice to any team mate - once going out, once coming back. To smart cast bind, press esc, go into key bindings, and find Smartcast bind spell 2. bind this to W.

In team fights, where it seems that every single player in the game is focused on one point, spam your abilities. You will change the outcome of any fight, very easily.

Lucent Singularity (E) can be used in many ways - one is to scout the map, I always throw it into the bushes if I'm overextended to dps a turret - it will allow you to see enemy champs flanking you.. also.. it can be used to push your front line, once you have about 500 ability power, when you explode your singularity is hits very hard, and no champ will want to stand in it... it's one of the best pushing abilities in the game - since it gives you vision of wherever it is thrown. Thirdly, it can be used to ensure an escape for yourself, or when assisting a team mate escape. I get so much <3 from team mates because I will constantly put my neck on the line to shield them and help them escape a gank - this is Lux's most important role. Keeping your team alive and pushing front lines (while doing insane damage, of course)

Finally, don't be afraid to use your ult often - if you see 3 enemy champs grouped together, send your ult right into them. Many people think Lux's ult is about finishing off enemy champs, which it is very good at doing - but once you have a 36-24 sec cooldown timer - spam it as much as possible... DPS enemy champs who are hit by your ability spam will be worn down on health quickly, and forced to port back to base - you've just turned the battle in your team's favour.

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Summoner Spells

Clarity - running out of mana sucks bad! This will also allow you to lane forever in mid - and then

Teleport - right back into the action - also amazing for lane ganking -- just port in and send an ult into low hp enemies for easy kills. Also, if you are about to die, or being ambushed, it's very possible to throw up your Prismatic Barrier and hit teleport and escape with your life. Much better at getting away than Flash.

Flash- Teleports you to a nearby location. Instant repositioning, amazing for a for a surprise snare into a massive combo, or for a quick getaway. Just remember to have your masteries compliment this spell to lower its already massive cooldown.

Ghost- A summoner spell that increases a champion's movement speed for a short period of time. I strongly recommend using this or flash as one of your two summoner spells. It's helpful for Lux to have the two chasing or escape spells in her arsenal to help with staying alive, or getting some more cash.

Clairvoyance- Another really good summoner spell for Lux, clairvoyance is like a ward you can place anywhere on the map for a short period of time. This can ruin a jungler's day or help you see units who are out of sight range and get a clear idea of where they are before you shoot your Finales Funkeln.

Ignite- Ignites the target dealing an initial true damage amount and then deals damage over time this spell also reduces self health regeneration. It works well for finishing off a combo or securing first blood but I'm not a fan of it on Lux, personally. Lux already has Finales Funkeln to pick off fleeing targets and usually I can kill targets without needing the extra damage from this. Plus the spell is common enough to where a teammate can ignite someone with regeneration like Mundo. It is good to have when Vlad is commonly played, like on a free week and you want to ruin his transfusion/sanguine trolling.

Exhaust- This is good if you're trying to stop melee DPS characters from destroying you at close range, for example, Xin Zhao. But I'm not a fan of taking it compared to what else I could be taking. Besides, flash usually saves me if I really want to escape one. It can be really useful in saving your life, though.

Cleanse- Honestly I'm not a fan of this spell to get on anyone. If I really need to get out of a Malzahar ultimate I just buy a Quicksilver sash and use its active ability. It's still an option if you need it though.

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Skill Sequence

It's important to get Lucent Singularity as priority for one reason - harassment. Light Binding comes in 2nd (of course after leveling up Finales Funkeln ). Prismatic Barrier will save your and your team mates lives if you use it properly. This means you need to smart spellcast bind it, so you can cast it fast, while running away, and keeping your fleeing team mates alive.

Light Binding can hit pretty hard mid to end game, it's important to always open with a light binding, immediately follow up with your ult while your opponent is still stunned. This will make them flee in glorious fear (if they don't die), and IF they chase you, that's when you throw down your lucent singularity right on top of yourself, or in your retreat path, to slow them down and allow you to get away.

Some guides say throw down a lucent singularity after you stun them, but this usually can cause your ult to miss, since they will recover from the stun before you can get the ult off, and then you won't be able to get away as well because all your abilities are on cooldown.

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Team Work

Lux works best by following team mates around.

She can shield them when fighting, and usually save their lives.

She can slow enemy advances with Lucent Singularity, and also scare away pushes by sending a Funkeln right into enemy champs faces. She has some of the best lane control in the game, and is able to hold turrets almost by herself.

Never, NEVER, NEVER be by yourself as Lux. EVER. EVER! She is so fragile, that she will die instantly... and the enemy team will love to finally take you down (after you keep 2 shotting them).