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Lux Build Guide by judgerudge

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League of Legends Build Guide Author judgerudge

Lux: IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZER!!! Season 3 Build

judgerudge Last updated on April 5, 2013
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The Build

So, i have been playing Lux from level 10 to level 30 and she is by far my favourite mid lane champ in the game! The reason why? Being able to destroy all their squishies and even sometimes the tanks with a combo of your q > e > LAZER!!! So this build is focussed on getting you set up early to become an absolute demon late game, while also getting you some kills along the way! :D

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Onto the items:
Athenes Unholy Grail and Morellonomicon are CORE ESSENTIAL ITEMS in my opinion. These items allow you to reach 40% cool down reduction with a very high level of mana regen. So what does this mean for late game? This means you can be firing your ulti every 24 seconds (can be more with cool down runes, but i dont recommend this.) These two items make you a monster and a very vaulable member of your team late game. Especially when you reach full build, you can be shooting of ultimates that top 1000 damage every 24 seconds, and then lucent singularity's and light bindings every few seconds each dealing around 600-700 damage. ADC's prepare to get melted >:)

For some defence Zhonya's is an item i highly recommend, the invulrability can be immensely useful to you if the enemy team get smart enough to actually focus you before you can hit your 3 spell combo off on them. I also like to buy a rylais as well, despite 2 of your 3 damaging abilities applying slows and stuns, it really is a kick in the nuts when your ultimate slows them as well, allowing for the other carries, or even you with your cooldowns to quickly burst them down again.

I have recently been on very good kill's to death's early game recently, forcing me to be that person that everybody hates and buying a mejais soul stealer after my athenes and morellonomicon, the reason why? Dude, if your carrying a game 15 minutes in on 11/0 why not build even more AP for the rest of the kills your going to get? Add a rabadons death cap on top of this and your gonna be unstoppable!!!

Too complete my builds i will normally go for either a Lich Bane: This item synergises perfectly with Lux's passive and the spell blade mastery you should take, so your detonating your illumination, plus doing 5% of your total AP (by this point thats gonna be alot!) from the basic attack PLUS having a lich bane proc ready to dish out another few hundred magic damage. PROFIT?

Or alternatively if they are smarter than the average noobs, and have actually bought magic resistance (Trust me im still in Bronze and so many people refuse to buy magic resist against an AP lane, that being said my athenes gives magic resist :3), then by all means purchase a Void Staff. This ties in perfectly with your magic penetration runes dealing AWESOME DAMAGE!!! GG WP