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Lux Build Guide by RanDoMEz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RanDoMEz

Lux- Laser every 24s!

RanDoMEz Last updated on October 13, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi, Im RanDoMEz, and I play on SEA servers
This is my 2nd guide on Mobafire,
Any questions, Leave a comment, or drop me an email @!
Do +Rep if this helped you, or at least, +1! thanks :D

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Pros / Cons

Amazing Zone Control,
Nice CC,
Amazing Ulti range.

Squishy, like other AP carries
Attack Animation hard to get used to for beginners.
"skillshot based" - Hard to master

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As can be seen from the overview,

Mark of Insight- More Magic Pen = More dmg... Comprehendo?

Seal of Clarity- More mana = More spells = More dmg... Comprehendo?

Glyph of Shielding- More MR = More HP = More lane dominance... Comprehendo?

Quint of Fortitude X1 - More hp = Stay alive longer = More spells = More dmg... Comprehendo?

Quint of Potency X2 - More AP = More dmg

Ok so in general, That explains all my runes
So people ask
1. Why Seals of Clarity?
I have issues with Lux. I have an obsession with zoning opponents out with E.
2. Why 1X Quint of Fortitude? Shldn't you take 3X Quint of Potency?
Well, tbh, that is true, if you start with a Doran's Ring, which, IMO, is possible, and viable.
But I rush my Fiendish Codex, so I start off with an Amplifying Tome, thus my need for a Quint of Fortitude.

Any Other Questions? Leave a Comment or email me!

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Skill Sequence

Q--> 1 point wonder. Thanks to IceCreamy for this.
Really made me reconsider maxing this before W

Well, now, as you can see above, I max R>E>Q/W.
The Ulti, Finales Funkeln is maxed first, as always.
Then E, Lucent Singularity.This is to ensure that I am able to punish whoever decides to enter my zone.
I alternate between Light Binding and Prismatic Barrier because I feel that I need the increase in DMG from Q if I want to kill easier, yet I need to protect my teammates in teamfights.
Some people disagree with this, and I think while their point is valid, I'm gonna stick to this cos *Shrug* Personal preference.

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Like every other AP Carry,
I run Lux 9/0/21
However,instead of the normal Ignite, I take exhaust. Thus,I put one point in Cripple.
I don't think there is anything special about my masteries in the utility tree, so I'll just point out the MUST HAVES :D
Awareness. Must have to keep up or outlevel your opponent.
Meditation. More Mana, Best mastery in this tier.
Utility Mastery. You need Blue buff to stay longer on u. the CDR is insane.
Quickness. More speed/mobility = More successful escapes/chases
You are taking Flash. Take this! MUST HAVE >:)
MORE CDR, whats not to love?
CDR on Summoner Spells? WTH? You are so deep in the tree, take it!

Conclusion? Utility tree OP >:)

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Summoner Spells

Flashis one of the best Summoner Spells in game... Lets Face It. It can save your life, initiate, chase, catch people who Flash, basically anything in the whole wide world of LoL (Except perhaps let u tp across the map, but hey, that's what is for right?

Exhaustis what I Choose to use on Lux (and most of my other Champions) cos it just does amazing things to that ******ed anti-carry that jumps on you the moment a teamfight breaks out. Sure, u dun take Ignite and perhaps miss out that one or two kills, but hey, thats why I rush yea?

The summoner spell most commonly seen on AP Carries
Well, I do run this on Lux occasionally, but that's when none of my teammates have it, or some reason or the other, like I have a guy afk. Well, I do find it EXTREMELY VIABLE, but I just dont like it. Meh. Im sorry. Do take Ignite if u really need it though. I have nothing against it, its just my personal preference to take Exhaust instead.

Teleport helps me get into lane faster, or go to other lanes to gank and get back quick.
Basically, I would just spam my E, harass the opponent, push the entire lane, then bluepill, get wards, replenish my mana, and do it again. This causes me to have more items than who im laning against, allowing me to win the lane. Legal Tactic, try it out yea!

Ok for an amazing Lux Flash Teleport game...
Flash.LoL vs Aeon.Greenpotion WCG Finals Singapore...
SGP WCG Finals 2011
Fastfoward to around 6 mins to see how to use Teleport Lux!

Lastly, if you are playing support Lux, is a must. Gives you map awareness, if your opponents are doing Dragon or Baron, .etc.

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I start off with an Amplifying Tome and 1 Health pot. This allows me to get my Fiendish Codex quickly, and thus, a quicker Morello's Evil Tome. This causes my AP and CDR to skyrocket, giving me a significant advantage over my opponent quickly.

As Lux is an AP caster, I usually run either CDR or Sorcerer Shoes on her. This is followed up with a Kage's Lucky PickKage's Lucky Pick for some Gold Per 5.
This is so that, in the unlikely event that the opponent doesnt stack MR but Hp instead, you can easily build your Deathfire Grasp to shred that life bar apart (it isnt included or I'd have 7 items and that really isnt appropriate on mobafire cos it screws up the stats D:)

I then complete my Morello's Evil Tome. This is followed up by the fundamentals of my next items... which are
1.Catalyst the Protector into Banshee's Veil for the shield, and
2. Hextech Revolver for Will of the Ancients, for the spell-vamp. Will of the Ancients should be completed before Banshee's Veil as it will give u great sustainability in lane and in teamfights.

Next, Like every other AP carry, a Rabadon's Deathcap is a MUST HAVE. U HEAR ME? MUST HAVE >:) I then complete my Banshee's Veil cos IMO, is more important than
With that, you really should have ended the game but if it drags on, sell something to make room for the aweshum Void Staff

I do realise many will question my build, (esp. the sequence.) So feel free to comment cos I appreciate all constructive comments, Criticism or Praise.

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Laning with Lux:
I usually go mid with Lux, as she is an AP caster.
This also allows me to gank the side lanes easily.
Do leash for your jungler the Blue Buff if your team has one, at 1.55 mins. They will be extremely grateful and give you blue buff in return later on :P

Crest of the Ancient Golem aka Blue Buff
This gives you 1.5% mana per second and 16 + Level*0.5)% CDR
This allows you to hit your CDR CAP OF 40%.
Thereby giving your ultimate a cooldown of only 24s!

I take a point in Q first in case of a level one teamfight.
E, on the other hand, is also viable as it allows you to scout the brush for opponents as well. Do take note that if you do choose E, you might be in danger of getting caught alone the moment you go and try to throw your E into the brush.
At level 1, I am unable to zone the enemy out with Lucent Singularity, I just stay behind my creeps and farm until level 3, when my Lucent Singularity and Light Binding combo starts to hurt. At level 3, I start to harass my enemy.

Theorycraft incoming, beware.

Ok. At level 3, I have 1 pt in Light Binding and 2pts in Lucent Singularity
This damage of 60(+0.7 x 30) from Light Binding and 105(+0.6 x 30) from Lucent Singularity gives you around 204 damage. However, this is reduced by magic resist.

Without Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, an average Annie or Brand would have 30 MR. How MR is calculated:

Damage multiplier = 100 / (100 + magic resistance) when magic resistance ≥ 0
Thus, 30 magic resistance → damage multiplier = 100 / (100 + 30) = 100 / 130≈ 0.77.

Magic damage is reduced by ≈ 23% Thus, you deal around 157 damage with your spells alone.

This is further compounded by your passive, which deal a total of 61 additional magic damage(Magic Resist included), and 2 auto attacks to proc the passive, dealing a total of ≈ 97 damage(Armor included)

This is a total of 315 damage, which, at level 3, is alot because champions like Brand only have around 608hp @ level 3, and with Dorans, 708hp.

This means that around 44-51% of their hp is gone with just one combo.

Ofc, we do have to consider what will happen if they do have Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

This will give them a total of ≈28.3 additional MR. This will increase their damage reduction from spells to ≈37%

This reduces our damage to around 128.52 damage, with our passive, another 50.4 damage.
In addition, since armor is not affected, our Auto-attacks still deal a decent 97 damage.

This makes our total damage ≈276 damage, which is 38-45% of their hp.

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Ranked Play

Ranked Play:
Lux is viable at competitive levels, as Sleeping Giant has proven, so why not ranked?

I've climbed Elo with Lux before, basically because some people haven't really gotten used to getting zoned out by Lux, after which you can basically not only dominate the lane, but just snowball, killing them over and over again, denying them farm.

TBH, I feel that Lux is viable in Ranked play, but it is hard to carry a game with her, which is probably why she is in Tier 2.

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Team Work

LoL is a teamwork game.
Lets Face It.

Teamwork is as important as any member on the team.
Imagine the triple ulti.
Ashe, Ezreal, Lux. Boomz. One person down, now its 4v5.
Ashe Ezreal Lux Ulti combo!

Well, thats not to say u cant do it all on your own but, hey, Team synergy wins games.

Ok so the nicest thing about Lux is that the moment you hit level 6, you can gank a lane without even being there. You'd be around the Blue Team Red Buff or Blue Buff when you gank a lane with your Finales Funkeln Then you can just walk back to lane, with minimal exp loss.

Ok, now on to Laning with and against.

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In Summary, its been a great experience writing my second guide, its been fun, its been eye-opening to say the least.

Ill probably include a hall of fame if my guide every gets more than 20 votes. Do tell me and send me your stats :D Thanks!

Any Feedback, criticism or praise, is welcome if it is constructive.

Any other chapters u want me to add? Leave a comment, let me know ;)
Cya around!
"Double Rainbow? What does it mean?"

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Thanks to those constructive criticism-givers for making me realise my CDR was way above 40%(the cap.__.)

:D ty! Ive remade my items and Runes(switched back to shielding) To ensure that I only go 1 or 2 % above 40% Currently its sitting @
Morello's Tome (20%)
Offense Tree (3%)
Utility Tree (6%)
Blue Buff (at least 16%)
Total 29% - 45%

Also Thanks to IceCreamy for the wonderful guide format(laning section)! Do check his Lux guide out too! Thanks!